Deadly Romance

Chapter 1 She's Dead!

It was raining heavily outside the window, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Ning An curled up in the quilt, her delicate little face turning paler and paler under a flash of lightning.

Jiang Yuanzhou had always been by her side when thunder and lightning struck, but where was he today?

The door opened with a bang, louder than the thunder. Ning An shivered and peeked out from under the covers. When she saw the tall figure of the man, she immediately ran down the bed.

"Yuanzhou, where have you been? I'm so scared..."

It was only when she jumped into the man's arms that she realized that Jiang Yuanzhou was drenched in the rain and his entire body was filled with bone-chilling coldness.

"Yuanzhou, why are you..."

Before Ning An could finish her sentence, she was grabbed on her neck and was rendered speechless.

In an instant, the man was so strong that he seemed to strangle her to death.

"Ning An, Xu Lu is dead!"

Ning An's eyes suddenly widened. Was Xu Lu, Jiang Yuanzhou's childhood sweetheart and her best friend, actually dead?

No wonder Jiang Yuanzhou who had always been clean and tidy, was in such a sorry state today. He must be very sad that Xu Lu died, but why was he so angry at Ning An?

Seeing the surprise and sadness in Ning An's eyes, Jiang Yuanzhou's hand tightened, "You are the one who killed her! Why are you still pretending to be sorry? No one will stop you from marrying me now. You must be very happy now!"

Ning An could not catch her breath and tried hard to get rid of his hand but failed. She could only make a difficult sound from her throat, "I didn't kill Xu Lu... I've been... at home..."

Ning An did not know why Jiang Yuanzhou's anger welled up. She and Xu Lu were close friends. They loved Jiang Yuanzhou deeply and agreed to play fair. Ning An also vowed that no matter who could win Jiang Yuanzhou's love in the end, their friendship would not change. How could she kill Xu Lu? How could she be happy that Xu Lu was dead?!

"You think you can clear of suspicion by hiding at home? The miss of the Ning family, do you need to kill someone by yourself?"

Jiang Yuanzhou threw her to the ground, his words filled with endless hatred.

Ning An fell to the ground and covered her neck with her hands. She could not stop coughing. She was breathing heavily in the air. When there was another flash of lightning and a crash of thunder, her body trembled violently and slowly moved towards Jiang Yuanzhou. The thunder outside was too horrible and she would not be so afraid only by Jiang Yuanzhou's side.

"Yuanzhou, I never wanted to hurt Xu Lu. Her death really had nothing to do with me. Maybe it was just an accident..."

"An accident?" Jiang Yuanzhou interrupted Ning An with hatred. He strode forward with a cold aura and pulled Ning An out with his big hand, "Then I'll let you see if she died in an accident!"

"Yuanzhou, where are you taking me? It's raining heavily and thundering outside. Please wait for the rain to stop before we go out, okay?"

Ning An tugged at his sleeve and tried to resist, but Jiang Yuanzhou refused to give in at all. He dragged her outside, drenched her in the cold rain, and didn't bundle her into the car until she could hardly breathe.

The hospital morgue was as cold as it was outside. Ning An was dragged all the way here by Jiang Yuanzhou and was finally thrown to the side of a cot.

She fell and was badly hurt, but she didn't dare to make a sound. It was too gloomy here, and she was afraid.

She propped herself up on the edge of the bed and stood up. When she saw the person lying on the bed, she screamed and fell heavily on the ground.

Staring at the person, she gasped in horror. Could that person who was lying on the bed be considered to be a human?!

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