Chapter 2 Guard Her Body

There was a metal bed covered with white cloth, on which lay someone covered in blood. Would you call that a human being?

With just one look, she almost vomited.

However, Jiang Yuanzhou dragged her to get closer and pressed her against the bed. Her face almost touched the corpse's face.

"Ning An, take a good look. Didn't you say she died from an accident?"

Ning An looked straight at the face in front of her, which could no longer be regarded as a face.

Without examining really carefully, she would not have been able to tell that this person was Xu Lu, who chatted happily with her yesterday.

Xu Lu's eyes were gouged out, leaving only empty eye sockets, which looked like two black holes, Her fair and beautiful face was also scratched very badly to the point of deformation.

Looking down, Xu Lu's abdomen was also cut open, and her internal organs were all gone.

This was obviously not an accidental death, she was deliberately injured by someone who destroyed her face, gouged her eyes out, and removed all her internal organs.

"Who did this to you?!"

Ning An's eyes reddened as she touched the wound on Xu Lu's face with trembling fingers.

"Don't touch her!"

Ning An was suddenly flung away by the strong force. Jiang Yuanzhou grabbed her collar and slammed her against the wall, "Isn't that what you want? Why are you still pretending to be kind?!"

Jiang Yuanzhou's eyes were bloodshot. Ning An had never seen him being so gloomy. There was something very scary about him. The way he looked at her now was as if he was going to tear her into pieces.

"I swear I didn't do it! Why are you so sure that I killed her?"

"Before she died, she called me for help. She told me that you hired someone to kill her. And now you're denying it! Ning An, how cruel are you! You even killed your best friend!"

"Yuanzhou, we are getting engaged. Yesterday, Xu Lu had coffee with me to congratulate me. She even said that she would go study abroad and never come back. I have no reason to kill Xu Lu! There's no way I'll do such thing. We've known each other for so many years. You should know me very well!"

Ning An held his hand, hoping to bring back his senses. She had always been so timid since she was young. How could she do such a crazy thing?

But Jiang Yuanzhou had been immersed in the agony of Xu Lu's tragic death.

Ning An's explanation seemed to be treacherous sophistry in his eyes.

Xu Lu called out for help in pain on the phone, saying that Ning An was the murderer. How could it be fake?!

"Maybe I used to know you, but now I can't see through you. Why did you kill Xu Lu? I'm afraid only you know the reason!"

He threw her away as if he felt his hands dirty, and took out a handkerchief to wipe his hands fiercely, "If you don't admit it, then stay here with her until you confess what you have done."

"No!" Ning An knelt down to grab Jiang Yuanzhou's trouser, "Don't leave me alone. Take me away. I'm afraid of this place..."

"Are you afraid now? You weren't scared when you hurt Xu Lu! Now you have to pay for your sins by guarding her body!"

Jiang Yuanzhou threw her away and slammed the door. Ning An chased after him, only to hit hard on the door.

"Yuanzhou, Jiang Yuanzhou, please don't leave me here alone! Let me out!"

The door was locked from the outside, and no one opened it no matter how hard she pounded on it.

A cold air came from behind her. She looked back and saw that Xu Lu was covered in blood on the bed. She could only carefully lean against the wall and hide as far away as she could,and then she huddled in a corner.

However, Xu Lu's empty eye sockets seemed to be looking at her no matter where she hid. The dark and bloody holes were like vortexes that sucked her back to twenty years ago.

That year, she was only five years old, and there were dead people everywhere. It was raining with thunder. She climbed out of a pile of dead people, and those who were still alive grabbed her wrists and ankles.

She cried as she crawled out, looking for her mom and dad. But in the end, she only found a body that was completely unrecognizable. The thunder raged on as if it was about to tear her apart. She had no where to go. Her weak and thin figure seemed so desperate and helpless.


Thunder accompanied by lightning cut through the sky, creating a loud, deafening bang.

"Ah!" Ning An screamed in pain as she held her head in her arms. Her eyes were bloodshot. All the corpses in her memory reached out to grab her and wanted to drag her to hell together.

The broken memories flooded back to her mind. She could no longer control herself. She rushed to the door and slammed on it crazily. Her fingernails were scratching at the crack of the door, leaving a large amount of blood on it.

"Let me out, I don't want to stay here! Let me out!"

"Jiang Yuanzhou, you liar! You promised me that you would not let me experience such a nightmare again! Let me out, please, please!"

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