Chapter 3 Personally Take You to Hell

The mournful cries resounded throughout the bottom floor of the hospital, but Jiang Yuanzhou ordered that no one should come near her, let alone let her out until she pleaded guilty.

Ning An felt as if she had spent a century in the morgue before the door finally opened.

The light of dawn shone in and shone on Ning An's pale face. She slowly turned to look at the tall figure at the door and pounced on him with tears all over her face, "Yuanzhou! Are you here to take me out? Take me out please. It's too cold and gloomy here. I'm scared. I'm going crazy..."

Those horrible memories, which had been sealed for 20 years, rushed to her in an instant, forcing Ning An to cry out for help like a lunatic, and even smash the entire mortuary.

But she did not touch Xu Lu, who was lying in the middle. She was her friend, although she was very frightened, she would not touch her.

Jiang Yuanzhou looked down at Ning An, who was messy and looked pale on the ground. There was no pity in his eyes. Instead, his eyes became more and more gloomy.

"Ning An, as long as you plead guilty, I will let you out. I will send you to a place full of living people to atone for your sins."

Ning An slowly raised her head, "Where are you sending me?"

"The prison."

The two words were so cold that Ning An's ears were buzzing. It was even more deafening than the thunder last night.

"I didn't commit a crime. Why would I go to prison? That's not a place for people. I don't want to go to prison..."

If she were to go to prison, she would suffer a lot like taking off a layer of skin when she was alive. She did not want to go to a place like that!

"So you plan not to confess your guilt?"

"What do you want me to confess? Xu Lu's death has nothing to do with me. Are you going to keep me here and want me to confess to false charges under your torture?"

"Even if you don't confess it, I still have countless ways for you to confess it!"

Jiang Yuanzhou stared at her coldly. He had never expected that such a weak woman would actually do such a cruel and merciless thing. She was so vicious that she gouge Xu Lu's eyes out, disfigure her face and gut her!

Because she was jealous, she didn't even care about other people's life. He had even been careful and heartfelt with her!

Last night, he had already started asking someone to obtain evidence. He believed that there would be evidence to let the woman have nothing to plea and then plead guilty obediently!

Letting her go to prison was already a good thing for her. When he thought of Xu Lu's painful voice on the phone last night, he wanted to strangle Ning An to death. When he arrived at the scene, Xu Lu was already dead. That call for help was actually their farewell.

Lying in the cold rain, Xu Lu's blood was drained. How painful should she be? In the end, she could not wait for him. How desperate she should be!

His assistant, Chen Rong, hurried in from outside and whispered to Jiang Yuanzhou, "Boss, the rain last night was too heavy. Apart from the blood, there was no valid evidence of the murderer to extract. All traces were washed away by the heavy rain, and even the place where the body was found wasn't sure if it was the first crime scene or not..."

Ning An was stunned. So, there was no evidence to prove her innocence at the scene? There was no trace left, and Xu Lu died without any apparent reasons?

She stood up and grabbed Chen Rong's arm to ask, "How is that possible? No matter how heavy the rain was, it would still leave something behind. Go check it again. Go!"

The evidence report was handed to Jiang Yuanzhou, and the empty page was instantly torn to pieces by him. Ning An's questioning was not a concern for Xu Lu in his opinion, but a complacent clamor because of the lack of evidence to catch her.

Jiang Yuanzhou raised his hand and pinched Ning An's face, "Are you so unscrupulous because you have expected that you would be unable to obtain evidence? Killing people on a rainy night and destroying evidence through torrential rain. I didn't expect that you were not only vicious, but also you were so meticulous. How long have you planned for this day?"

"What plan? What meticulous? There's clearly no evidence that Xu Lu's death is related to me. Why are you considering me as a murderer?"

"Xu Lu really said it on the phone. What evidence do I need? I'm looking for evidence now just to get you to confess, and since you destroyed the evidence, I don't have to be merciful to you anymore! Anybody, take her away and lock her in the basement of Qingfeng Community!"

With Jiang Yuanzhou's order, two strong bodyguards walked over and picked Ning An up, a left, a right.

"No, I didn't kill anyone. Jiang Yuanzhou, you can't do this to me. Let go of me!"

Jiang Yuanzhou looked at Ning An's frail figure who was struggling and said coldly, "Ning An, don't think that I can't do anything to you without evidence. There's a good place for you to atone for your sins, but you refuse, so don't blame me for bringing you to hell!"

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