Chapter 5 Dig Your Eyes Out

The city of Luo had been cloudy for the last month and it had been raining almost every day.

The water in the basement grew higher and higher, and her body was so weak. She could only sit in the corner with her arms about her knees, and the cold water was about to flood half of her body.

Ning An was delirious from the fever. All she could see was the hallucinations about Jiang Yuanzhou. How gentle he was when he caressed her hair at their first met; How surprised he was when she told him that she loved him; how jealous he was when he saw her having contact with other boys; the smile at the corners of his eyes when he agreed to the engagement with her.

And the anger for the death of Xu Lu.

Suddenly, the door of the basement opened and a beam of light shone in. She came back to her senses and struggled to grab the person.

It was a bodyguard who came to deliver the food. A bowl of cold rice was thrown on the steps of the basement door for her to eat.

She gripped the bodyguard's hand weakly, "Please, let me out. I want to see Jiang Yuanzhou..."

"When you planned to harm Xu Lu, you should have known that you deserve it."

Jiang Yuanzhou's tall figure appeared at the entrance of the basement. He was looked so high from her. When he saw Ning An holding the bodyguard's hand, his eyes suddenly darkened.

As if seeing her savior, Ning An crawled over and grabbed his trousers.

Ning An put all her hopes on Jiang Yuanzhou. She believed that Jiang Yuanzhou was just angry for a moment. He wouldn't be so cruel to really lock her up. He had always been so gentle and kind. How could he really bear to treat her like this?

Now, she didn't dare to ask for anything else. She only wanted to go out from this place. She didn't want to continue being surrounded by darkness. She didn't want to reminisce about the painful experience when she was five years old over and over again.

"Yuanzhou, please, I will do whatever you want, just don't lock me up here..."

Because of her tragic experience, she was afraid of the thunderstorm and everything related to the corpse.

Because she believed in Jiang Yuanzhou, she told him all about her past, but she did not tell him that he was the one who saved her like a god. Perhaps even now, Jiang Yuanzhou thought that Ning An's so-called love was just a young girl's crush. However, she had already fallen in love with him at a much earlier time.

However, she did not expect that the method Jiang Yuanzhou used to punish her was actually to poke at her weakness.

Jiang Yuanzhou looked at her face. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a pitiful pleading look.

In the past, he had been deceived by her pair of harmless eyes, which caused the death of Xu Lu.

In the past, he was still heartbroken because of her tragic past, but now it seemed that perhaps her viciousness and ruthlessness had also formed at that time.

She had been with the dead since she was a child, so how could she cherish other's life?

"It's a pity that these eyes are actually on your face." Jiang Yuanzhou turned away and ordered, "Take her away."

Two more bodyguards had held her up and took her to leave the basement. She should have felt relieved, but somehow, she felt even more uneasy.

"Where are you taking me?"

Jiang Yuanzhou turned around and looked at her. He opened his thin lips and uttered a few words, "Dig your eyes out."

On the operating table of the hospital, Ning An was completely anesthetized. She lay on the bed with tears streaming out of her eyes.

On the way to the hospital, she struggled like a lunatic. She even tried to jump out of the car several times but was stopped by him.

"You should bear everything that Xu Lu had suffered. You owe her this!"

Jiang Yuanzhou personally sent her into the operating room, but she did not even have the chance to struggle. She was so desperate that tears fell from her eyes.

The doctor took the scalpel and sighed, "It's a pity to dig out such beautiful eyes. It's ok to cry. Take a final good look at this world."

Her eyes were red as she stared at the door of the operating room. She was numb and could not speak. She could only wait for a moment when Jiang Yuanzhou would go back on his word and rush in to stop the operation. But in the end, the door did not move at all, and the person who stood outside did not make a sound.

Until the doctor opened her eyelids and the thin blade fell towards her eyes, her world instantly fell into darkness.

No, no! No!

She screamed in her heart, but no one could hear her.

When Ning An opened her eyes again, everything was black. She could see nothing. She fell off the bed and fumbled around. She didn't know how many things she had knocked down, and the noise souned time to time.

"...My eyes... My eyes!"

In the end, she fell to the ground helplessly and covered her eyes as she cried out badly.

What kind of mistake did she make to cause today's consequences?!

was it because she had fallen in love with Jiang Yuanzhou?

The man who had promised to give her a lifetime of warmth had suddenly given her all his ruthlessness.

Whether she should have listened to her adoptive parents in the past and not provoked such a big shot like Jiang Yuanzhou, then today's tragedy would not have happened.

However, how could love be controlled by her? She loved him and pursued him. How could she know that the one she fell in love with was actually a cold-blooded and heartless devil?

She was afraid. Her adoptive parents' advice was right. She was wrong. She overestimated herself.

Supporting herself against the wall, she stood up and staggered out.

She wanted to leave. She wanted to leave this man. She could go anywhere as long as she was not hurt by him. She could do anything!

However, before she could run far away, she heard the sinister voice of a hellish ghost behind her, "Where do you want to go?"

Ning An didn't dare to stop. She couldn't see anything and could only run as fast as she could. She didn't know why there were so many people in front of her and she was immediately knocked to the ground. Then, a man pulled her up by his big hands.

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