Chapter 3: She's Mute?

I run as fast as I can. The little bit I know, I run toward the in front of the mansion. I look behind and they chasing me. I dragged my feet but I look in front again and bumped into someone. We both fell to the ground. I heard the footsteps stop so I open my eyes and blue eyes stare at me. I notice it was a guy.

Who did I hit?

"LOLA!" I flinch when heard Mr. Edward yell my name.

I get up and that person did the same. I breathe heavily and saw Mr. Edward looking at me full of anger. He walks forward to me but I did something unexpected. I hid behind that stranger and hold his shirt.

"Woah..." His friend's jaw drops when see me did this.

"Lola! What are you doing!" Mr. Edward yells. I shake my head vigorously. I think this guy feels like I shake my head.

"Who is this?" The red hair guy speaks. Mr. Edward startled when heard his voice.

"T-This wife! Yeah, my wife." He said. What the hell! I will rather be lesbian than being with this old man!

"Your wife? Her?" That red hair guy asks him again. He looks at me then at Mr. Edward. "She looks like a young girl. Very young. She seems like the same age as yours, Dyl." He continues.

The 'Dyl' guy raises his eyebrows and looks at me. He narrows his eyes on me. "Yeah, you are right. But...if we look at her appearance..." His eyes went down, "I don't think it your wife, Mr. Edward."

Maybe because of my clothes. It was a white gown and I know it dirty and messy. Mr. Edward gasp and he already feel nervous. 
"What are you talking about!
I married a young girl! If you don't believe me then ask herself!" He yells.

"You? Marry a young girl!" The red hair guy bursts into laughter same as that 'Dyl' guy.

"Is it true what he said, girl?" The funny guy asks. Once again I shake my head vigorously. 

"Who is this?" Finally, the guy who I bump speak. 

"Um...I told you she is my wife!" Once again, he labels me as his wife. "Ask her by yourself." Mr. Edward smirks at me. He knows I can't talk. 

The guy turns around and I can see his face. His hair blonde, his blue eyes, perfect body, and he really material boyfriend. My thought got interrupted when he talks.

"Are you his wife?" He asks. I shake my head vigorously. He narrows his eyes on me. "Words." He growls. 


I look down and find a way to express myself as a mute. I lifted my gaze and point at my throat but he only responds with confusion. Suddenly, the red hair guy pushes him aside.

"Oh! I love this game!" He claps his hand. Maybe he can get what I'm trying to say.

I point at my throat. "Your throat?" He asks. I nod. Then, I act like talking and make a cross sign. Then, he gasps and claps his hands again. 
"I know.
She's mute." He said.

I gasp and nod my head. The guy before pushing his friend aside slightly and stares at me. "Tell me the truth. Are you his wife?" He spoke as he points at Mr. Edward. 

Mr. Edward already glares at me. Oh, I wouldn't throw my chance away. Not again. I shake my head again. I point him and to me then act like I'm hitting people.

"He abused you?" The red hair guy guess. I nod.

Thank you, dude!

"Huh. I don't know you such a...pyscho, Mr. Edward." That guy turns around. 

"N-no! Don't belie-" This guy cut him.

"Save it. How about, I take this girl and your debt settle. Beside, deal with you are sure, make me stress." He groans and grabs my wrist before dragged me with him.

"Wait! You can't do that!" Mr. Edward yells but all of us ignore him. Look like he throwing tantrum again.

That guy opens the car door and I get in. Finally! I can see the road and the sky. All of them get in and the driver starts to drive. I look down while playing with my gown.

"Woah, dude. Why you suddenly want to take her with you?" The funny guy asks.

He looks at me and smirks. "I want her to be my kitten.

A mute like me? 

I point at myself and he nods. "I save you and now you owe me." He crosses his legs and looks at me with a cold gaze. 

Once again, I point at myself and raise my eyebrows. The red hair guy nods and turns to his boss. "I think she confused why her? Probably, she is confused because she's mute but still you choose her."

I swear this guy, has a smart brain.

"I love the silent atmosphere." The only reason he said. But, I can feel he's lying. 

"Okay. Anyway, what's your name, cutie?" His friend asks. I sigh because I don't know how to tell them. Suddenly, the 'Dyl' guy smacks his head. 

"Doofus! She can't talk!" He scolds him. 

"Oh, I forgot." He grabs something and hands it to me. It was paper and a pen. "Write.

I slowly nod and write something. Then, I'm done.

'My name is Lola. I'm 17 years old.

"Ohh! Lola, such a cute name. I'm Valentino. Just, Valen." The red hair guy says. 

"I'm Dylan. The same age as you." The 'Dyl' guy smiles. I nod and turn to their boss. He just looking at me. His face is scary. He really suits to be mafia. 

"Damien." The only thing he said. Then, he focuses on his phone but I can see he keep glancing at me. He looks fine but just cold. I can sense that she wouldn't hurt me. Just sense.

As long as I got treated well than Mr. Edward then, I'm fine with it. Besides, all of them look good. I smile when thought that because I finally free from that hell. I feel my body finally can relax. I close my eyes and can't stop smiling.


Sunlight hitting my face. I groan and snuggle into something fluffy and comfortable. Wait. Fluffy? Comfortable? I open my eyes and saw a pillow. I get up and notice that I'm inside one room. Not a basement but the bedroom. I think I didn't see the bedroom the whole life.

I look under the cover and I'm wearing a big white t-shirt. Did someone change it for me! I become panic but then the door opens and I gasp. It was Damien with a tray of food.

I get out of the bed and run toward the door but before I touch the knob, a hand pulls me back. My body hit something hard and I'm sure it was his chest. His hand wrapped around me while the other hand holding the tray.

"Where do you think you are going?" He asks with his husky voice.