Chapter 2: Queen Bee

If you need to find one tree from the forest, you need to back away and look at the whole forest.

It is the same with finding a decisive breakthrough in one event. You have to back away until you can see the whole picture and have to pick out the reluctant ones. Anna's eyes moved quickly around her classmates. And when she started moving her eyes again, her eyes stopped on one person. It was the boy 'Mark' who was punching James before.

"It's just a joke."


"Stop making your face expression like that. It makes it look like I'm hurting you."

Mark grabbed the student's shirt and slapped his cheeks two times. Mark for sure had a bigger body and had a lot of muscles. Using these two things he seemed to be setting the scary atmosphere.

Usually when you once get scared of someone, that feeling doesn't disappear easily and it seemed like Mark knew that very well.

"Stop it Mark."


"He's scared of you anyways."

"Yeah, Mark."

As students agreed with Sarah, Mark slowly let go of the student. Anna looked at Sarah who was surrounded by other students looking like a 'Queen Bee'. As Sarah's eyes met Anna's eyes, her face became white again and turned her whole body around.

Anna looked at the students in the pile, but realized that Sarah was probably not the actual 'Queen Bee'.

And right at the moment, someone knocked on her desk.

"You're Anna, right?"


"Nice to meet you! I'm Seo Yuna!"

As Anna saw Yuna's smile she felt the chills on her neck. Like how she smiled towards James she showed the same smile towards Yuna.

"Thank you for remembering me, Yuna."

And she knew right away.

'You're the actual Queen Bee'


"Do you think bothering you is fun for me?"


"I'm warning you. Stop bothering Yuna."


"Let's go guys."

James was laying down on the floor looking at the ceiling in the auditorium. As he heard the guys walking away he slowly closed his eyes and took a huge breath. Every single time he moved a little bit he could feel the pain coming in.

Again James could hear a footstep coming toward him. He became nervous as soon as he felt someone standing right next to him. Then, he slowly opened his eyes to check who it is



"I have something to ask you."

The person that came to James was actually Anna. She picked up the bag that was thrown in front of the auditorium door and sat on her knees next to him. She looked down on James's face.

James, on the other side, did not understand what Anna meant. However, Anna just blinked her big eyes and asked if she could go to his house.

"I think the talk is going to get longer. What time is your parents coming?"

"There are probably not coming today."


When Anna got into James's house, she walked around the living room looking at the house. It was a pretty big house with many expensive furnitures. However, she stopped in front of a small box of pills inside. She picked it up without asking and James immediately came to her and looked at the box she was holding.

"It's a pill for depression."

"Don't touch it... It's not mine."

"Then who's is it?"

James took the box from Anna's hand and touched it without saying anything. He seemed to be thinking about something. Then, he slowly started talking.

"It's Hannah's."


"She gave it to me."


"She said that she wanted to be happy again like before."


"And once I feel like she's back to her original self then she told me to burn it."

And it was something he never got to burn. James who was looking down looked like he was about to cry. Anna who was watching him slowly pulled her right hand up and touched his cheek gently. Once their eyes met she spoke in a tone that made him feel warm.

"I didn't know that happened to you."


"It must have been hard for you."

It made James feel like someone was understanding him. Until now he always felt like he was alone but Anna made him feel somewhat special. However, Anna's face who was making him feel better was somewhat off. She was holding a cold expression that he could not see. And she slowly patted James's back who was leaning onto her shoulders.

"Can you tell me what happened between Hannah and her classmates?"


"I know it must be hard for you, but I can't help you without knowing nothing."


"So trust me and tell me everything."


The school teacher who was walking by the office saw someone and stopped.

"Anna? Why did you come here?"

Anna gave the teacher a bright eye smile and said,

"It's just that I want to have a talk with you."

Because Anna was acting so well mannered, the teacher did not even question her and welcomed her in. The teacher got some warm water and some tea bag and put it in front of her. Anna acted like she was hesitating then she spoke.

"You now that the area here is very feverish about education."

As if she was waiting for this moment, Anna took out a leaflet from her pocket and put it on the table. After the teacher saw the cover of it, her eyes started shaking.

"I was wondering how I can keep my rank up high... Then I found this secret tutor thing."


The leaflet on the table had the list of students who was taking a secret class from the school teacher. It contained information about how you can keep your grades and some test information.

The teacher scared of being exposed kept looking at Anna with a fearful face.

"I'm not trying to threaten you at all."


"It's just that if there is an available space, I want to grab the chance."


"I think I held on to you for too long. I will be leaving first. Thank you."

Anna stood up from her seat and gave a small bow to the teacher showing her "respect". The smile Anna was showing made the teacher a little scared.

After Anna left the office, the teacher quickly took out a file hidden in her drawers and looked at the list of students. Then she saw one name that was crossed out.


"There is one spot open."

The teacher looked away from the file and looked at Anna's report card.


"Omigosh! I heard that Timothy came to school today!"

Anna who came out of the office could see how the class was very loud. She looked around the classroom and saw a student she never saw before. It was probably the guy everyone was talking about.

She looked at his nametag to check his name.

'Timothy Kim'

She wasn't really interest in him so she quickly turned back to her paper and started working. On the other hand, Timothy looked at her in a interesting way.

"She's the new student that came while you were suspended."


"But did you know that Yuna has a lot of interest in her?"

As soon as Yuna's name was mentioned, Timothy's eyebrows raised up. And soon after, James came into classroom and their eyes met. He could only see Anna's back but he saw James smiling a little bit and going to his seat.

When he witnessed that, his eyes narrowed. Then he went to her and took one side of her earphone.

"Hi, new student."


"Can you eat lunch with me today? I have no friends."


End of Chapter 2