Chapter 10


It was a chilly day, the scent of winter coming above. I can already tell that it'll be a cold winter. Smiling I wave to Simera, goodbye, I looked around for any danger before driving off as I had dropped her off home. Last night had went by quickly. My Family loved her and Simera never asked questions about the large table and all its quests. However, ever since this morning, my little mate was quiet, as if she was in deep thought. Since we haven't mated, I can't get into her mind and see what she's thinking. Which sucked bad. I guess I feel a little bad for keeping everything from her but it's for her own good well for at least for now. She's human and could be in danger if she knew everything right now. Especially is Jose is pissed at my pack, he could use Simera as a weakness. And Caera. I don't know what I'm going to do about her. Before I had gone to sleep last night, Alex came to me with some information I told him to collect. The vampire was right. Humans can feel the mate bond. But why hadn't Simera felt it when she should of? And why did she feel sparks with Caera? It's all too confusing. Sighing I drive off back to the pack house as my father cut into my link. "Hurry home. We have some guests to greet."

"Who's the guest?" I ask, stopping at a red light.

"Derek and his new mate, Annelie." I smiled widely.

"Derek is here?! Oh my god! I haven't seen him since I was 13!" Dad chuckled.

"Come on. He's waiting." I squealed and drove a little faster. I haven't seen Derek for a long time. He used to be a part of our pack until he got offered a beta position in the Rango Moon Pack in Australia. I was happy for him at least but still sad to see my best friend leave the country. Driving as fast as I can, I arrive to the pack house and I ran inside, forgetting to lock my car and followed the scents. "Derek!" I squealed and jumped on his back, catching him by surprise.

"Hey, kiddo! Missed you too!" I grinned and sniffed the air. It smelled like, newly turned wolf. I look to the left and find a girl, very similar to Simera.

"Who are you... You look like Simera." A smile played along her lips, however they didn't reach her eyes.

"Hello. I'm Annelie. And yes, I'm Simera's sister."

"Wait. Does she know..." She shakes her head.

"I don't intend to tell her. Or our mother. It's a dangerous place with werewolves for humans." I nod my head and grin at Derek.

"So, why are you here? Well to see Simera but here as in the pack house?" He chuckles and ruffles my hair.

"To come visit, you Dumpty. I haven't seen everyone for a while." I giggle and hug him sideways.

"True that." I became serious and looked at my father and Simera's sister.

"Ceara has appeared again." Derek put an arm around Annelie protectively and kisses her cheek. I smiled at their love and turned to my father again. He sighed and rubbed his temples.

"I told, Jose that he was not allowed to wonder and pray on humans. But why only Caera?" I heard Annelie growl lowly.

"I can't allow any harm to come to my sister." I nod my head agreeing with her as my mother speaks up, a warm smile on her face. She is always the one to calm down a tense atmosphere.

Why don't we have her stay in the Cabin? Winter holidays are coming next week." I grinned at her idea.

"Great. I'll tell her! Sleepover for 4 weeks! How awesome!" My father nodded and looked towards the young couple.

"Your more than welcome to come."

We will. I want Derek to meet Simera." He chuckled and kissed his wife.

"I'm sure I'll love her."

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