Chapter Fourteen


"AH CHEW!" I groaned and covered my face with the blankets.

"Simera? You okay?" Looking out of the blankets I watch Annelie walk towards me with a smile.

"Yeah." My voice was raspy from sneezing and running watery eyes. Ever since I fell in that stupid freezing lake, I became sick.

"Here. I'll get you more hot cocoa." All I good do was nod before I let out another sneeze. Annelie left quickly as I sneezed.

Never again will I ice skate. Especially on a lake. "Hey, there." My smile turns wide when I see Keena walk in, two cups in her hand. One must be mine.

"Hi." I whisper, sitting up on the bed.

"How you feeling?" She asked as she took a sip of her drink, Keena's eyes never leaving mine.

"Getting there." Her melodic giggled sent me into an awe state. She was so pretty.

"That's good. I'm glad your okay. Alex was also worried. You know, he was pacing in front of your door before. I sent him away." Amusement coaxed her voice.

"Really?" I was shocked. The annoying Alex was concerned. Is Alex sick as well? I giggled at my jokes.

"Yep. What an idiot." I agreed with her and sipped by cocoa again, trying not to burn my tongue.

"The cabin is quiet." I whisper, looking out the window, snow was softly falling.

"Yeah. Everyone's gone to get stuff for the chicken." My mouth formed an O. They must if forgotten to bring food then.

Then I came to realisation. We're alone. My eyes widened a fraction.

Gulping I sipped my drink trying to cover up my pink face. "Simera? You okay?"

"W-what? Oh yeah I'm good. Perfect actually, I think my cold gone actually..." I rushed out. But only to sneeze loudly, a blush covering my cheeks.

Keena laughed and lied on my bed, a huge smile was planted there. I love her smile. It just makes everything seem so perfect even when its not.

She makes my stomach feel weird, she makes me nervous and over all... Happy. I like that about her. And I owe her my life. She saved me from a freezing cold lake!

I'm very grateful for her. Keena is just amazing. Her blue eyes, her sharp cheekbones and polite smile. She's always cheerful but when she's mad, she has a temper. Though, when ever I'm around she holds back.

Something was placed in my mouth. Thoughts were interrupted when something sweet coated my tongue. Chocolate. I look at Keena while I chewed on it.

"Yummy!" I spoke as I chewed.

"Good. I have more." With excitement, I raced towards her with puppy doe eyes.

"Can have some more!"

"Here. Open." I opened and she put another piece in my mouth.

"Mmm... Yum." She giggled and ate one herself.

I watched her mouth move as she ate... WAIT IM BEING A PURVET.

Quickly I look away, my cheek blushing. When I leaned over to get another chocolate, soft lips were placed on mine.

"Keena..." I moaned, forgetting the chocolate pieces. There were the tingles once again in the pit of my stomach. She was making me nervous.

Slowly, I leaned back, twirling my fingers around her neck. This was magical. This moment felt magical.

Keen had moved forward, making me fall into my back on the soft bed. She made no move to get off me when she stopped kissing me. "Your so beautiful." I noticed that her blue eyes darkened, a golden ring around her pupil now visible.

"Keena..." I whispered. She leaned forward and started kissing my neck. Lower and and lower. Her magnificent hands going to the buttons of my shirt.

Suddenly, a door opened, causing us both to stop and pull apart. A blush was definitely visible on my face now. I think I need a cold shower...

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