Chapter Fifteen



My feet touched the cold snow as I descended off the porch steps. Something inside me told me to go back inside, however, the urge to continue walking obliterated the option. I had no choice to follow this urge until my feet stopped.

I couldn't feel the cold on my bare feet when I should of. The snow was freezing but somehow I felt hot. Why? I couldn't tell just yet. The snow had closed around the woods, coating it in white. It was cold though I couldn't feel it. I turned around when a familiar voice spoke, "I'm the beginning of the end and the end of space and time. Red is essential to me. I'm darkness. I surround you. What am I?"

"What are you..." I whispered, trying to reach him. His figure only disappeared and was replaced by a women with long beautiful red hair. Her eyes turned towards me, a wicked smirk placed on her red painted lips.


My eyes sprang open and my lungs took in air. Thoughts raced through my head as I stood. I didn't know why but I had a need to walk out into the forest.

Without my command, my feet dragged me out the room and down the stairs. I didn't want to go into the creepy dark place, but I guess I didnt have a choice. "Come." A voice whispered in the wind.

I know that voice. "Come." And I obeyed her.

Walking took a while until I came to halt. The women was standing there, Jose, Josh's twin was lying on the ground. Beheaded. If I wanted to gasp and scream I would of. But whatever was happening to me wouldn't allow me to speak.

"Simera. You came." Her voice had me swaying. Her pale completion glowed under the stairs and snow. Slowly, without her eyes leaving mine, she walked closer a devilish smirk still placed on her lips. "You look better than before, love. Sorry about that." What is she talking about?

With a snap, I felt control of my body come back to me. "Who are you?" Was the first thing I said. It only caused her to chuckle and flip her dark red hair over he boned shoulder.

"I'm a creature of the night. But you love, may call me Caera. Era for short." I backed away as her eyes turned dark black.

"W-what are you..." Caera moved a hand so it played with my bed hair.

"That is what you'll find out soon my love. Now we must go before they find us."

"W-what... W-we? I-I don't understand." Her smirk widened, white fangs slipped out.

"You'll see." Caera kissed my head and I fell to the darkness.

Keena POV

The sun shown in my eyes and I snuggled into the pillow with a groan. Why can't I sleep in more? Sighing I decided to get up and breathe in the air. Pine cones, trees... Blood. I look to my left and found it empty. Where's simera?!

My eyes widened. "BLOOD!" I shouted through the mind link.

"Blood?!" My father bellowed.

"Coming from the forest!" Quickly I stood and ran outside. "Simera isn't in my room!" I could feel Aldica whine at the sudden disappearance of our mate.

"We'll find her, Aldica." I promised her, running faster. Trailing the blood came to a stop and my eyes widened.

There lay Jose-well his body- half covered in snow and dried blood. But where was my mate? "Simera is gone." I spoke, my voice cracking as the lose of our mate. She was out there somewhere and she might be hurt.

"Keena?" I turn to my mother, tears rolling down my face. "Omg baby." She hugged me tightly. I didn't care about how cold I felt, all I could care about is Simera. She's gone. Probably hurt and all alone.

"We need to find her." I state into mums chest.

"We will. I promise my child. Simera will be found."

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