Chapter Sixteen

Simera POV

"Wake up, love." I grumble and swat Keena's hand away. Why does she have to wake me up when these super comfortable silk sheets are keeping me trapped. Its because they are so soft and warm! "Simera. Come on wake." Sighing, I dramatically face her.

When my eyelids opened, my eyes didn't meet blue. I was met with deep grey. My heart did a flip. "" She chuckled and got out of bed.

"Hush. I won't hurt you. Now, come, you need to eat. What do humans say these days... Ah breakfast is the most important start if the day?" Why did this seem normal? And secondly, why did my kidnapper seem so nice? This is new.

I slowly got out of bed and watched her red hair bounce around her shoulders. Whoever this Caera is, for some reason, felt completely normal. Like I've known her my whole life.

As I walked behind her, I didn't notice how dimmed this placed seemed.

The walls were covered in purple paint that was cracking in some places, small blacked out windows were also displayed. I couldn't see out of them and see where I am. Damn. No chance of runnin' then.

"Where are we?" I ask, not meeting eye contact. Her pink lips let out a giggle.

"If I tell you, would you run away?" I didn't answer. She knew that my answer would be a yes. "See." She mumbled. Caera hummed and took the wooden stairs.


"Hmm?" I looked away.

"Why am here?" I asked, trying to not trip in the stairs. I'm not a clutz!

"In due time, love." In a way I knew she way going to say something like that but hoped she'd give me some type of answer.

I wonder if Keena's looking for me? She'd known by now that I am not lying in her bed inside of Caera's bed.

We stepped off the stairs and my eyes roam my surrounding. As of the moment, I stood in what looked like a living room. A huge and I mean HUGE fireplace was situated to my right and black couches sat in front of it. What looks like a bar table and many alcohol glasses were at the back of the room and next to that was a door.

And we are headed to that door. With caution I followed Caera. I sigh when the door led to a kitchen and dining room. "What would you like? I can make chocolate pancakes, eggs and Bacon?" My stomach growled at the food choices.

"Eggs and bacon please." I whisper, fiddling with my fingers like I always do when I'm nervous or scared. Its a habit okay! Geez.

"Simera? Love? Earth to Simera? I was snapped out of my head and met her grey eyes.

"Sorry..." My voice barely hearable but somehow she heard.

"Don't be, love." She caressed my cheeks before walking towards the marble cupboards and stove.

I just awkwardly stood there. She obviously noticed and chuckled. Her chuckle sent me into a small daze. "You can sit, love." I quickly nod and sit on a stool by the matching bench. Why aren't you panicking?! Any normal person should! God, what's wrong with me?!

I was once again trained out of my thoughts when a phone ringtone went off. Caera shuffled and found what looks like her phone and answered. "Hello... Yeah? Sure... But she's here... Okay... See you." She hung up and looked at me with a bright smile.

"Do you mind if we have a visitor?" Why is she asking me? Its her house. She's my kidnapper.

"I don't mind." I mumble and look at the bench. A small audio sigh came from Caera.

"Whats the matter?" My hands curled into fists, my anger now bubbling. Looking up, rage was fire in my eyes.

"Whats the matter?! I've been kidnapped! I don't know you! And you've kidnapped! Furthermore you killed Jose! My dead ex's twin brother! How can I not be angry right now. My family is somewhere, probably worrying sick." Suddenly she was In my face her usual grey eyes now dark like black.

"You live here now. I'm your family, love. So, have your breakfast and get dressed. We have a guest coming." I shrunk back and Caera's eyes softened and went back to her grey. "Sorry love. Now come on your pale and hungry." I nodded slowly and started eating. I was afraid of her. Whatever she is, she isn't human.


I watched as the soapy water drained from the bath.

After I had eaten, Caera had set me up a bath to prepare for our so called guest. Who was this guest? Were they like Caera and did they know that I was kidnapped? I guess we'll find out.

Getting out, I found a blue sundress lying on the bathroom counter with underwear and a bra. She even knows my cup size.

"Love? You done yet?" I gulped and opened the door, showing her that I was done. A smile formed her lips. "Beautiful. Alright, lets go downstairs. Our guest is waiting." I nodded, casing my eyes downwards. I didn't care if she was being nice, she took me. Invaded my dreams. Killed someone that I knew. Took me away from Keena. My mother.

I wonder whats going on in my mums mind. She lost dad and I dont think she'd be able to cope me being gone. Guilt lunged at me like a lion and its prey. Leaving my mum and knowing this hurts. I need to get back to her.

She may have the Fay's but my mother has no related family left. Oh mum...

We walked into the living room and a women with dark hair sat straight and elegant on one of the sofas. When she looked up, a gasp left my mouth. She was absolutely beautiful. Her eyes were a bright hazel, contrasting her black hair nicely. Her facial shape was oval however her cheeks were sharp and pointed.

The women stood a smile now weaving at the corners of her red lips. "Hello, my names Raven Clair. Heard so much about you." The women - Raven - walked to me, bowing and kissing my cheek. Her black ankle dress swished as she straightened.

A blush made its way to my cheeks. She was so polite. "...Ah hello." A hand that I realised was Caera, made circles into my lower back.

"Shall we talk in my study now?" She asked Raven who nodded, her lips thinning.

"Yes." I looked between the women. If they are leaving maybe I can find the exit and sneak away.

"Come, love." Caera took my hand into hers and dragged me down a hall. Great, no escaping today.

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