Chapter Seventeen

Simera POV

The need to tug my wrists away from hers was strong. My heart was racing as her hot breath fanned against my neck. Raven was not going to give up that easily. Especially when Caera was out somewhere, leaving me!

It all started an hour ago.

*An hour ago*

Caera placed me on her lap as she sat in front of a wooden desk. I, however, tried to squirm away but this women just had a massive grip. Sighing, I gave in and sat on her lap. I could feel the other women watching me, her eyes laced with hunger.

"Raven." Caera warned. "Eyes away from my Simera." She stretched the word "my", stating that I was forbidden to touch.

"Of course." Raven coughed and picked up a file, placing in carefully on the desk.

"Whats this?" Caera played with my long hair and watched the file like it was poison.

"The peace treaty between our enemy Clans." The hand stopped its movement. I grew tense as a low snarl ripped through the air.

"Why the hell is it on my desk?" Raven gave a slow smirk.

"We are going to destroy it." I was so confused. What was these two on about. Clans? Enemies? Peace Treaty?

"Why?" I couldn't help ask. Caera's hand moved again and her head dipped into the crook of my neck. My back stiffened when she did.

"It'd give us leverage over our dear enemie, love." She whispered, her breath fanning over my skin.

"And, then we could wipe them out." I gave a shaky in take of air. Both women chuckled and Caera continued her movements while slipping the file into a drawer.

"Come, lets have some tea." Caera grabbed my hand and walked us out of the room with Raven following. The hairs on my neck rose as I could feel dark eyes drilling holes into my back. What is with that women? Was she envious that Caera was giving me attention?

Letting it go, we sat in the dining room while Caera was preparing tea. I sat in her seat while the black haired beauty sat opposite me. "So Simera. How old are you?" I gulped.

"17..." I whispered, fiddling with my fingers.

"Raven." Caera plopped a cup in front of Raven and then me and hers in front of hers. With her strong muscles, she picked me up by the waist and sat me upon her lap once again. I didn't squirm as it was useless. She was just too strong.

Wonder if she does weights.

"Mother spoke to me last night. Says she may come for a visit to see you." Caera sipped her hot tea while I just looked between them, not even touching my drink.

"Mmm. Got her letter, told her not to disturb me for a while." Raven nudged her head at me.

"For the human, yes?" I felt Caera's hand on my hair again.

"Don't call her that. My love will not be disrespected like that." The smile couldnt help be displayed on my lips but it was quickly invisible when I realized where I was. I'm glad that she stuck up for me, but it doesn't count that she kidnapped me.

"I apologise, Simera." My head nodded and eyes downcast. I decided to take a drink to satisfy my parched throat. The tea was sweet. However when I looked at Era's and Raven's cup, it was darker. Did they like strong tea?

The tea soothed me just as Caera's hand caressed my hair. It made me relax and unconsciously I lent back against her warm body. My eyes were becoming droppie and I started falling asleep.

I woke up rather comfy. A hand was lying in my hand. My heartbeat raced and I quickly sat up, finding the black-haired Raven kneeling in front of the couch.

"Your awake." Raven stood and sat up, walking to the small table. She picked up a bowl of apples and handed them to me.

"Where's Caera?" I asked, taking the bowl. She chuckled.

"Gone out for a while." What?! She left me... I know that I don't exactly trust her but Raven gives me this bad vibe. "Don't panic. I'm not going to do anything..." I could hear the lies in her tone.

With a squeak I ran off the couch and into the halls. "Love it when they run." I heard her voice echo and bounce against the walls. I tried running faster but a force collided with me and I was up against the wall. "Gotcha." She whispered, pinning my wrists above my head. I saw the glimmer of fangs and red eyes. I screamed at the horror facing me.


"Please." I whimpered. She only responded with a dark laugh.

"Do you even know what I am? Did Era tell you all about us?" Something sharp pressed against my goosebump skin.

"W-what are you..." My voice was shaky and scared. Will she kill me?

"I'm a... Vampire." Before she could lunge at me, she was thrown off me. With tearful eyes, I curled up into a corner and watched as Caera stood over a slumped Raven.

"You dare hurt MY Simera?!" Raven was wide eyed but she deserved it.

"Caera... Please. I was only joking around." She begged but Caera wasn't having it.

"Get out! Dont you dare come back!" She nodded quickly and left. I whimpered and tried to sink into the wall and the red-head turned to look at me. Her eyes were pure red, fangs sticking out to rest on her bottom lip.

Seeing this was scaring me, her eyes turned back to brown and her fangs disappeared. "Simera." She rushed to me and cradled me to her chest.

"Please... Please don't hurt me." I cried, pushing her away. Caera only hugged me tight, caressing my hair like she always does.

"I wont. Shhh. I promise I will never hurt you." Her arms tightened. "I promise." My tears only came harder and I sobbed loudly into her warmth.

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