Chapter Two

Simera's POV

The darkened room frightened at first me when I opened my eyes from a deep sleep, but I relaxed when I realized I was in my new bedroom. Sighing, I removed the covers off me and got out of bed, trying not to bump into any boxes that I haven't unpacked. Even though I've been here for a week, my laziness crawled back up.

The reason we moved was that my dad had been passed away on a job. It devastated mum and me, but mostly me as I was so close to my dad and it hasn't been easy to get over. My mum, however... seems to be coping fine. She is the one that sent us here, so she must have dealt with the pain way faster than I thought she would.

I swung the curtains open and looked out the window. Dark clouds covered the blue sky and the sun was blanketed behind them. Great, it looks like it's going to rain.

"Simera! Come on, breakfast!" My mother's thick English accent called from the stairs. Groaning, I quickly get ready for the day and hurry to the kitchen.

"Morning," I mumbled, sitting down at the stone bench. A plate of food set in front of me.

"Morning, honey. Sleep well?"

"Yeah. It got cold though. I think this place is too open." She hummed, cutting up her egg.

"I'll get a heater blanket for you after I finish my shift at the hospital." I smiled.

"Thanks, mum." Did I mention that my mum's a doctor? Guess not. But mum uses to work at the local clinic back in Australia but she found a better job here in New Jersey. She had claimed that it was fate.

"Come on. I'll drop you off, okay?" Fiddling with my hands, I got up. I'm so nervous. What if no one likes me? What if I get teased or made fun of... what if I never make friends?! God! That would make me a complete loser and a weirdo!

"You okay, sweetie?" I nod and strap myself in, biting my lip. Why do I have to be so nervous? It's not like I should care, school is only a playground for kids to be dropped off and left there for 6 hours. It's one of those excuses to get away from us.

"Yeah. Is Annelie coming this weekend?" Annelie is my 25-year-old sister who just recently got married. She didn't want to move as she already bought a house with Derek, her new husband. He seemed nice, but I haven't had time to get to know him. However, if he loves my sister and she loves him then what else can I ask for?

"She might but you know your sister and plans." I giggle and turn on some music. Annelie is always one to forget about plans and end up feeling bad about it. I keep telling her to put a reminder on her phone however she always says that her brain is better than technology. She's a weirdo.

"We can Skype her tonight?" I suggested, which caused her to furrow her brows.

"You Skype her. I don't even know how to use the thing." I laughed at her which caused her to lightly smack my thigh.

"Okay, mum," I said with a small chuckle and averted my gaze to the tall building in front of me. Suddenly as we were driving down the busy roads, my ears rung as the loud horns blasted away. Gosh, drivers sometimes. You know I almost got run over by a stupid idiot on the road! They didn't indicate they were turning into the street until they had pulled on their brakes right in front of me. I think drivers need to be tested for idiotism.

"Here we are, honey." I kissed her cheek and got out of the car, my bag strapped to my shoulders.

Pulling my bag closer to me, I looked around. The school didn't look that bad other than a few kids loitering around the car park and school entrance. With an intake of air, I walked through the halls, seeing if I could find the office. People bumped into me and never apologize back. Too many people in one big school. You'd think that they would have more space for people to walk by. Back at my old school in Australia, the school was small so everyone knew everyone. Just like one big happy family. I beam at the memories just as I see a sign that had made me smile wider. Finally, I found the damn office.

As I entered, the office was organized into separate rooms with one giant desk in the middle and on the desk sat an elderly lady with obnoxiously large glasses.

"Hi dear. How can I help you?" I smile shyly.

"I-I'm new. Simera Peyton." The lady smiled at me and typed away at her computer. Those glasses were too big for her face.

"Here we are, dear." I take the sheet of paper out of her hands and politely smile.

"Thank you," I mumbled and looked down at my schedule.

The first period I have math class with Mr. Glint, second, I have art with Ms. Pott then Lunch, then third I have gym class with Mr. Flamando, fourth is a science class with Mr. Monty.

"Okay...ew. I hate science." The fifth period is Biology with Mrs. Kirkby then after that, I have a free period. Sweet, a free period. We didn't have free periods at my old school. Sighing I roll my eyes and start walking through the halls again. I really do not want it since I didn't even ask for science.

I guess I must take it though. I suck at science so don't blame me if I fail. I chuckled under my breath and started walking around the halls, looking for my class.

Just then a loud bell rang, making me groan. Late on my first day. This is just great. I mumbled under my breath as I kept bumping into people on my way to my classroom. Where the hell is it? The halls started cleaning out with students who went to their classes. My feet began to feel tired but luckily with that lot of walking, I found the classroom. Problem is. It's already started.

The teacher, Mr. Glint came and asked me who I was. I answered, trying not to look too nervous. Probably failing miserably.

"Take a seat at the front." I nodded and looked up. Not many in the class. Before I could catch any eye contact with the students, I looked down and sat in my seat. However, they were a weird shape. Who shapes them this way? Biting my lip, I sit down and glare at the table. Stupid table. Wait... no... evil table!


My sketch of the little cat seemed to be almost done. Although something was missing. I frowned and sat back, examining the picture.

"It's the golden bell around its neck." I jumped, holding my hand to my heart. Turning, I found a bright blue-eyed girl leaning over my shoulder.

"W-what?" She chuckled and took my pencil, sketching on the paper pad.

"You missed the golden bell that is supposed to be around the kitten's neck." I blushed and looked down. How the heck did I miss a tiny thing like that? Seriously, I'm an idiot sometimes.

"I knew that." She laughed again and sat next to me in the chair beside mine.

"Trix Garey." She held her hand out which I shook.

"Simera Peyton."

"So, you're new, yea?" I nodded, picking up all my books and putting them away in my bag.

"Hey. Why don't you come with me and I'll introduce you to some of my friends?" That didn't sound bad, did it? I guess It's a start, least I won't be known as the new girl who a loner is.

"Okay." She beamed and took me by the hand and dragged me out of the class.

"Where are we going?" I asked her, trying to dodge random people walking by.

"The cafeteria." She called over her shoulder at me. The cafeteria? Is that where we eat?

God. Of course, we do. I mentally slap myself and walk into a big room filled with people and weird smells coming from what looked like a buffet. I crinkled up my nose as Trix pulled me to a table with a group of people already sitting.

"Hey, guys." Trix greeted and they announced their hello's.

"Trix! Omg, tell Elie that he is such a perv!"

"Elie, you're a perv," Trix said flatly. The boy Elie argued with the blonde girl. I giggled, and all eyes landed on me. Blushing I looked down, not wanting too much attention. Geez, why did you have to giggle and make a scene? Mentally scolding myself, I didn't realize Trix was introducing me to everyone around the table.

"Guys, this is Simera. She's new."

"Hi," I mumble, giving them a small wave and sat down by Trix. Well, this is going to be an interesting day.

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