Chapter TwentyTwo

"Time to wake up sunshine." I smile, half asleep when her voice rings in my ear.

"Do I have to?" With soft whine I open my eyes and found her grey ones.

Caera's usual flouncy red hair sat against her head in a high messy bun. She was wearing jeans and a white blouse and an award winning smile to top it off.

"I made breakfast." At the sound of food, my energy pulverized.

"Food!" Era chuckled and helped me get out of bed. I winced at the pain in my lower parts. Is this what after sex feels like? Caera furrowed her brows in worry.

"Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I? Oh god, I'm sorry..." I cut her off with a hand to her mouth. Giggling at her facial expression I pull away.

"I'm good. Really." I heard her inwardly sigh and relax.

"Okay. Now come on. I made a delicious breakfast."

"Yum! Wait! You can cook?" Let's try and tease her shall we. Era seemed to be on the same pace and faked hurt.

"How dare you, Miss Simera. I make the loveliest breakfast on the planet." I mocked her by raising a brow.

"Oh really now? I might just have to test that theory." Caera shook her head and gave me a wicked grin.

"Tickle time!" I squealed ran away from her and down the stairs.

"No! I'm too precious to be tickled!"

"Tickle Era is coming for you, sunshine!" Chief Bulat stood next to a maid talking. I ran to him giggling.

"Chief Bulat! Save me from Caera! She's gonna tickle me." The only response I got was a laugh and a shake of the head.

"'Fraid not my dear. You see... I'm tickle Era's accomplice!" I squealed and ran the other way but only to be caught by Caera.

"Gotcha!" I laughed when she started tickling my sides. My breathing becoming rapid.

"...N-no! Haha—Era!" Caera grinned and stopped her movements.

"Say I'm the best cook on the planet." I shook my head laughing, joyful tears in my eyes.

"Never!" She started her tickling once again. "Okay! Your the best cook on the planet!" I shout breathlessly.

With heavy breathing, I sat up and looked at the smirking vampire. "I win!" I agreed with her. She took me down with just tickling.

"You win." I stood and looked towards the kitchen. "Now where is this amazing breakfast you made?" She chuckled and took my warm hand into her cold ones.

The fragrance of warm, food entered my nose. "Here you go My Lady." Caera put down a plate full of breakfast sausage's, eggs, Bacon, waffles and pancakes. My mouth watered.

"You made this for me? When did you have time to make all this?" I asked amazed.

Caera blushed and scratched her head. "Well... I wanted to make something for you..." I blushed and sat down.

"Thank you." I whispered. No one has gone out of their way to do something like this for me before. Not even my own mother on my birthdays or just days I feel down. Caera though... She did it out of kindness. Nothing in return.

"Your very welcome, love." She sat down and took a waffle and ate it as I dug into my own food.

"Caera. You have a letter." We turn to see Bulat holding a white envelope with a blood red seal. Looks fancy.

Caera took it from his hands and opened it. When her eyes rushed over the words, a gasp left her lips. I stood in worry.

"Are you okay?" She nodded and turned to Bulat.

"The King is holding a ball. We've been invited." Her voice was grave like she was angry and shocked.

"The king?" I couldn't help ask. Bulat spoke.

"The King is who rules over all vampires. He is the one that is entrusted to keep vampire covens from going rampage." Oh so basically like a real king. Just... This one has fangs and glowing eyes.

"Yes. And he is having a ball. You and I have been invited, love."

"Me?" I point to myself, shocked of this revelation. She chuckles.

"Yes you, love."

"Why?" I ask. Why was a human invited to a vampire ball?

"I don't know. But you'll be safe. Were can not go against the King." I pout.

"But I don't have a dress." Bulat grins.

"Don't worry, kiddo. Chief Bulat is on it!"

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