Chapter TwentyThree

Simera's POV

I watch as Bulat walks in with a huge smile on his face, a black bag in hand. My brows rose in questioning and I looked to Caera for answers. I only got a shrug from her. "Whats that?" His smile only turns into a grin.

"Your ball gown." I gasp and run to the bag but it was snatched out of my reach. A groan escapes and I slump my shoulders.

"I wanna see." He shakes his head and Era chuckles, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind. I shivered in delight at the contact.

"You'll see when you get ready," Era kisses my earlobe. "For now, we need to go shopping for more clothes for you." With a pout I agree. I have zero clothes. For the last couple of days I've been wearing Carea's old clothes that don't fit her.

"Okay." With the pout still on my face, I grab my slippers as I couldn't be bothered to find my other shoes that were probably hidden under all the bed sheets...

"Lets go, sweets." I nod and take her hand that she held out. After last night, I've had this feeling to stay close by Era. I don't understand still but hopefully I will soon. Era will tell me everything when she's ready.

As we walk outside, I look at all the pretty colours of the forest. Everything here is so beautiful, even the most beautiful thing holding my hand right now Is a sight to see.

"Simera." I blinked a moment before I focused on the figure. Caera was standing next a black car, smiling. "Come on, time to head off now. We should be back before the ball."

Inwardly a squeal was set free and I climbed into the cool looking car. Era chuckled and sat next to me. "Jo, please drive to the nearest mall." I looked at her and frowned.

"Keena wont be there would she..." She caressed my cheek and kissed my temple.

"We are very far away from her. Even if she was, I would never allow her to touch you again." She is so adorable. I lean into her and hug her torso.

"Thank you." I whisper, watching out the window while the driver, Jo, sends us to our destination. It took us a while to get the mall and we were all asking each other questions or just talking randomly. (Jo, the driver. Just saying. The dude is really random)

My eyes widen at the big building. There was a glass roof, elevators outside. "This is it." I nod and want to get out. Grabbing the door, I jump up, excited to see the mall more closely.

"Woah love. Calm down." Two arms wrapped themselves around my waist, pulling me to her chest. I giggle and look up at her.

"Can we go inside now?" I ask, my exciting going overdrive. She nodded and took my hand.

"Stay close to my side. This is a vampire mall, but don't worry, they know not to hurt you." Confused, I frown at her. Era chuckles and touches my neck. "I marked you, love." My mouth forms and 'O' and we walk on.

I wonder what clothes I should get. Skirts aren't always my thing but I guess I could get some. Maybe some jeans. Converse? Mmm.

Few ours later

When we got inside the mansion, Bulat came and took my hand hurriedly. "Come! We need to get you ready. The maids are already in your room waiting." I nodded and looked back at Caera who was laughing behind her hand. She nodded her head and an encouraging smile before walking off with my new clothes and shoes.

I enter the room and three maids that I never seen before were standing in my/ me and Era's bedroom for me. "Mira, these are the ladies who will help you get ready." He checked his watch. "Which you only have an hour an half to get ready by..." He trailed off and looked at the three women. "Look after my little peanut." With that he left me with the women. I smiled shyly.

"Hello Miss, I'm Janny." The blue eyed one said.

"I'm Susana." The brown eyed one spoke.

"I'm Turina." The greened eyed said and sat me in a chair. "We shall do your hair and makeup before putting you in a dress, is that okay Miss?" I nodded, unsure how things go about.

The women got to work really fast. "Are you vampires too?" I couldn't help ask. They all smiled while they work.

"Yes. Mistress Era changed us, taking us away from our old horrible lives. She saved us and we are in her debt." I look up at them and smile sadly at them. Caera saved these women, probably every one that lives in this home. Maybe more that live somewhere else. Era has such a true, pure heart.

I stare in the mirror, truly amazed at how I look. The dress is stunning, it fits my skin tone perfectly.

"Do you like it?" I jump at the voice behind me

"Do you like it?" I jump at the voice behind me. Bulat was smiling watching me with kind eyes.

"It is beautiful, Bulat." I walk closer, my heels clicking. "How could you afford something like this? Its stunning." He chuckled.

"This was my sisters ball gown. She never got a chance to wear it. You remind me so much of my dear Lizza." I take his hand.

"I'm sure that she's in peace now." He nods and looks at the time, gasping.

"Time to leave! The ball is starting!" I nodded and he took my hand, taking me out of the room. Up ahead, Caera was standing by a limo with an elegant maroon, red dress. Her red hair flowing in curls around her face.

Era looked so beautiful

Era looked so beautiful. Her eyes were bright as they saw me. I giggled with a blush on my cheeks. "Lets go to the ball my sweet. Lets dance till our feet drop." I grabbed her held out hand and entered the vehicle onto the way to the ball. May lets be Cinderella.

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