Chapter Twenty Four

Caera POV

The chattering of others made me sigh. I have a feeling that the King did not send for us just to drink and dance.

Knowing full well the he is a party guy, though, after 100 of years later he calls for us now? I smile down at my mate and smile. Simera was wearing a blue dress that looks amazing on her. I'm so lucky to have her.

"We're here." Jo called from the drivers seat. I nod my head and open the door, the pitter, patter of feet going past us.

"You ready, love?" Simera gives me a shy smile and gets out, making sure to grab my hand in the process. Her brown hair curled into a messy bun, her dress neatly showed her curves.

What'd I give to never let her go.

"There's so many people." I heard her mumble, her small hands making fists. With a smile, I squeeze her hand, not to tightly to hurt and pull her to my side.

"Its okay. And their not just people love. Their vampires." Her tiny frame tensed. With worry I turn to her and hug her. "Don't fret love, they wont hurt you. You mark says other wise my little flower." She sighed which caused me to chuckle and continue walking with her at my side.

Our gowns swished around our heeled feet as we walked inside the Palace. Golden walls gleaming on the way past and each and everyone was talking amongst them. To say the least, no one knew why they were here other than dance, drink and chatter.


"Yes, my love?" She looks around and frowns.

"Why are there many people talking and not dancing? I thought this was a ball."

"Once the evening starts everyone usually dances. The ball only has just begun." Simera nods with brightened eyes. She looks so cute excited! I thought, cooing.

I took my mate to a table and gave her a small drink. It was a non alcohol drink since there was young ones arriving to the party. I wonder if mother and Raven came. When a familiar black haired vampire came into view, my jaw clenched. I better make sure she doesn't make a bloody scene. I turn to Simera and kiss her temple. "I'll be right back love. Stay put and do not talk to anyone, okay?" Her eyes plead me to not leave but she nods anyway. I caress her cheek before turning and walking towards the little bitch.

Simera's POV

With sad eyes I watch as the beautiful vampire leaves my side. I wish she didn't leave but she sounded like she had too. I lean against the chair, propping my elbow on the table while leaning on it, letting out a tiresome sigh.

I've never been to one of these things before, nonetheless a party full of supernaturals! This night could get interesting but I'm afraid that something bad will happen. Will some vamps go blood lusting and kill me? Or worst! Eat me! I shiver at the thoughts and shoo them away.

Caera promised to keep me safe and I trust her with my life. "Hello, there." I jump at the unknown voice and turn to its source. A well dressed man stood with a glass on red wine, a smile showing off his pearly whites.

"H-hi..." I greet, unsure if I should be polite or walk away.

"What's a little pretty thing like you sitting all alone?" That's when I notice a crown sitting atop his long brown hair.

"Y-your..." He bows his head.

"King Elu IV, Miss..."

"Simera y-your majesty." I mutter, not looking him in the eyes, slightly afraid of this intimidating man or should I say vampire. An arm interrupted my thoughts and I looked at Caera as she bowed her head to the Vampire King, Elu.

"It's a pleasure My King." She speaks, a smile on her face. "Nice to see an old friends face once again."

"Its been," He paused to think a bit before continuing. "Too long." Both laughed out loud.

"Elu, this is my mate, Simera. Simera, this is Elu, King of Vampires and my good friend from way back." I nodded and gave a polite smile.

"Hello again." The three of us started talking until Era became serious.

"Why have you called us after so long, Elu?" The King also became serious, his lips thinning.

"War is continuing to arise. The Wolves are being restless and now since a human claimed to be an Alphas daughter has gone missing. Apparently taken by one of us. If this is true, I don't know what to do." I watched Era's reaction and frowned when her eyes narrowed, her jaw and fists clenched.

"I need to tell you something. Sim-" Smashing of glass and loud howls and growls caused screams to echo the ball room. I hugged close to Caera scared.

More smashing and screams got louder and my fear increased. What was happening? "Era..." I was cut off when Caera and the king were tackled by a big dog. "Era!" I screamed at her, scared for her life.

"Run Simera! Run!" I heard her yell, trying to fight off the giant dog. I nodded slowly, knowing that she could handle herself I started backing away.

"I-I'll get help! I'll get help Era!" I turned to run away when one of those dogs stood in front of me. It was shaking and watching me. I gasp when It transformed into a familiar figure, my jaw to the floor. "Keena?" I whispered before black dots spotted my vision and my name being screamed by Caera.

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