Chapter Twenty Six

Caera's POV

My fists banged on the table, my eyes glowing with anger. She took my mate! I will kill that little bitch. The wolf that ruined everything! First, she stills Simeras love, cheats on her, makes her sad and now kidnaps her?! Whats the big old idea, coming from? I've had enough of this little pup, ruining things for me and my mate.

Elu was also pacing and fuming that my love was taken. He didn't mind that Simera was the human that was supposedly 'taken' but he had a liking to Simera and hated the fact that her other mate did that to her. Like, brother and sister, those two are. Elu the big and protective brother, swimming in rage at the thought of harm coming her way.

"What do we do? I cannot sit here while my mate is suffering." I grumbled watching the King stop pacing. His eyes glowed the royal blue, his fangs sitting against his bottom lip.

"We get her back. I won't stand for a traitorous mate like that mutt." He hisses out, eyes blood red for vengeance.

"When do we leave?" My head snaps to Raven and my mother. A growl slips into the air. The two women looking to the floor. "We are very sorry. I'm very sorry. I want to help get back your love too." With a sigh, I look at them. The women who also ruined things just because they thought they were better. But they are family and family forgives each other.

"Fine. But mess this up, your heads on a block."

Simera's POV

I lie on the floor, staring at the ceiling. My stomach was growing non stop for the past four hours. No one has bothered to come feed me and its starting to make me feel sick.

Sighing, I turn my head to face a book shelf. Many olds to news sat on the shelves or on the floor open.

A worn-out book caught my attention. I titled my head to the side a bit to read the spine. Wolf Lore and History. I stood up and took the book, careful not to rip any pages.

As I was walking back to the bed, I tripped causing the book fall to the floor. When it dropped, it opened to a random page. "Huh?" The title made me gasp. How to reject your mate.

I sat on the bed and read through it. To reject your mate comes in many consequences. Either the rejected one dies or finds another mate. The one rejecting will not feel any pain. To reject those, you will say "I, your name, their name..." I trailed off into my head and stared at the door.

I may have found away from Keena. My heart quenched at the pain. She is a monster. And I thought vampires would be worse! But Keena had cheated, lied and locked me away in this room, never leaving. I just need a way to get out of here.

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