Chapter Twenty Seven

Simera's POV

I banged on the wooden door. "Keena! I wanna come out! Please, I'm sorry!" The lies rolled off my tongue smoothly. "Please!"

The door opened and stood their the once nice Keena. She had a small smile on her face, seeming to believe my words.

"Oh Simera." I was surprised when she pulled me into a tight hug. My choices were out at the moment so I had to hug her back. Even though I resent touching this person, I have to get out of her.

"I'm sorry, Keena. I wont run away again." I said, more lies.

"Good. Come on, the spell is down and mother has dinner ready." Keena took my hand and dragged me down the stairs of the mansion. When we entered the living room, people were sitting at a large table, chatting and eating. My mother was no where in sight.

"Keena. Where's my mum?" Keena tensed and so did everyone else, along with the silence.

"Ah, she's out right now."

"Where?" I pushed through clenched teeth.

"At her house." I nodded, unsure. The need to get away and find my mother was indeed needed. Keema forced me to sit down on her lap, her hands wrapped tightly on my hips. I hated this. Maybe I should say the words right now while shes occupied.

The table ate in silence, no one was speaking other than to ask for salt or the sauce. Not even her parents said a word. I opened my mouth to speak the Rejection when sirens went off. Was Era here to save me!

All the people at the table got up and ran outside. My eyes widened when I was pushed back into my seat by Keena. Her eyes were yellow. "You will stay here," She growled. "You will stay by my side even if its the last thing I do." Then she shifted into a big black dog. Or wolf. Whatever, their the same thing aren't they. Wait, no Keena is a female so she's a bitch.

When Keena was outside I ran to the door as well. I needed to find Caera and reject Keena before anything else happens. I gasp at the sight. Blood was being spilled and growls were as loud as a jet being launched.

My eyes scanned the area until I found the familiar red head fighting off Keena. "Era!" I screamed, causing both girls to look at me.

"Simera!" Era shouted, kicking away Keena and running to me. I jumped in her arms and cried, missing her love and warmth.

"Era..." I sobbed hugging her close. She kept me to her side before keeping Keena at bay. Oh I almost forgot! "I know how to stop all this." I say to my love.

"What is it, love?"

"I'm going to reject Keena." She nodded and pecked my lips.

"Do what you think is best." I nod and look towards the huffing Keena. Her fur was all bloodied and her eyes sickishly yellow.

"Keena, you were someone that I thought would of been my first girlfriend. But you changed. Hurt me so bad it left a scar. But no more. I, Simera Petra, reject you Keena Fay as my mate." I finished and watched as she whined and kneeled to the ground. "Good bye Keena." Caera picked me up in her arms and called for all vamps to retreat.

I looked away from the crying Keena. When I did, my eyes landed on someone familiar. My mother was running to me, tears streaming down her face. "Mum!" I wailed and ran to her. "Mum!" She hugged me, sobbing.

"I'm so sorry, Mira. I shouldn't of trusted them." I shook my head and kissed her cheek.

It's okay. We were both at fault." I looked at my true mate and smiled. "Let's go home, mum."

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