Chapter Five

Keena's POV

I beam as I watch my mate excitedly listen to Mr. Flamando about something before strolling away, a skip in her step. Therefore, she's so amazing. Simera is easily excited about something and that is an incredible thing to have. Alex pats me on the back, causing me to punch his shoulder. Laughing, he puts his hands up in surrender.

"Hey, I'm just saying, you have one special mate there." I smile, agreeing with him. She is special, and I am not letting her out of reach. She is mine for eternity. Alex nods and waves, walking away towards the bleachers.

"Keena. I need you here for a meeting. Come home now." I groan at my father's voice through the pack link. Sighing, my eyes find Simera smiling politely at some of her classmates.

"I found my mate," I say, biting my lip as Simera bends over to fix her shoelaces.

"You did? That's great but I need you here. You can go back after." Groaning I run my hand through my hair and walk towards the exit and made sure no one saw.

"Fine." I quickly shift in my wolf once I was far enough away and run to the packhouse. Why of all days, do they need me? I wanted to hang with my mate. She's too beautiful to not have any attention from me. Plus, all my wolf wants to do is mark her and I agree. She is mine, and everyone needs to know that. Like, what if something happens to her when I'm not there? I'm going to feel so guilty afterward. I shift back into my human form, my clothes were still on as I walk into the meeting room up the wooden staircase. However, when I open the door, I growl. That retched scent filled my nostrils and made me want to vomit. "What is he doing here?"

"Keena, dear. Nice to see you." I'll wipe that smug look off your face. The man standing in front of me, his black hair slicked back, and his stupid smirk walked towards me. My eyes snap towards my father and everyone in the room.

"Yeah, whatever. Now, what are you doing here." My father placed a hand on my shoulder, calming me down.

"Keena, that's enough. Jose has come to discuss a peace treaty."

"Peace treaty my ass," Alicia growled, which had me nodding in agreement. He will never, and I mean never, be able to keep a peace treaty. Jose loves sucking the life out of a human and will always do that no matter what. There must be a reason why he is here or a little motive up his sleeve.

"Look. I don't like you. Not what you did, vampire." I snapped causing him to back away.

"Little Wolf, you wound me." He checked his watch. "Ah. I better go. A nice juicy lamb to eat." I scrunch my face up in disgust.


"We will meet some other time, Jose." My father said, making Jose nod his head. A smug smile played on his dirty lips.

"I'll send Caera if I have any messages," Jose winks my way. "Say hi to your little mate for me. Or is she?" With that, he had disappeared. I growled lowly, my hands clenching into fists.

"How did he know about, Simera?!" My wolf growled. I was about to pounce after him, but my mother took my hand and squeezed hard, indicating me to calm down.

"We have to protect Simera, Alicia." She nodded. No harm must come to Simera, whether it costs my life or not, Jose or anyone will die at my hands if they touch her.

"Who is this mate of yours, Keena?" I look at my father and smile.

"Her name is Simera. She's so amazing." I could imagine Simera right now, talking with Trix and Dezra about random things, laughing and smiling. A wack to the forehead brought me back to the present and I stared at my father glaring. He only laughed.

"She-wolf?" My glare softened, and I bit my lip. How do I say that she is human? No wolf has had a human mate before. I'm the first.

"She's... Human. But, I don't care. We are destined to be mates and she will be mine. My mate that I will love and cherish forever." Soft arms wrapped themselves around me, my mother bringing me into me tight hug.

"I'm so proud of you. Happy birthday my baby, and congratulations." I beam and hug her back before running towards the door. I turn back to my parents, asking for permission to leave. "Go, go to your mate." Without a second glance, I ran out and shifted halfway down the stairs, running towards the school building. I'm on my way Simera, your mate is coming to your side forever. I hope you will love me for eternity as I will.

Simera's POV

Groaning I took my timetable out and checked what I have next. Guess I'm going to have to find some way to science. Alex had said he was heading on the other side of the school, so he is no help at all. Sighing I look around, my eyebrows creased in a frown. As I clutch my bag to my shoulder, my name was being called. I turned to see Keena running towards me. I beam and walk to meet her.

"Sorry! I had to do something." I smiled softly.

"It's okay." She chuckled and slumped an arm around my shoulders. I blushed slightly and looked at her. Keena grinned down at me and started walking us down the halls.

"Come on. I'll take you to your next class." I nodded at her.

"Thanks. The teacher told me to do track tryouts after school." Keena grinned.

"That's great. I and the guys will come to watch you." She blushed. My friends never did that for me at my old school. They would always head home or towards Mc Donald's.

"You don't have to..." She giggled and playfully nudged me.

"We're coming." I better start running after tryouts to get back in the habit of training. At my old school, I was captain of the track team, but I left it behind when we moved here. Sadly, those things happened but I can start fresh here I suppose. Like my dad would have wanted me too. Keena and I walked towards the science classroom and sat down at the back of the room. Keena kissed my cheek and popped my bag on the floor for me. My blush crept up again and people were staring.

"I'll come to pick you up, okay?" I nod and smile shyly.

"Okay." She beams before skipping out of the classroom. I giggle and start taking out my stuff when the teacher walked in, a loud cheery tone leaving his mouth. I sigh and grab my rainbow pencil case. I feel as if this teacher is going to be so happy this period.

"The average velocity is 40 miles per hour." Mr. Monty explained. "Can... Simera, you tell me if it's true or false if all radioactivity is man-made." I nod slowly. Why did he pick me? Sighing I took a deep breath. "False."

"Good job, Simera. As you can see there's tons of radiation in space, and small amounts of natural radiation are present in the soil, water, and vegetation..." I zoned out and went back to my seat. I couldn't help but think back to Keena. Where ever I go, her eyes follow. Usually, that would creep me out. But with her, it made me feel comfortable. Why? I don't know but I like it.

"Okay so make sure to finish Exercise 6.7 for homework..." The bell rung, and everyone stood. The teacher gave up and let everyone go. Smiling I found that when I exited the room, Dez and Keena waited for me. Dezra bounced and attacked me in a hug. "Ah... Hello." I mumbled, hugging her back. Keena and I met eye contact for a quick second before I had pulled away from the tight hug Dezra gave me. Keena kissed my cheek before hitting Dezra's arm. "You take Simera to class. Don't be clingy, would you? See you at lunch Simera, tell me if she bugged you too much." I giggle and nod my head before Dezra grabbed my hand.

"Let's go!" Dez pulled us along the halls. This girl is such a fizz ball, all excited every second of the day.

We entered the dance room and a teacher was teaching some students steps. Mrs. Kirby smiled when she saw us and stopped teaching the students and walked over to us.

"You must be Simera. I've heard lots about you." I frown in confusion and she chuckles softly.

"Good things I hope," I reply, and she handed me leggings and a crop top.

"Go change. I expect to see your full potential as I've heard from your old dance company." I raised a brow.

"You know Tina?" I ask, holding the clothes to my chest.

"She's my sister in law." Wow. Okay then. I did not know that.

"Go on. Get changed in the dressing room." Quickly, I headed towards the dressing room and popped on the clothes she handed me. It seemed as if she knew my size because they fit perfectly.

When I came back Mrs. Kirby was waiting for me with the other students. "Simera. Just watch and try to keep up okay?" I nod, ready to show Mrs. Kirby I can do this. I may be a little nervous, but I have danced before. Smiling to the sound of music, my feet just did the dancing for me. Step after step, Mrs. Kirby asked me to stand up the front with the older girls and follow along. When the music had ended everyone took a break.

"Simera, can you show us your stunning solo?" I blushed. To be honest, If I do that, I feel like It would be showing off in front of everyone. Nodding slowly, I fixed my socks and stood in the middle of the room. As the music started I breathe in and out. Leaning forward I feel the music flow with every inch of my body and soul. My feet remembering each step of the sequence. My eyes closed as my toes helped me balance, making me reach for the end. Nothing mattered as I moved along with the music. Nothing wrong with the world seemed to stop me. I had no worries. My father's accident to the back of my mind. I'm myself but a completely different person. My soul had found its mending harmony and relaxed. Counting in my head I bend my legs a bit to bring myself into a spin. I haven't danced this solo for so long. My father's proud smile still in my mind. Spinning around I did my side leap, my back and arms bending. I descended to the floor and lied on it. My heart kept skipping a beat as I stared at the ceiling. A hand comes in my line of sight and I smile. Mrs. Kirby helps me up and I hug her wanting her warmth. "It's okay. You did amazing." She doesn't know why I'm crying but she still comforts me.

"Thank you," I whispered.

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