Chapter Six

Keena POV

As I walked the carpark to my car, I noticed my little Mate frowning at her phone.

Why the long face? Smiling I sneaked up behind her. "Boo!" As expected, she jumped almost dropping her phone.

"Omg! You almost scared my soul away." I raise a brow. I guess Dez isn't the only one that likes making words.

"Sorry. I couldn't help myself." Her green eyes narrow at me. I found that cute. Her little nose all scrunched up. Sorta like a little bunny. I giggle at my stupid thoughts.

"That was mean. I didn't even hear you come towards me." She mumbled and went to reply to a text. Another frown creased her eyebrows. Why does she keep frowning? Is there something the matter?

"Hey, you okay?" Simera smiles.

"Of course why?" I poke her nose which she swats my hand away.

"Your gonna get wrinkles if you keep frowning." She sighs.

"Sorry. My mum isn't picking me up. She says we have a guest. Like, we've only been here 2 days and we already have guests at our house."

"What about your sister. You did say that you had a sister?" I mentally slapped myself. What if something happened to her sister. Simera did say 'use to' earlier.

"She's all the way in Sydney with her husband." Good. I didn't say anything rude. Thank goodness.

"Well, I can drive you." She looked conflicted. Oh come on, say yes, just say yes. I really want to take you home.

"Okay." Yes! Oh my god, she said yes. Oh yeah! Who's the god now?! Me!

"Cool. Let's go." I hid my excitement and led her to my car and popping inside. Oh man, I can smell her scent. Like strawberries and peppermint. Ah, can't wait... I'm drooling! Quickly I wipe my drool and start the car.

"So what's your address?" She told me her address and I smiled. She doesn't live too far from the packhouse.

When I pulled up to her house I gaped.

"Yeah, I know. Pretty big just for me and mum."

I agreed. But wait... Just her and her mum? I shouldn't ask just in case its a sensitive topic. "Did you want to come inside?" I nodded. Once I got outside, a new scent wavered in the air. I growled through the pack link.

"Vampires near Simera's house," I spoke to Dez and Alex. Vampires aren't suppose to be here without the Alphas okay. And my father sure as hell hasn't given them the right to step foot into our territory.

"Keena? Keena?!" I snap out of my thoughts and look apologetic to my little mate.

"Come on." She said and opened the door.

As we walked in, the stench of vampire got stronger.

And it was familiar. "Were hiding around the property," Alex replied.

We walked into the kitchen, my eyes widening. Josh.

Simera's POV

I was always taught to be nice to guests but I couldn't help the words that blurted from my mouth. "Joshua! Please oh please don't tell me this is a joke. I-I thought you were dead!" He turned his head and smiled sadly at me.

Something was different about him. His eyes weren't blue anymore. They were brown and his hair isn't brown its black...

"Hello, you must be Simera. Sadly I'm not my brother." Brother?!

"I-I don't understand." Joshua was wounded in a stabbing... He didn't make it. And he never mentioned a brother...

"I'm Joshua Twin's brother, Jose. I was never around for him to know. But I heard a lot about you from our parents." My mouth quivers a bit and I look to my mother who didn't meet my gaze.

"Y-you know it been a really hard time mother. First Josh. Then dad. What next ha mum?" With that, I turn away.

"Simera! Honey!" I ignore her as she rubs after me.

Keena's POV

I growled as Jose smirks at Simera's retreating figure with her mum chasing after her.

"How dare you show up here unannounced. How does she even know you, Jose? Or should I call you Joshua?" He laughs at me and sits down on the kitchen chair.

"My names actually Jose. I lied to your little mate. Been a while since I saw that pretty ass." Oh, I gotta.

"Stay away from her!"

"Why? I'm her ex after all." I growled but I was cut short on going to rip him to tiny shreds when Simera's mother came down from the stairs.

"I'm very sorry about that Jose. She's... Had a fair share of emotions for a while." Jose puts a hand on her shoulder, making me hiss.

"That is quite alright. I have to go. It was nice chatting with you, Thea." She smiles.

"Your welcome anytime." Great, just fucking great.

"Of course." He nods his head at me and smirks before leaving. Stupid prick. I'll kill him soon. I will.

"Oh, your Simera's friend?" Thea asks. I nod and smile at the tiny women. Are all Petra's this short?

"You can go and see her if you like?" I nod again and head upstairs, knowing right away which room is hers.

"Simera? It's me." I knock. Hearing a slight come in I walk in. Boxes were stacked around the room and a few clothes lie on the floor.

"Hey." She whispers. I could see that her green eyes were puffy and red after she'd been crying. Oh, my poor mate. I restrained from kissing her.

"You wanna talk about it?" She shakes her head and curls into a ball. I smile sadly and wrap my arms around her into a hug, playing with her hair. "I'm here if you need to talk."

"I miss him." My little mate sobs.

"Miss who, Buttercup?"

"Josh." I wanted to growl but Aldica stopped me.

"Jose use to be human. Not all vampires change into big dicks." True.

"Wanna tell me what he was like?" She nodded, wiping tears away.

"Josh used to be a sweetheart. So kind, and caring. I saw a smile on her lips until a frown appeared.

"On our date... Some guys were trying to grope me... And Josh stepped in... He was stabbed... He didn't make it." I squeeze her tightly, soothing her. "Why did God take such a good person away. I don't understand." I kiss her forehead.

"I'm sure he isn't in any more pain now." She nods and closes her eyes. My poor mate has been through so much. All I can do is help her and kill all the fuckers who mess with my mate.

Tiny snores cause me to look at her. Simera had fallen asleep, her arms wrapped tightly around me. I guess I'm not going home tonight.

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