Chapter Seven


I had a dream last night. Joshua had come back and visited me, but he ended up being his twin brother. His name, I think it was, Jose. I know It's only a dream because Joshua is dead, he had hurt me and knowing he is gone, my heart can't race. I remember in my dream that I felt sad so Keena randomly showed up and comforted me. Looking towards an empty spot in my bed, I could imagine Keena and myself cuddled up to each other. In that moment I feel as if, I really want it, but I feel like there is a hidden darkness under Keena's skin and it frightens me. Her super strength, her little spark of jealously when I'm around the others and the clinginess. I don't mind them at times, but it makes me curious. Why the affection when we have only just met?

"Simera! You're going to be late!" My mother yelled.

"Coming!" Quickly I grabbed my bag and faced a small mirror and checked if I looked okay. Today my hair was down, and I had on a cream jumpsuit on with matching ballet flats. Smiling, I skip down the stairs and follow mum into the car. I wonder what today would be like. I really am enjoying the moments at school, the new friends I've made. I'm not going to be that loner at school now.

Giving my mother a kiss on the cheek, I jump out the car and towards the main building of the school, smiling politely to a few students. I walked towards my locker and found Keena leaning against it, reading something on her phone. Giggling quietly, I sneak up beside her.

"Boo!" Keena jumps and turns around, her hands up into a fighting stance, her eyes widened. I laughed and opened my locker. "You're so funny when you're scared."

"You scared me," she pouts. "That isn't funny." I shrug, my large smile still planted on my face. Keena rolls her eyes and kisses my cheek. There goes the affection again. Does she like me? Shaking my thoughts away, I collect the books needed for the first few periods before turning to Keena.

"It's payback for scaring me." I giggle and start walking, Keena coming in close behind. In the corner of my eye I could see her frowning. Like she was deep inside her thoughts. Suddenly she snaps out of it and comes to my side.

"So, are you happy you made the team?" I beam at the memory of yesterday's tryouts. Everyone was surprised of my record, apparently, I had beat the previous captains record. It was amazing. Coach had signed me up on the team straight away and told me to get ready for training. I'm so excited to start soon. It'll be amazing.

"You bet I am." I say, the enthusiasm leaking out like a broken water pipe. Being able to run is like being free, being able to spread my wings without care. And right now, that is what I want. My father would want me to move on, discover the skies.

"I'm happy that your happy. Hey, maybe we should celebrate with the others. Maybe go to the movies or something." I nod, agreeing.

"That would be good. We should ask the others at lunch."

"Sounds good, Buttercup. Oh look, it's your classroom already." Keena pouts. I smile and start walking in.

"I'll see you later, Keena. You can pick me up if you want." That seemed to lift her spirits up a bit as she brightened and pulled me into a hug.

"See you later." Kissing my cheek, she then skipped down the halls as the warning bell rung, indicating students to head to class. Sighing, I head into the middle row of desks and pop myself down.

"Simera!" Turning towards the voice and smile softly when Jamie takes a seat beside me. "Heard you made the track team. Congrats."

"Thank you, Jamie." I say and take out my sketch book as the class had started. As me and Jamie were working on our own little projects, a few students down in the front row started complaining.

"Mr Stead! Hayden is poking me again!" A girl complained. Mr Stead groaned and slammed down his book he was reading and glared at the two.

"Mr Jillan, enough poking miss Jayde." Hayden mumbled and quieted down but not before poking the girl. I snickered lowly and focused on my drawing. "Hey. Psst, Simera." I glare at Jamie. Now she's interrupting me.


"Look." I look at her phone and frown. All it showed was a picture of a girl with bright red hair walking in the school.

"Who's that?" I ask.

"I don't know. But everyone's saying she just walked in the school. She isn't even a student." I shrugged and was about to reply when the teacher stood over us. He had a angered look on his face with a brow raised.

"Is there something interesting girls?"

"No sir." We said in unison. Mr Stead nodded.

"Don't let it happen again." With that he walked away, and I let out a breath of air.

"Thanks Jamie for almost getting us in trouble." She rolled her eyes and turned to her own work. Sighing I popped my hand up and asked to go to the bathroom which Me Stead allowed me too. As I was walking down the halls I couldn't help my mind wonder to the strange women in the picture. Her hair was like fire and all she was wearing was black attire. Pretty much what an assassin wears. It was kind hot but scary at the same time. Sighing I walk into the bathroom and turn on the tap, letting cold water flow out of the tap. Cupping my hands, I lean over and rinse my face with the water. As I was doing that, I hear the bathroom door open.

"Jamie is that you?" I ask and turn off the water and dry my face. Looking up, I thought I would be face to face with the gaming girl Jamie, but a familiar red-head stood there instead. Who is she? I smile politely and went to the door but when I went to open it, the door wouldn't budge open. I frown and pull again but it wouldn't open. I slowly turn to the girl, my heart racing like I just ran a million miles.

"You look so adorable up close." The red-head spoke, causing me to cease my brows in confusion.

"W-who are you?" I mutter, leaning into the door as if I could melt through it. The women chuckled and walked towards me.

"I don't understand why he would target you, my adorable human." What is she talking about? She had reached to touch my cheek, but I flinch away causing her to smile. "No matter. He won't be able to touch you. Your mine and no one can replace me." The read-head leaned forward but as she was about to come too close, a loud bang on the door caused us both to jump.

"Simera! You in here!" A smile reaches my lips and I went to shout but the women clasp a hand over my mouth, causing any sound to be muffled. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

"That girl is not your mate. You may not know it yet, but all it is fake. She will be the reason your heart breaks." My eyes widened when she stole a kiss, caressing my left cheek softly. All sounds were being drained away as her lips felt like sparks on mine. Suddenly I felt sleepy, all my energy being drained to the last drop. My eyes started closing and before I knew it, my vision was clouded by darkness and warm arms held me.


There were no sounds coming from inside the bathroom, but I knew Simera was inside with a vampire. Growling loudly, I slammed my shoulder into the door, causing it to swing open. I my eyes found Simera limp, laying in the vampire's arms.

"Caera, let her go now." Caera chuckles and looked down at my mate with adoring eyes. She shouldn't be looking at my mate like that! She's mine!

"You know deep down that she isn't your mate. Humans can in fact feel the sparks and just right now when I kissed her Simera felt them." My eyes widened. She kissed Simera!

"How dare you kiss my mate! She isn't yours! She is mine! She belongs to me!" I could feel my eyes change to dark yellow. Alicia was getting angry. And so was I. Caera glared at me as she held Simera in her arms.

"Simera, has a name. She isn't a toy that you can just own, Keena Fay. Simera is a human being that deserves love. And it looks like to me all you care about is her being a figure head." Growling I walked towards her, grabbing Simera from her.

"You know nothing."

"A little heads up. Jose isn't too happy with your pack." With one more glance at the unconscious Simera, she disappeared out the bathroom leaving us. I sighed and looked down at Simera sadly.

"Simera!" I looked towards the door. Trix, Dez, Jamie, Elie, Jordyn and Alex stood at the door.

"What happened?" Dez asked.

"Caera." Caressing her cheek, I looked at Jamie and Trix.

"I need you too to inform my parents about what just happened." I look towards Alex. "Do me a favour and looking into the mating history. Apparently, humans can feel the sparks of their mates." Why hadn't Simera felt our sparks? The three had left and Dezra sat next to me, watching as Simera had slowly gained consciousness.

"Hey." She muttered. I smiled softly and kisses her temple.

"Hey there sleepy."

"What happened?" She asked, rubbing her eyes. I chuckled.

"You passed out. Here," I helped her up and checked her head. There didn't seemed to be any bumps and no recognition of what happened just a minute ago.

"Oh Simeraaaaaa." Dez sung, catching the attention of my mate.

"Oh. Hey."

"You want to come sleepover Keena's house with us?" Simera nodded a smile lighting her face. She looks so adorable right now.

"Sure. Okay." I smiled and put an arm around her shoulders.

"Come on. You must be starving."

"Oh yes. Fooood." She whined and ran ahead. We all laughed at her. My mate is weird. I looked back at the bathroom. I'm going to need to keep a close eye on things for a while. Especially on keeping Simera at my side. No one is getting to Simera or taking her away from me. She is mine.

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