Chapter Nine


You know how you always say you were gonna do something but get distracted when your eyes catch something? Well yea. That so happens to be my problem today.

I try to hold her hand. Her nice ass is in my view, distracting me. I go to say something to her. Her beautiful eyes never stray from mine.

Its just like the world wants me to be a love crazed person! Even in my classes I couldn't focus!

"But our mate is gorgeous. And people can take her away." Aldica whimpered and smuggled into the corner of my mind. I smiled slightly at her.

"Its okay. We will protect her." I promised. And I so keep my promises... Sometimes.

Okay back to present. We were currently watching the film Alice in Wonderland, the horror. And damn, the squeals and whimpering couldn't get louder.

The movie isn't even scary! I look towards Simera where she was holding the blanket in a death grip. "Go comfort her!" My wolf barked. I smirked. Now, this is my time.

I wrapped my arm around my little mates waist, and pulled her to my chest. I smiled as she snuggled into my neck, trying to hide from the movie. "You okay?" I whisper.

"Yeah." Her voice shook and I hugged her closer. Suddenly I heard a snap of a camera. We turn to see my mother smiling smugly at us with her camera in hand.

"Awe! You two are so adorable!" I growled.

"Is there something you want, mother?" She raised her brow at me. Is my mother mocking me?

"Oh, dear. Dinner is ready. Now, now. No sulking. You can have your cuddles later." She dismissively waved a hand and walked away, a smile still playing on her lips. Cheeky.

I turned to the guys and smile. "Who's hungry?" They all jumped up and we ran downstairs. I laughed and looked at Simera, a blush on her cheeks. Awe! She's all red!

"Okay guys. We have a guest tonight. So no eating like wolves." My fathers words may seem like a joke to anyone but the hidden words behind it are serious. Simera is the only human at the table.

"So, Simera. How you liking school so far?" My dad asks. Simera smiles.

"Great. I like the scenery." People giggled as they ate.

"That's good. So what does your parents do for a living?" He asked. I wanted to tell him to be careful but he gave a glare.

"My mum is a nurse." Simera said bluntly, looking at her plate. Dad didn't push but someone spoke up.

"What about your dad?" The table became quiet and Simera looked down at the person as she stood.

"That is non of your business." Then she walked off, her eyes shimmering with tears and her hands clenched into fists. I growled at the blonde slut.

"I'm going to kill you Tanya." I ran after my mate and found her outside. Sitting down next to her, I could hear her small sniffles. "Do you want a hug?" She shook her head. "Do you want... Candy? Cause I have a bucket load of candy in my draw. Like seriously, it's over-" I was cut off when soft lips were attached to mine, salty tears coating my lips.

I moved forward, pressing my body to hers as my hands lay in her waist. Our lips and tongue moving in sync. God, she tastes like strawberries and watermelons. Her tongue licked my lip, tasting me. I let out a moan. WAIT I'm the the dominant one.

I moved my hand to her inner thigh and cupped her cheek with my other hand. I could feel her shiver from the tingles of the bond.

When we pulled away, Simera looked frazzled and her eyes were glazed. I wiped her dry tears. "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't of..." I shushed are.

"I loved it. Now, do you want to continue or go back inside." I smirk at her, trying to get more of her. Simera nudged me.

"Its cold. Let's go inside." I nodded but feeling a little sad that I wouldn't get another taste.

We went back inside and the others were playing video games. As expected, Simera hopped on the couch, liking the game. That is my mate. And I just had a taste of her. Mmm wonder what she'll taste like down south...

Simera POV

It was nearing midnight and I started feeling sleepy. Most had gone to bed as its been an eventful day. "Come. Bed time." Keena whispered, picking me up bridal style. I hummed and snuggled into her. She was so warm.

I felt soft sheets circle me, enclosing me in Keena's scent. My eyes drifted off into darkness, dreams feeling real.


The snow had closed around the woods, coating it in white. It was cold and I had no layers on, however, something drew me here. Into the forest. But why? Shivering I walked onwards until a twig snapped, causing me to freeze. Slowly I turned around, my eyes meeting deep red eyes. He looked familiar. But I couldn't place my finger on it.

"I'm the beginning of the end and the end of space and time.

Red is essential to me. I'm darkness. I surround you. What am I?"

The red eyes glowed brighter, causing my world to spin. With the dizziness, I fall to the snow, my eyes gazing up to the stars. The mans voice repeating in my head. What am I?

I gasp awake, sweat clinging to my clothes. Sighing, I rub my face. Its just a dream...

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