Finally I Found Him


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This is a story about a girl Swati who is unconfident ,shy,having low self esteem. She is bullied in College so she became like this ,But only this was the reason for this or something troubling her from past also.Swati is very innocent and good girl,Who is bullied by College's most popular and hot guy Vihan Singhania.He is also son of owner of college.
Soon Swati falls in love with Varun but what if Varun was not the right guy for her. He left Swati heartbroken but why? Was Vihan right guy for Swati but how can she love him when he bullies her.Eventully Vihan got to know about Swati and she also opend up with him and soon they fell in love with each other. Vihan taught her how to be confident and he transformed her into a new person who is now stronger and more confident .Finally they get married with fighting with their families and Swati was able to set up her business independently and lead a good life .How Vihan gave her confidence ,How she turned into a stronger person,To know all this read my story an

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