Green Is The Warmest Color


Camila's POV

"Hey Mila! Wanna go out? The party's gonna be a blast you would never wanna leave!" It's Dinah; my best friend for years. She has been with me since we were about 5 years old. Our parents knew each other back then in school. The day I saw her being bullied by other kids was the day I found the person I would always be grateful of. But then most of the time she's annoying like she would keep on nagging me on having a boyfriend when I was studying for exams.

I shrugged. "Well I have exams, Dinah. For all I know you would only make me hang out with some boys at the party and I don't have the time okay?" I said and Dinah keeps on fixing her make- up and stares at me for what seems a long time. "What?!"

"I asked you to hang out with me, Mila! I would never leave you with those fuck boys! Jesus Christ!" She pretends to look hurt and walks her way near me. "Sooo, are you gonna go with me later? Coz if you do that means we've got a lot of work to do. You look like shit in all honesty." I playfully tap her shoulder and laugh.

"No, sorry. I can hang out with you some other time and we'll never have to go to such a lowlife party." She pinches my cheeks. "Dinah! C'mon I have exams to review on. You're lucky because you have none. Psh."

She laughs. "Yeah, because you don't spend your time properly. If only you could come with me to this party then you won't have to review on your exams. Seems to be a good deal right?"

"Then I would fail on my exams and my parents will be mad at me while your parents will be proud of you." I retort back. "But really, it's not like I don't want to go to this party. I just really like to pass these exams and I would be somehow, well, free then."

Dinah's eyes get bigger. "Oh my! That sounds soo goooood! I would really have to wait for that time and while I'm waiting I'll be contacting some of the boys I used to hang out with and let them know about you. Sounds better?"

"Do you ever have anything to tell besides boys? I'm not even looking for someone right now!" I almost screamed. "Dinah please. I don't want to be in a relationship right now. I need not to be in a relationship right now." I explain.

Dinah raises her both of her hands as a sign of defeat. "Okay Mila! You don't have to yell at me. Ugh. I just really wanna see you with some guy and we would have girl talks and that would make me feel so much better."

"Why? Does my mom ask you to find me a guy?"

"You are silly, Mila. Of course not! That's a best friend's duty! It is to finally be able to see her best friend happy with a certain person. That's just it, really! I promise." I smile.

I fix the papers I have been working on for quite a time. "Well if you're gonna get going, take care Dinah Jane okay?! Don't get so drunk that you would be kissing random guys! That's so gross to imagine! You don't wanna be late for some kickass party! I so envy you." I say sarcastically.

"I can feel the sarcasm in your voice and I'm not glad about it." She hugs me. "Promise me that one day you'll accompany me to some party and you'll have fun, okay?"

"If you promise me not to get so drunk that you can't go back to our dorm." I demand.


"Okay Dinah Jane! Get your ass up there, your boys are waiting!" She laughs as she opens the door and closes it and I feel yet alone once again.

It's true that I have never been with any other guys ever since Dinah and I have been friends. She always complains because there were guys who courted me like one morning I would wake up by an unknown number calling and it was a guy I haven't even met yet. I knew it was Dinah who gave him my number and I would confront her about it. She would always say that I need a guy in my life and that I would never be truly happy without someone who would send me sweet messages in the morning and cuddle with me at night. She's right though there's always a right time for that. I've always believed that love is slow and tender, that you never have to rush things out and if that happens, it means you find the perfect love for you. I keep believing in that and Dinah never agreed with me. She's also suggested me to have some flings if I don't want to enter a relationship yet and that's the most terrible suggestion from a best friend, ever.

After Dinah left, I decided to take a rest. I opened my laptop and searched through my folders as my eyes saw one folder I've always been working on. It's an essay I never got to finish because either I don't have the time or I just kind of don't feel like writing. It's about how love works and the most magical things about it. I never try to finish it because then I would have to be in a relationship and that sucks because I am not even fully ready to commit myself in the first place. I remember Dinah's words every time I never entertained a guy.

"Dude you gotta call him back!"

"Mila! He's outside oh my God! Can't you just try to see his face?"

"Girl! Some guy was chasing after you at the café and you didn't even bother looking back?"

"By the way I gave your number to this guy..."

"I swear you're worse than our neighbor!"

"My friend told me he called you a bunch of times and you never picked up. What the hell is that?!"

I heard my phone vibrates and it's already 1 in the morning. I didn't even remember taking a nap. Another unknown number is calling me. I notice that Dinah is still not around. Probably she gave my number to one of the guys there once again. Nevertheless, I answered the call.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hi, are you a friend of Dinah Jane?"

I start to feel confused. "I'm afraid I am. Who is this? Why? Where is she?"

"Hang on with the questions dear! Well she's here at the party and there seems to be a problem." The voice on the other line is tensed.

"What?! Why?! What happened to Dinah Oh my God! " I start to yell on the other line.

"Calm down. Well, will you go to the party? She's absolutely drunk and she keeps on messing things up. Although she's fun, she kind of needs to be home and sleep." I can feel the sense of care on the person who's talking on the other line. I can feel too that this person is already tipsy or maybe even drunk. From the sound of the voice, she's a girl. Could she be fooling me around? I don't mind. I have to see Dinah Jane myself! I swear she's dead!

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