"Hi. I'm sorry to call you again but where are you?" The person on the other line speaks up. In all honesty, I feel cold and kind of scared roaming around the streets at this time in the morning. She said that it's only a street away from the university. "Hello?"

"Hey I'm sorry don't hang up! I'm trying to find the street you gave me. Wait a second." When I finally see a place with a lot of people talking and drinking outside, I feel like I'm already here. She said there would be blue and green lights flashing although not big and there would be people in random age that would be outside, smoking and drinking. "Hey uhm I think I'm already here." I swear that this is the first house party I came to. Dinah succeeded after all.

The person on the other line sighs. "Finally yeah! Just come in and say you're looking for Ally Brooke." Ally Brooke? I must've heard her name before. There's a high percent of chance that we are attending the same university. "Tell me when you're already inside."

I start to walk near the house party and people stare at me. Some boys come to me and ask for my name, I ignore them of course. I didn't come here to mingle with people, I didn't wanna come here in the first place. Oh gosh Dinah! I swear I'll kill you once I see you. I enter the place and some guy probably in his 20's blocks my way.

"Hey young lady! Who you're lookin' for?" He speaks up. From the smell of him, he probably may be already drunk.

"I'm looking for Ally Brooke." I simply state. He eyes me from head to feet and I feel conscious all of a sudden. I only wear my hoodie, some decent pants I manage to find and my favorite white sneakers.

"Okay. Come on in." He says and to be honest it's much worse than the scene outside. The music is too loud I can't even hear some people talking, smoke makes me want to cough my life out and the smell of people makes me feel nauseous. I decide to call Ally.

"Hey! Are you already in?" She asks.

"Yes actually. Where is Dinah at by the way?" I really don't want to extend my stay in this place. I already feel like I want to go home and fall asleep on my bed. If only Dinah didn't forget about our deal.

"Go right and you'll see a room that has a brown door and when you get there go right once again and you'll see a mini- bar and there you'll see us on a white sofa. Got it?"

"Yes. Thank you."

I went to the first right and bumped into some people. I said sorry a bunch of times, some girls just glared at me as if they want to spit on me. I just ignored them because I was here to find Dinah. I see the first room with a brown door. This place seems to be bigger than I thought. There are people kissing as if they want to eat each other. Oh I think they really want to eat each other, literally. Finally a mini bar approaches into my eyes. Whoever owns this house and organizes this house party must be real rich. Is it the girl I talked on the phone? Why did I just think of that now? I see the white sofa and there are still a lot of people, fewer than a while ago but still. I catch a glimpse of Dinah and she is laughing. You shithole. Dinah saw me and smiled.

"Finally! Finally! Finally! You are here!" She walks her way near me while I glare at her. She hugs me. "I told you I could make you come to a party." I can feel she's drunk so one fact. What I'm not sure about is if she really did mess things up. She guides me to the group of friends.

"Hey guys! This is my best friend, Camila." They all smile at me. "Mila, this is Ally. The one you talked to on the phone." The girl Ally shakes hands with me.

"The one who told me you're too drunk that you already messed things up and already had to go home?" They all laugh.

"Yes, that's me Camila. I am really sorry but your bestfriend here Dinah insisted me to do such thing. I can't object because we would really want to see you too. Lovely to have a face to a name now." I just nod.

"This is Normani. My dance partner." Normani stands up and hugs me.

She smiles at me. "Nice meeting you Camila. Finally after some time, you are really pretty!" She giggles. I smile at her and thank her for the compliment. Dinah also introduces me to some of the boys sitting on the sofa.

"Mila, this is Luis, Mike, John and Wesley." The guy Wesley stands up and hugs me which surprises me at first.

"Nice to see you, Camila. Let's hang out some time." I ignore him and just sit on the sofa. Dinah asks me what to drink and I just say any except some drink with alcohol content. I did not plan on going home drunk.

"Dinah, I really have to go home now. I went here to see how you are doing and now I see you're perfectly fine I guess it's okay for me to go. Can I go now? It sure seems that they'll take care of you." I whisper to her.

Dinah looks at me. "Oh c'mon Mila have some life! I swear you'll have fun! Just stay put okay?" Dinah stands up to take my drink at the mini bar. Ally looks at me and seems to notice my uncomfortable state.

"So Camila, what course you took?"

"Eng Lit." I smile as I answer.

The guys laugh and Wesley says, "It must feel so good to be loved by you, baby." Ally slapped him on the shoulder and laughs too but talks to me again.

"That sounds nice, Camila. Isn't it as hard as people think?"

"Well not really. It always depends on your level of interest. If you like doing something, then you'll be good at it. I guess."

Normani's turn to ask me some questions. "Have you written some stories or are you planning to make some book in the future?"

"Well of course it's one of my plans but for now, I really focus on passing my exams and just really survive this school year."

Wesley speaks up again. "Makes me like you more, Camila. So have you had any boyfriends before?" He asks and this is one of the parts of meeting new people that I don't like. The part where they have to ask you questions about having a boyfriend and being single.

"I never had. It's not actually one of my priorities."

Wesley looks genuinely shocked. "No way! You are so pretty it's impossible you don't have guys to court you all the way! I must be lucky then because you would have to be mine." He winks at me and once again I ignore him. I talk to Ally.

"Who organizes this house party?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Well I own this house soo..." My assumption is right. "I know I look rich and all but really it's just my parents don't like me bothering them most of the time so they just want me to have fun on my own. Sounds awful and awesome at the same time."

"And you go to the same university as Dinah and I?"

She smiles. "Yes actually! We can hang out some more soon! Like we can---"

My eyes get bigger and I stop her from what she's about to say. "I'm sorry I don't really go to house parties often. I'm really sorry, Ally. I hope you don't mind. In all honesty, I went here to see how Dinah's going and to take her back to our dorm. But now she fooled me with, well, your help. But thank you for being nice. I'm just sorry I don't." Dinah then comes back and hands me my drink.

"Dinah, your friend here told me she can't go to parties with us often. Although it's really nice meeting her I feel sad for not being able to have more parties with her." Ally talks to Dinah and talks to me again. "If you change your mind, my house is always open for you."

Wesley and the boys speak up. "Girls! Enough of talking! Let's play a game!" I start to feel like I won't be able to like what game is actually on their minds. "We all know enough about this game. You drink when you've already done it."

Normani stops the boys from starting the game. "Wait! We can't play this game yet!" I look confused. Although I don't really want to play this game and what I want really at the moment is to go home and lie down. "We are not even complete yet." There are still people coming?

Wesley sighs. "Well we have Camila here who can be her proxy." Normani thinks for a moment. "What do you guys think? I'm aching to start this game!"

"But Camila doesn't drink." Ally says sternly.

"And she won't." The voice coming from the back of Ally.

They all look surprised even Dinah and I when we all look to where the voice is coming from.

"Woah oh oh! Looks like we gotta start the game already." The guys say in unison.

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