"Camila! Camila!" I stretch my arms as I adjust my eyes and try to open them slowly. "Camila! Jesus! If I tell you what time it is already, you might be screaming at me now." I suddenly feel confused on what is happening.

I open my eyes fully and Dinah's face appears to my sight. "What? What do you mean?"

"It's your first class in less than half an hour and you're still hugging your pillow in bed." I immediately wake up and stand up from my bed. I look at the clock and it's 8:30 in the morning and my class is in 9 in the morning. I cannot even believe that I just overslept. "I am expecting that reaction. Don't worry I fixed up some coffee for you. You didn't even drink last night yet you're the one who seems like you've had hangover. Deffo." Dinah says to me as I put the things I need for my first class inside my bag.

"I'm sorry I indeed overslept. I didn't even notice you're here last night?" I turn my attention to Dinah.

"You didn't. I got here first last night for your information. Lauren texted us that you were with her and you're safe so I just shrugged it off. But when I woke up like an hour later and you're still not here I kind of felt worried but realizing you were with Lauren I decided not to call you in case you're talking about some serious... stuff... you know?" Dinah smirks and I start to panic as to what she might have probably thought.

I go inside the bathroom to wash myself and also for her to not see my reaction to that."N-no! No! I mean what are you talking about? We were just talking. She just accompanied me really and I admit I had a great time." I almost felt like defending myself. I hope she doesn't notice the change in the tone of my voice.

"Oh yeah I noticed that. You really had such a great time that you forgot what time was it already. Speaking of which, why did you suddenly disappear last night? What happened?" I suddenly remember what happened last night that I tried my hardest to forget. That's one of the main things I hate about going to house parties. It's the guys who start hitting on you. Although he made it clear at the start when Dinah introduced me to them that he sort of liked me, I still didn't expect he would do such thing.

I almost feel like screaming as I talk to her while I'm inside the bathroom and she's outside doing some make- up tutorial. "Well I'm not really comfortable talking about this stuff as you know me... but... it was Wesley... You remem---." She cuts me off by almost yelling at me.


"Oh shush Dinah Jane. Your other friends are okay though. I liked talking to them."

"Specially speaking, Lauren?" What she said made me almost gasped. It's half true that I liked talking to some of her friends she introduced to me but the other truth is that I really enjoyed talking to Lauren. It's like we are connected in some ways and she understands me as much as I can understand her. Maybe that's really it. Because out of all the people inside that house party, she's surprisingly the one who's used to be alone. "Woah are you still here?"

"Huh? W-what do you m-mean?"

"You didn't reply for like two minutes, Mila. I can feel like you've zoned out something." Dinah tells me.

Did I? I think of a lie so she's not going to suspect anything about Lauren trying to mess with my head. "Well in case you don't know I'm taking a bath here and I may have drank the water from the shower if I answered to you right away."

"Lies lies lies. You should get out of there. You have like less than 15 minutes to fix your hair and pick up some clothes you'll wear and because I feel bad for what happened last night I picked your shirt and pants. Your clothes are ready on top of your bed, sweetie. You don't wanna be running late for class."

"You ass! If that turns out to be a dress and a pencil skirt I'll kill you!" Dinah doesn't answer back. She probably might have left the dorm room and walked to her class.

I quickly got out of the bathroom as I finished. I search for which clothes she chose me to wear. It's a black chanel shirt and one of my favorite navy blue pants which are tight and perfectly curve my legs well. I notice that Dinah left a note for me which says "YOU'RE WELCOME." I smile as I read what she wrote on the note. This is one of the perks of having a badass best friend in your life. When she becomes kind and good, she becomes twice as good and kind as a normal person can be. The thoughts of being alone with Lauren last night flood my mind as I begin to wear my black shirt and tight pants as well. The way she told me her story that seemed like she hasn't told anyone yet and spoke to me as if her eyes were focused solely on mine. I wonder how she got home last night and if she was okay. I have slept for like only 4 to 5 hours max because of last night but I definitely don't regret it. At least I got to know her more of being a person, probably one of the truths she doesn't normally spill. When I notice that I've only got like 5 minutes to walk to class, I rush and close the door of the dorm room to get into class as fast as I can.

My shoulders fall as I see that Mr. Danwich already begins discussing with the class. I knock on the door for him to notice my presence as I walk inside head down. "Ms. Cabello. You may take your seat. Lucky you I haven't started the class yet." I know he just said it so I don't feel embarrassed. This is one of my favorite subjects and this is actually the first time I got late in class. I can feel other students talking to each other. Maybe they're talking about me and poking fun at me.

"Okay to start off the class. We have a new student. Please introduce yourself to everyone." What? What does he mean by new student?! What I don't understand?! I look up and a vision of a woman with a long wavy black hair appears in front of me. So this is the reason why people are talking and whispering to each other.

"Hello. I'm Lauren Jauregui. It's really nice to meet all of you." She looks at me and smiles. It feels like she's talking to me and my minds are actually talking. Wait, do I know her?! And suddenly last night's happening brings back my mind into reality as I recall her name. Lauren Jauregui. She's the one who accompanied me last night and the reason why I feel like total high today. Oh my God what is she doing here?! "I'll be happy to be friends with all of you. It's my pleasure." She continues to introduce herself as I remain shocked at what's just happening.

"Okay Lauren it's nice to have you here too. From now on, you'll sit with Ms. Cabello since that's the last empty seat in this class." Mr. Danwich looks at me and points to the seat next to me and then looks at Lauren. "You may sit now and we can start the class."

As she walks to my place I shake my head and try to tell myself that this is not real. I am probably still asleep now and this is all is not happening. Camila, wake up! You're dreaming. This is not real. The only real thing is you're really late for class. But when I hear her voice, I realize that she's really in front of me. "Hi! Fancy meeting you again." She sits beside me and brings out a notebook, I guess. "Hello? Are you here?"

"H-hey! Y-yeah actually yeah! I'm j-just surprised in all honesty." I try to smile at her. "I really didn't expect to see you here. I'll be less surprised if you're in the same university, but the same class? That's what got me."

Lauren laughs softly. "Why were you thinking of me?"

"Well yeah..." I'm taken aback to what I just said, seeing Lauren's reaction she may have been surprised too so I decide to cover it up with a not so much of a lie and take it back. "Wait I mean no. I mean I thought of last night because Dinah just woke me up like I only had half an hour to prepare for this class. I almost got late. I didn't even notice you standing there. I'm s-sorry I'm rambling, aren't I?" I laugh in between sentences and it just makes me feel more awkward.  She laughs at me while writing something that Mr. Danwich might have discussed.

"It's cool actually because I've been thinking about you too." I feel like my heart stops beating for a moment and the whole room disappears and I'm just looking at her waiting for me to respond and I sincerely don't like what I'm feeling. "Mr. Danwich told us to read a book. Any genre we want and make a paper about it."

I decide not to think more about what she just said. "What do you mean 'we'?"

Lauren smiles at me before answering my question. "Well if you're listening to him you should have known that he just gave us homework to be passed by next week. Just like what I said, we have to read a book and make a paper about it. He also discussed for it to be a group and two people in a group, he may have decided that seatmates will form as a group. You are my seatmate so I assumed we're already in a group and we'll be doing this homework until next week."

I gasp and hide my embarrassment from her. "Well I'm sorry I may have not slept enough." She once again laughs although she doesn't show it to me I can feel it. Like duh, we're seatmates and she can't possibly hide that she's making fun of me right now. "You don't really have to make fun of me I know I look like shit today."

"If it makes you feel better, you look beautiful today."

"Can you stop... p-pulling jokes on me and laugh about it?"

"I will never make fun of you. But you're being cute today which makes it hard for me not to."

I decide once again to set it aside and talk to her about something else. "Well why are you here? For all I know you took Fine Arts and this class certainly isn't one in your list."

She looks at me as she answers. "I was told by someone that this is class is cool and Mr. Danwich is a great professor. I think I can grow more as an artist here too, so I decided to add it on my classes and honestly I'm liking it. Especially you're here too." I look away and pretend writing something in my notebook and Mr. Danwich finally dismisses class.

"This is a good day everyone. Don't forget your homework for next week. I need you to read more books because reading is exploring yourself. I'll be readying myself for all the papers I'll receive next week. See you all." He erases what's written on the board and puts his papers inside his bag as some of the students stand up and start leaving the classroom. I didn't even notice that I've not written anything in my notebook today. Lauren also is already nowhere in sight. I guess I'm really sleepy. I put it inside my bag and starts the leave the classroom too as Mr. Danwich stops me.

"Ms. Cabello?"

"Yes Mr. Danwich?"

"Well I'm sorry if I may be overstepping some boundaries here but you seem a little off today.

"I'm sorry sir?"

"In which off I mean is that it seems like something is bothering you today. I didn't hear from you which is really unusual and when I looked at you a while ago while I was discussing in class, it was like you were zoning out. Do you have any problems Ms. Cabello? You know you can talk to me as your teacher."

"Oh." I laugh to ease the tension. If I tell him, he may think I'm such an immature kid in the streets. "Well I'm sorry for that sir. I think I just haven't slept much today and I need some rest. I guess. I certainly don't have problems, sir." I certainly don't have problems, yet. My subconscious adds.

"That's good Ms. Cabello. Also I'm looking forward to reading your paper for the next week. I hope you and Lauren work together and cooperate fully. Never in my record that you failed to surprise me in your papers." He tells me.

I can't help but smile that my teacher appreciates my effort into writing and not to mention that writing is indeed my thing. "Thank you sir! It's my pleasure and I really enjoy writing."

"I definitely can see that. If you don't have problems then I might as well be going too. Thanks for your time, Ms. Cabello. See you next week." He smiles at me as we both leave the classroom.

As I leave the classroom sighing that I'm partnered with Lauren to do our English homework for next week and I don't even know yet how and when we would be able to start working on it. I don't even have her number to begin with, how am I supposed to communicate with her? Maybe we can work individually but Mr. Danwich will not be pleased at the thought that we didn't work as a group. What am I gonna do now? On my way back to the dorm, a pair of arms hug me from behind which got me in total surprise.

"Mama mia! I found you!" It's Dinah. "I feel starving. Mr. Frey as usual made me feel hungry for his body once again." It's our Math professor which I believe is still in his 20's. He really looks young and fresh and almost half the number of the girls in this university admires him. They say that no matter how hard Math is, as long as they see Mr. Frey there's no problem with it. "You know Math is really hard but then I hope Mr. Frey gets hard too." I slap Dinah on her shoulder and almost laughed. "Ouch! What's the deal with you, young lady?!"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't look Camila today."

"What are you even talking about? You're funny, really!" I fake laugh and not look at her as we walk.

"Oh girl! I wanted to tell you that I saw Lauren today. You remember her? The girl from the party and the reason why you came here late last night? You know Lauren? She's friends with Ally and Normani. " She still keeps talking because I wonder why people keep saying I'm a little off today.

I stop before we reach the cafeteria. "I am perfectly fine today, Dinah. Yes, yes! I know her! Will you stop mentioning her name now?" She raises both of her hands as if she wants to look defeated and like 'okay!'

"What's the problem with my name now?" A voice coming from my back says and it's a really familiar voice.

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