Chapter Two


"How was the check up?" Jane asked

We are now in my room, chitchatting about life. I feel like teenager again when we do this kind of stuffs.

"All good, my baby is healthy so am I. There is nothing to worry about."

Jane is sitting on the sofa while I and Rose are lying down to my bed.

"Jen, you remember the guy you saw during Alex's burial?" Jane asked again

That guy I saw luring around during Alex burial; the guy that looks like Alex. For a moment I thought it was Alex but who we are burying if that was Alex?

"Yes, why did you ask?"

"I think I saw him in the cafe near my office. I wasn't sure but he looks like Alex, like 99.99% identical, the guy just has a blond hair unlike Alex who has medium brown."

Like 99.99% identical? Like twins? What if Alex has a twin? No, that can't be, he hasn't mentioned having a twin, nor a brother.

"Just the mere fact that he was luring around Alex burial is strange. Do you think Alex has a twin?" Rose joined our conversation "Did Alex mention anything about having a sibling or a twin?"

"That's what I was thinking but he hasn't. If he does then why he's not with Alex's family? Or why he didn't even show up during Alex funeral? Maybe a doppelganger?"

Jane scoffed "That wasn't true. Doppelgangers aren't true."

"It is true. I read an article about it and some says that it's true." Rose defended my speculation

"Even if it's true, the guy we saw is not Alex doppelganger; doppelganger means a ghostly or paranormal something, the guy we saw is a real person, not a ghost." Jane made her point straight to us

Rose and I nodded in unison, understanding Jane's point.

If he's not Alex doppelganger then who is he?


I was invited for the opening of the condominium that I engineered. I am surrounded with wealthy people for this moment. I somehow feel uncomfortable because of my status. We're not poor but these people around me are billionaires.

"Let us welcome, the CEO Xander Johnson." The emcee announced

We all stood up and gave a round of applause.

Then a blonde guy is walking tall and handsome up the stage. For a moment everything around me stopped, that guy... he's the guy I saw during Alex's burial.

"Good evening. Tonight we celebrate another milestone to our expanding and rising company. As the new CEO, I would like to give my greatest gratitude to those people who helped us to make this condominium happen, my parents who couldn't make it tonight, the board of member s..."

The next things he said was like a blur, I can't comprehend, I can't think straight. Even his voice is resembled to Alex. Is he Alex? Alex is dead. He is Xander. Who is Xander?

Why these things are happening now? Now that I’m starting to learn how live without Alex.

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