Chapter Three


How could I forget those feline eyes? Alex is really lucky to have her; I can't understand why he wanted to leave everything behind, including Jennie and their baby. He planted his seed but he doesn't want to take care of it.

Brother... why? Why did you want you leave everything behind? Stable job and a perfect girlfriend is something I would dream of. Can I have her instead?

During the opening ceremony of my condominium, I can feel her intense looks at me, they bore to my soul. I can't blame her, I know she sees Alex to me; my stupid twin.

In the middle of my speech, I saw her walking out from the room with afflictive tears. I knew it, inviting her is not a good idea.

Even though my speech is not finish yet, I run off the stage to chase the lady who caught my eyes. I ran as fast as I could just to catch up to her.

"Jennie, wait." She was about to get in her car "You're Jennie, right?"

Her teary feline eyes met mine "Who are you? How did you know me?"

I stood in front of her "Alex; you're Alex girlfriend, right?"

At the said of my twin's name, her sight dropped to the ground "How did you know my boyfriend? Why do you look like him? Why are you here? Why did you chase me?"

"You're full of questions, just like what Alex said." I placed my hand on her shoulder "Would you like to go with me so that I can explain everything to you?"


Lexa and Oliver are expecting to have their twins, they are excited but sorrowful. They need to give one of their babies to Lexa's sister, Mira as a payment for their dept.

Before they gave the baby to Mira, she had one request, that was to name the baby Xander, after that day, they never heard anything about the baby and Mira.

At the seventh birthday of Alex, Lexa decided to tell him about his twin brother, since then, Alex never stopped looking for his twin until he found him.

They meet each other secretly, no one knows even their parents that they are seeing each other. Just like what twins should be, they became close; they became each other's Pandora's Box. They kept each other's deepest and darkest secret.

Alex told Xander everything about Jennie but the more Xander learn things about the girl he never see, something inside him grows, he hates to admit it but he started to like the thought of Jennie. Every time they meet, it was Xander who will ask about Jennie, he fantasized her. He loves the thought of his twin's girlfriend.

"Please don't tell Lexa what I told you." We are now inside my car

The truth is I didn't tell her everything I know, everything she should know. Forgive me, brother, I need to replace you to the life you left here including your life with Jennie. Let me love the girl you left with broken heart.

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