Chapter Six


Is there another word for stupid? There are many synonyms of stupid but they all suit to me. They describe me. They made me look like one. I knew Alex as a good person, a gentleman and man of his words that was why it hurts like bitch when Xander told me everything.

"You could have just told me."

The great cheater who made us all believe that he's dead is sitting in front me, very much alive and breathing. I should be glad that he's alive, right? But why I want to grip his throat and choke him to death? It is because he fooled me; he fooled all of us?

"I can't think straight that time. When Hanna called me that she was sick and nearly dying I panicked." I glanced at Hanna who is carrying their child in the kitchen, watching us worriedly

You don't have to worry; I'm not taking this cheater from you even though my son needs him.

"You forsake everything we had just for her? You were willing to abandon your child just for her? Do you really love her that much?"

"I do. Forgive me. I loved you, Jen and that baby." He looked at my child who is sitting on my lap "What's his name?"

"Logan. Your daughter got your eyes."

We looked at the baby in Hanna's arms. She looks like Logan; I can't deny that they are siblings.

"Yeah, Logan looks like Bree. They are both precious." He smiled "I know I can't take back all the stupid things I did. I won't expect you to forgive me but I hope you'll able to do someday. Can I hug him?" Referring to Logan

Logan and Bree are just victims of the circumstances. I wish I can forgive Alex soon, I don't want to carry this burden for a long time.

My son deserves this. I gave Logan to him. Tears escaped from my eyes, this time it's a tear of joy. Yes, Alex made a mistake but because of that, I met Xander who made me feel loved more than Alex did.

Life is not always like we expected it to be. Before, I pictured myself having family with Alex but it didn't happen. Life surely will give you unexpected things but you have to deal with them to find the true meaning of it; life.

It's been years since the last time we saw Alex. He wished to us to not tell their parents about his existence, he wants to stand on the original plan, making people believe that he's dead. The last thing we heard from him was they migrated to Paris to have a fresh start. I wish them to find the happiness they deserve. We all deserve all the happiness in life.

Xander and I already told Lexa and Oliver about us, at first they were against it but they accepted us eventually. Mom was surprise with all the revelations we said but just like Lexa and Oliver, she accepted us for the sake of Logan.

Xander proposed to me after we announced our relationship to our parents. It was a romantic proposal in the beach. It was magical; the feelings, and moment and the scenery. He did everything just to make me smile. He stood as the real father of Logan, he adopted him legally.

My friends were happy for us; they were surprised when they found out that their speculation is true about Xander being Alex's twin. They asked if we asked for Alex's approval even he's dead, we just said yes to make them stop asking. There are some things that will remain secret.

Alex gave his blessing to us before we left their house that time, he said that he was complacent that he will leave me and Logan to his twin because he knew that Xander will love and take care of us.

Before we left, he gave his son a last hug and kiss. It was a bittersweet moment for us. I asked him if he wants us to tell Logan about his real father and he said that it will be better if we tell Logan that Xander is his real father. I was against the idea but that was his last request from us.

My love story is not as romantic like some love story out there. During our wedding, I thought I saw Alex watching from outside the church. I know it was him because we managed to find his address in Paris and sent him the invitation. He will forever be part of our lives, not because he's Xander twin but because he's the father of my first born.

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