Chapter 12 The Laughing Stock

Outside the Mid Hill Villa gate, the butler was already waiting there. Seeing the car approaching, he quickly opened the gate.

When Jonathan got out of the car, Andrea was waiting in her beautiful lace dress at the door.

Andrea threw herself into Jonathan and said, "Hi, honey."

Jonathan frowned and asked, "I'm not your husband. Don't just call it."

"My mummy said that whoever marries me and has a baby with me is my husband."

Jonathan felt it was a waste of time to argue with a silly woman. Jonathan handed the phone over and said, "Take it. You won't be able to find it if you lose it again."

Andrea held her phone tight in her chest and said, "It's been in my bag all the time. But it disappeared after I watched a movie." Andrea walked up to him and whispered, "Alice gave me a new year's gift. Do you want to see it?"

Jonathan looked up and saw Alice standing in front of the window. Just as yesterday, Alice looked sick. Her long hair hung in front of her chest, and her face was pale. However, she wore lipstick today.

Jonathan felt as if he had returned to the dinner party five years ago when she stood at the top and leaned against the railing to stare at him. When Jonathan regained his senses, Alice had disappeared from the window.

Terence dragged Alice and pushed her against the wall.

Alice was too focused on looking at Jonathan and did not notice that someone had entered her room. She had an argument with Terence yesterday, and that was why she stayed in her deceased father's room. Alice felt alright even after a sleepless night. After all, she had not slept well for years.

Terence's hair was messy in the morning. He didn't wear glasses. However, facing his gaze, Alice couldn't keep calm. There was no hope and spark in his eyes

Alice was against the wall. She gazed at Terence and watched what tricks he was trying to play.

Terence leaned closer to Alice. He smelled the fragrance of her hair, gently tidied up the hair on her forehead, and then said softly, "After I came back, I couldn't sleep all night. I kept thinking about why you suddenly had your period. I called your doctor yesterday, and she said that you are in good health and capable of having a child."

As Terence spoke, he squeezed Alice tighter in his arms. He whispered into Alice's ear, "So, I have to check it myself today, lest I miss the best time."

Alice kept a straight face, but her hand quickly grabbed Terence's palm, which was placed deep in her lower abdomen. She smiled silently, not knowing what it meant. "How can I have a child in such a situation? What if the child I give birth to is sick? I am already a joke of the Laris family. I don't think it is a good idea if there is another one."

"What's the matter? The Laris family is fucking rich. Isn't Andrea also retarded? There is an endless stream of rich and young men who want to marry her. Even a smart person like Jonathan didn't refuse, did he?"

Alice looked into Terence's eyes and said, "Why do you want to have a baby with me? There is no chemistry between us. Nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable."

Terence rubbed the tip of his nose against Alice, and his breathing became heavier and heavier. He said, "Why do I want to have a baby with you? Of course, it is because of love. Otherwise, why did I take care of you for so many years?"

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