Chapter 06 Endocrine Disorder

The injection manufactured by the Hillside Hospital was potent, leaving her limbless and unable to support herself.

(If I was still in my usual state, Terence would not be able to beat me because I have been studying grappling since I was young. However, even if I have a hot temper, at this moment I can only let Terence do whatever he wants.)

While he was drunk, Terence forcefully dragged Alice to the bedroom, where he picked her up and slammed her onto the bed.

(I know Terence wants me to get pregnant, but why is that?)

However, Alice now had no control over her own body. Therefore, even though she was incredibly disgusted by him, who smelled of alcohol, she was powerless to resist.

Outside the window, the sky was clear. However, no one outside knew that a violent scene was being played out in this room. Alice and Terence played the loving couple outside, while Alice endured Terence's brutality at home. This scene played out every time Alice came home, and Alice always needed to figure out how to cope.

Alice was physically and mentally exhausted from her stay with the Laris family.

Without a shower or foreplay, Terence went up to tear Alice's underwear off impatiently.

Alice regained some strength at this point and did what she could to put her hands against Terence's chest.

Terence froze, then noticed Alice picking up the torn underwear with a large bloodstain on it.

(At such a critical moment, her period came!)

Terence's expression filled with anger, swearing Alice viciously. He hurriedly pushed her away and ran into the bathroom to take a shower, cursing all the while. Alice knew Terence's weakness. That was that he was quite afraid of blood. Even a small amount of nosebleed would make him angry.

In Terence's belief, seeing blood was an indicator of bad luck for the day.

(Alice just wants to purely mess with me to get into all kinds of situations before our intercourse.)

Alice lay in bed, listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, quietly waiting for the physical tremors to calm down. (If I hadn't prepared earlier today, I would have suffered from Terence's torment. His superstitious habit helped me this time.)

Alice got up from the bed before Terence could get out of the bathroom. She couldn't dress herself or cover her body, so she let her blouse wrap around her haphazardly, and the sheets were already stained with specks of menstrual blood.

Terence was furious and pulled the towel off his body and threw it at Alice, who smelled the scent of Terence's body wash on the towel and was so disgusted that she wanted to vomit, but she endured it.

Terence changed into his robe and called in the terrified special caregiver, who was standing outside the door.

Terence yanked the special care worker, Mabel, a woman in her forties, who was now pale with fear, and growled. "How dare you lie to me? How can she have her period when you informed me that she is ovulating in the two days?"

Mabel cowered and said, "Mr. Wackerman, Miss Laris has an endocrine disorder from years of medication."

Terence pushed her to the ground and growled low, "Don't you monitor her every day? You told me the other day that this time it would be okay, or else I wouldn't have picked her up!"

Mabel wilted pitifully on the floor, not daring to make any extra movements, only whimpering. However, her sobbing brought a knock on the door.

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