Chapter 4 She's Not Anthomaniac

Bringing this up suddenly, Abigail was stunned, but then she said as if nothing had happened while continuing to eat, "Even if we met, then what? I have divorced him!" Abigail said.

Even if they met, they were just strangers.

"It does make sense, but are you not worried at all!" Tina asked curiously.

When hearing this, Abigail thought about it, then looked at Tina and said seriously, "It will be a lie if I say no. But it's been three years. Maybe he doesn't remember me anymore!" Abigail said.

Moreover, they were only married, with no feelings or any communication, so he would never remember her.

Besides, Liam was the kind of person who only remembered beautiful women. She was afraid that she was probably just a nightmare for him.

Tina ate the crab in her hand and said, "If it was you from three years ago, I'm sure he wouldn't remember, but if it was you, the way you are now..." Tina looked at Abigail, her eyes full of doubts.

"If Liam saw you like this, I bet he wouldn't have divorced you back then!" Tina said with absolute certainty.

Hearing this, Abigail smiled. "But we're divorced!"

Things couldn't be changed!

Tina was a little curious, "Abigail, I really admire you. Three years ago, you were dressed like that for a whole year. Besides, Liam was one of the most famous people in A City. So many women dreamed of having him. But you did not have any feelings for him and even put on that look and made him hate you." Tina said.

"That's because I'm not an idiot. I know the meaning of moth to a flame." Abigail said to Tina as she ate.

Originally, she and Liam were married because of their families, but Liam was a playboy. As long as he liked a woman, he would not let go of her, so she was smart enough to not become one of his goals, and she would just wait for success and then retreat.

Tina also nodded in agreement. Everyone knew that Liam was a playboy.

But then, Tina suddenly remembered, "Hey, Abi, if Liam finds out that you lied to him on purpose three years ago, what will he do?" Tina asked.

Abigail paused for a moment, then said slowly, "I think I would die tragically!"

Looking at Abigail, Tina couldn't help but chuckle.

"By the way, are you afraid to be found out by Liam because you can’t go back to the Swift Group?" Tina asked.

Abigail shook her head. "No, there are many reasons. I don't want to go back for now." Abigail said.

Tina nodded without asking too much.

The two of them talked a lot while having dinner as if there were endless topics.

After dinner, Abigail went back to her place, took a bath, called her mentor in London, and went to bed.

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