Chapter 4 Nervous

"All right! Go take a shower and let's go to bed! We'll still have a lot of things to do tomorrow." Taking the contract from Debbie's hand, Evan headed to the safe in the bedroom.

"Let's?" Debbie was shocked, thinking, (Isn't it a fake marriage? Do I even have to sleep with him together?) As she thought, she took a deep breath.

After locking the safe, Evan turned around to see Debbie was frightened. Soon knowing what she was thinking, he looked at her disdainfully, saying, "Don't worry! I won't sleep with you because I'm not interested in a girl like you who looks like an underage! Go take a bath! Your pajamas are in the bathroom." Then he went to bed and closed his eyes. This night made him exhausted because this fake marriage contract also racked his brain. However, he thought it was worth it because he would be able to live in peace at least for one year!

Hearing his words, Debbie was shy, wondering how he could see through her mind at one glance. After glancing at him sleeping on the bed, she edged into the bathroom.

The warm water poured on Debbie's head, flowing along her body. At this moment, Debbie was in a mess because she had no idea how to deal with this sudden change. As she thought, she felt Evan was overbearing when he forced her to sign the contract without waiting for her answer. And now it was too late to go back on her word! However, on second thought, it was also a job playing his wife although it was different from others! Therefore, she would be willing to do that as long as he didn't ask her to do bad things. When she worked as a maid, she would never be able to pay him back one million dollars in two years even if she didn't spend a cent of her salary! But now, she would pay off the debts by working as his wife for only one year. And she could send money home after that. Thinking of this, she was a little excited. But then she recalled that Evan had said she was an underage girl and spring chicken. However, the truth was that she was already 18 years old this year, so she was wondering if she wasn't attractive to him at all. Looking at her flat body in the mirror, she was disappointed by his words somehow.

After the shower, Debbie put on the pajama that Evan had prepared for her. It was a light pink pajama embroidered with silk, which was very exquisite in workmanship. And its style was generous and elegant, not exposing her body too much. After changing into it, Debbie gently stepped out of the bathroom. Under the weak wall lamp, she saw his angular face shining in the soft light. It was her first time observing his handsome face carefully. And she had to admit that he was very good-looking as he had two shapely thick eyebrows with thin lips under the high bridge of his nose...

"Have you seen enough? Go to bed now!" Evan, whose eyes were closed, suddenly said.

"Okay!" Not expecting him to not fall asleep, Debbie answered in a panic while her face turned blushed. She was caught red-handed when she accidentally peeked at him a few times. However, she really wondered how he could know she was looking at him without opening his eyes.

Having been in T City for more than a month, Debbie missed her home and her mother very much. Missing them, she fell asleep.

In a daze, Debbie felt her cunt was hot and humid. Then she opened her eyes leisurely while the sun in the east had gradually risen, white light shining through the curtains. Turning around, she found Evan wasn't there and heard the sound of washing up in the bathroom. Only then did she realize that he had gotten up.

The next moment, she reached out to touch her cunt and her fingers were stuck in something wet and sticky. Taking out her hand, she saw that her fingers were covered with red liquid, which was blood! In shock, she was wondering what happened and why there was blood. Then she hurriedly lifted the quilt, finding that there were several wet and bright red areas on the white sheets. Besides, her pants and pajama were stained with blood, too. Seeing this, she was frightened, unable to figure out what was going on and why she suddenly bled so much. Since it flowed out from the lower part of her body, she was thinking if she peed blood.

After finishing washing himself up, Evan saw that Debbie was in fear, who was sitting on the bed in a daze as if she was frightened. With his eyebrows furrowed, he came to her.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked.

Hearing that, Debbie looked up in pain, saying sadly, "I may die! It seems that I can't fulfill the contract for that year!"

"What's happening? Tell me now!" Evan was a little impatient at Debbie's rambling words.

Instead of answering him, Debbie lifted the quilt to show him the bright red blood on the sheet.

"What's going on?" Staring at Debbie coldly, he suddenly noticed that her pajama also had blood. After looking at her figure and her childish face, he immediately realized the reason.

"It's flowing out from here!" Debbie pointed at her body in embarrassment and suddenly looked up, asking, "Am I dying of disease? Am I going to die in a foreign city?" She was filled with sadness and helplessness.

Looking at this cute and silly girl, Evan felt very funny, curling up his thin lips slightly without smiling. Softened by her sad eyes, he reached out to touch Debbie's head uncontrollably, asking, "How old are you this year?" His tone was obviously gentler.

Hearing the question, Debbie lowered her head and answered, "I'm eighteen years old!" She was suddenly less nervous and depressed than before when she felt the warmth of his hand.

"Did there bleed before?" Evan asked.

Debbie shook her head slightly.

"It's okay! This is normal. Go take a shower first, and then put toilet paper on your underpants. I'll take you to buy sanitary pads later. Go!" Evan patted her on the head, wondering why he was so patient today.

Hearing that, Debbie nodded, obediently getting out of bed to enter the bathroom.

Glancing at the bloodstains on the sheets, Evan curled his lips again, thinking, (I was going to get some blood on it, but it seems that I don't need to do it this time!) Turning around to look at the bathroom where Debbie was bathing, he thought, (It seems that she has malnutrition since she has her period so late!)

"Nanny Anna! Get someone to clean up my room," he picked up the phone that called to the butler's room.

"Okay! Mr. White," Nanny Anna answered.

Half an hour later, Evan and Debbie were sitting at a luxurious table in the White family dining room while Evan's parents were looking up and down at Debbie. Just now, Nanny Anna had reported to Joanna what the maid she ordered saw in Evan's room. While the maid was tidying up Evan's room, Debbie came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. Coupled with the bloodstains on the sheets, the maid soon realized what had happened. Therefore, she quickly went to Nanny Anna to make a report exaggeratedly.

"Are you really going to marry Debbie, Evan? Isn't it too hasty?" Joanna looked at her son worriedly and asked. Never did she expect her son would marry a maid from a foreign city.

"Mom! I've made up my mind. Besides... I have to be responsible for Debbie!" Evan deliberately shook Debbie's hand on her thigh because of her nervousness.

Hearing that, Debbie lowered her head even more. Apart from being shy, she didn't dare to meet their scrutinizing gazes. After all, she had never lied.

"But Debbie is only 18 years old!" Joanna found an excuse immediately. She was also struggling because although she didn't mind Debbie's background as long as she was clean, Debbie was too young. Looking at her flat body, Joanna could tell that Debbie didn't grow well, so she was worried about how long Debbie would give birth to a boy.

Glancing at Jim, who had been silent, Evan said, "So I'm going to take Debbie to S City to get married and won't hold the wedding in T City. Everything will be done in a low profile."

"I don't agree. How can we do it casually? We are the Whites!" As soon as Joanna heard that, she rejected him.

"Mom, the reason why I'm going to take Debbie to S City to get married is that she isn't at the marriageable age here. It's the same for us to hold the wedding in a few years!" Evan explained.

Glancing at Jim, who was sitting there, Joanna was expecting him to say something to object.

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