Chapter 6 Calla Lilies

As the wife of a rich man, Debbie felt that her life became leisure and affluent. The most uncomfortable thing here was that she was too idle! She was bored. But she rarely chatted with Joanna, afraid that she might spill the beans. It would be horrible if Joanna found out that she and Evan were in a sham marriage. There were quite a lot of flowers in the White family garden, so every day she would learn to plant flowers with the gardener to kill time. Gradually, Debbie developed a fondness for taking care of the flowers, and now she was actually enjoying it.

One afternoon, with a pot of blooming calla lilies from the garden, she came to Evan's study on the third floor. She gently placed it on the large desk in the study. Immediately, the flower brought vitality to the somewhat dull study. With a bright smile, she glanced around the study, thinking that although he didn't come here often, she still hoped he would be cheered up when he saw the pot of flowers.

After dinner, Evan came back at an unusually early time, for he needed to finish an important document on his computer at home today. As soon as the lights were turned on, he saw a pot of blooming calla lilies on the desk. At the sight of the beautiful flowers, he felt his tiredness from work instantly eased a lot. An unwonted smile touched his lips, which softened his cold face.

"Make me a cup of coffee!" Evan picked up a house phone and ordered, then immediately hung up. Then, he turned on his computer and began to work.

After a while, a maid came in with steaming coffee.

"Who brought this flower in?" As his eyes were fixed on the characters on the computer, he asked.

"Mrs. White carried it here this afternoon!" The maid put the coffee on the desk.

"Okay!" he was still buried in his work. The maid then gently walked out and closed the door.

After a long time, he finished typing the last character on the keyboard before getting up to stretch. He took one last look at the lilies that bring him a good mood tonight and then walked out of the study.

Evan dragged himself into the bedroom. Gently, he walked in, knowing that Debbie was already asleep at this time of the day. As usual, he did not turn on the light. He pulled down his tie and took off his suit in the dark, but just as he unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt, he heard a low murmur coming from the bed. With the moonlight streaming in through the windows being the only light source, he turned to look at the woman curled up on the bed, grunting as if she was in pain.

With a frown, he rushed to the bed to turn on the wall lamp. He saw her lying on the bed as a ghostly paleness crept over her face. Her beautiful eyebrows were tightly knitted, her eyes were closed, and she moaned in agony from time to time.

Sitting at the bedside, he picked up Debbie, who was cowering. His large hand caressed her pale face and he asked, "Debbie, what's wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

"My stomach hurts!" Her eyes remained closed, but she knew he was back.

"Did you eat something expired? Let's go to the hospital!" Evan picked up her and was about to leave.

Upon hearing that, she flickered her eyes open nervously. "No... No need!" She was worried that he'd really send her to the hospital.

"Ah... Why? It hurts, doesn't it?" His voice was very gentle. It was the first time he had been so close to her that he could smell the faint fragrance on her body.

"Yes!" After nodding her head, she pressed her face tightly against his muscular chest. For the first time, she was so close to a man. His masculine vibe surrounded her, and she felt that her pain seemed to have eased a lot.

Evan was also mesmerized by her faint aroma. She never used perfume or anything like that. And she was a pure girl, like a cup of green tea, giving people a fresh and natural feeling, and also like a white calla lily. At this moment, she made him feel relaxed and freed from exhaustion. Therefore, he tightened his clutch and held her tightly in his arms.

Feeling the strong arms around her waist, Debbie closed her eyes and rubbed half of her face against his strong chest. With his shirt gaping open, she could touch his skin directly, the warmth from his body passing to her. His great muscle elasticity in the chest sent a wave of gratification through her body.

Feeling an itch in his chest, he looked down at the woman in his arms and found that she was leaning against him with her eyes closed. At this moment, her frown relaxed a little, and she no longer trembled in agony as before. For the first time, Evan carefully examined her facial features and found that she was very good-looking. She was a striking, delicate woman, and her plump lips were slightly turned up as if she was smiling. Her long, shoulder-length hair was as soft and shiny as black satin. He smelled the faint fragrance of her hair.

Suddenly, she moved slightly. Just now, she was lying on her side, half curled up in his arms. And at this time, she was lying facing him.

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