His Sad Saxophone / One Shot

His sad saxophone

It was summer when I met him I thought it was just a normal summer but that summer was different among all of the summers I had.

I was only here in our resort in Baybay, spending my summer with the white sand pouring on my feet, the fresh air that hits me and the calm sea singing to me; what a relaxing feeling when suddenly I heard a saxophone crying. What a coincidence a summer feels and a saxophone crying on the wind, summer should be the happiest season in life but this is a different vibes.

I follow the music until I climb a cliff in our resort, it was stiffly and rough climbing it until I sound the person who’s playing it, and I saw a topless guy wearing a Hawaiian designed pants and a Pandora hat on his head. He was standing on the edge of the cliff while facing the sea and the sun that’s setting down, I walk towards him but suddenly I step on something and slide thru it.

I thought I’ll be going to fall from the cliff when suddenly someone grabs my hand and I look at the person who’s holding my hand. It was the man who’s playing the saxophone, I look at his tan skin tone, his fine nose, a sexy eyes and a tin lips he has.

I felt a skip on my heart while looking at him and I can’t remove my eyes on him it only makes me mesmerized with his beauty.

“Hold on I won’t let you down.” He said as he pulls me back on the cliff.

We chase our breath when we landed on the cliff; I look at him and thank him. He smiled to me as a response, he helps me to stand and guide me going down to the cliff. When reach the bottom I look at him once again and ask for his name.

“It was Ralf.” He said as he walks away from me.

I look at him walking away from me, he saves my life. A stranger save my life but I don’t know where he came from or he is been checked in our resort.

By the next day have pass I climb again the cliff and waits for him to play the sad saxophone, I sit on the edge of the cliff. Few minutes have pass he came with his usual attire, I can say he is a sexy saxophonist, his style was different.

“Waiting for me?” he asks and I nod.

He sits beside me and started to play the sad saxophone I don’t know why I felt so sad while he was playing it, it seems the saxophone speaks what is on his heart. I look at him while he was looking straight in the sea.

Each day I come to the cliff to listen to his music and each day I was falling for him, I felt different sensations on my nerves every time I’m with him and he was playing his saxophone.

Later one afternoon while waiting for him on the cliff, I was so conscious; I know it is now or never because maybe later he was gone and I can’t tell him what I wanted to say, have I known I sound crazy but it is now or never.

When he came he sits beside me, he will be starting to play but I stop him, he look at me questionably.

“I love you.” I said and I see he was shocked then later on laugh at me.

I felt bad when he laugh at me but he faces me and seriously look into my eyes.

“Please don’t love me; I will hurt you if I will love you back, I will leave you days from now.” He said to me.

“But we can still communicate to each others, aren’t we?” I ask him

“No, we can’t. Listen days from now I’m going to die, I’m spending my last days here in this cliff while playing saxophone, I can’t die thinking I’ll left a girl crying because I die.” He said to me and that made me shocked.

He was going to die? How? But why? He was still young to die.

“Let’s make your last days memorable.” I said to him “Together.” I continued and he smiled to me.

The next days we spend together without thinking that he will die later on, we spend his last days enjoying the beach and everything around us. His saxophone change the way it sounds, it delivers a soft and joy.

But the day has come; he can’t even rise to his bed and can’t even speak as far as he can. I was here in his room and just I knew he was a Trajeco the next resort on ours, he stayed on their rest house and cherishing his last days in this world.

“Gale can you play something to me?” he ask me while having a hard time speaking.

I nod to him as I stand to grab his saxophone, walk towards him and start playing the saxophone while looking at him. He looks so pale different from the first day we met each others at the cliff.

“Gale I thought I will be going to die alone while playing the saxophone but you came. I didn’t expect that I will die bringing the wonderful memory that we made together, you are the person who is special to me. I’m sorry I can’t repay your love but thank you for loving me and making my last days memorable, I love you Gale till the next time you play for me.” He said while I was playing the saxophone for him.

I see him he close his eyes while smiling, I continue playing the saxophone while crying. I know the guy that I loved in the cliff has been passed away while listening to me while playing the saxophone.

Love is like a saxophone a breath taking event to reproduce a beautiful sound, controlling the emotions of your notes. It is difficult in the first place but later on it was an amazing event in learning it.

Just like what happened that summer he taught me of the meaning of love without labels, a love that will took a deep air for each other’s and how to let go each other.

Every summer I go back to the same cliff and play the same sad saxophone he played the first day we met.