Chapter 10 Kindness Made Him Angry, and Stupidity Made Him Sad

Cao Fulan had known Shu Niange's character for a long time. Shu Niange was just like her dead mother, Ye Yaan, who pretended to be noble and was very stubborn. The most important thing was that she took her family ties seriously and was not good at refutation!

Because of this, all these years, Cao Fulan was able to smear Shu Niange in front of Shu Zhengxiong again and again, and had made Shu Zhengxiong, who used to love Shu Niange, hate Niange more and more.

It was just like when Cao Fulan smeared Ye Yaan, saying she was skittish and had an affair.

This time, knowing that Shu Niange would not be home so soon after leaving the Golden Hotel, she deliberately reminded Shu Zhengxiong to call Shu Niange.
As long as there was a quarrel between Shu Zhengxiong and Shu Niange, she could take the opportunity to belittle Shu Niange and overpraise her daughter, Shu Yuxin.

This goal was almost achieved.

Cao Fulan smiled widely, took Shu Zhengxiong's arm, and said gently, "Zhengxiong, the child is still young and needs to be taught slowly...
Let's hurry in. Yuxin and Shaoxuan's engagement ceremony is about to begin. As parents, we have to show up to support our daughter no matter what."

She chose to forget that it was also her who persuaded Shu Zhengxiong not to attend the wedding ceremony of Shu Niange and Fu Shaoxuan.
Now that it was her own daughter's turn, she couldn't wait to pull Shu Zhengxiong over.

Fu Jinyan went back to the hotel suite after buying the food, only to find that Shu Niange had left.
On the coffee table, there was a small note.

[Fu Jinyan: I won't pursue what you did to me before.
I've considered your proposal. I'm sorry that I can't accept it. Marriage is not a child's play. I've already been hurt once, so I'll be more careful! Thank you for the clothes you bought for me, but I don't think we'll meet again. After I wash the clothes, I'll send them to your house. Remember to check them.]

Did she go home?
She had just been set up by her family, and she went back so soon?

Was she not going to pursue what he had done to her?
And she even thanked him, a rapist?

This woman was so kind that she made him angry, and she was so foolish that he felt sorry for her.

But how could she not want to see him again?

How was that possible!

Fu Jinyan stood there for a moment, holding the note in his hand.
There was ambition on his face...

Shu Niange walked through the large square.
The rain had stopped, but the ground was still wet and there were not many people around. On the large LCD advertising screen, the news about the engagement between the Shu family and the Fu family was particularly eye-catching.

[The real-world version of replacing others and marrying into a rich family - the Shu family's eldest daughter is infertile and has been returned.
Her sister is having a sweet engagement with the second young master of the Fu family!]

The reporter's exaggerated but beautiful voice, together with Fu Shaoxuan and Shu Yuxin walking on the red carpet behind, the handsome couple, the intimacy between them, the tenderness when they looked at each other, the flashing lights, and the blessings from the smiling guests...
all these really deserved to be described as "sweet" and harmonious.

Shu Niange was a little unsteady on her feet.

The man who swore yesterday that he would give her a lifetime of happiness got engaged to her sister publicly today.
He gave his affection, consideration and love to another woman, and slandered her with his family. Such emotion was really ridiculous!

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