Chapter 3 Performance Art

Shu Niange walked out of the Jinhao Hotel and realized that it was raining heavily.

The dense rain soon dampened her hair and exposed her skin. She felt the bone-soaked coldness, but she was a little more awake.

She had worn high heels for so long that her feet hurt badly. She then chose to take the shoes off and carry them forward with one hand.

She looked wretched, while the city was bustling and noisy as usual.

After walking for some time, a girl suddenly ran over and asked her with a sweet smile, "Excuse me, are you performing the art of behavior? Can I take a picture with you?"

Shu Niange was stunned.

Performance art?

Yes, she really looked like a crazy behavior artist as she wore a summer wedding dress in such a cold winter and walked alone in the cold wind and rain.

Shu Niange gave a wry smile and shook her head, "Can I say that I broke up with my boyfriend? Oh no, I broke up with my fiancee!"

The girl said "sorry" and left in a hurry.

Shu Niange looked around and found that many people were still looking at her.

She bit her lips awkwardly, turned around and went from main street to a side street.

She planned to buy an umbrella, a thicker suit, and take off this thin wedding dress.

Her mother passed away early. And on the deathbed, her mother did not forget to tell Shu Niange that as a woman, whether she was loved or not, she should love herself well.

However, in a hurry, Shu Niange went the wrong way.

This street was a one-way street, with nothing but a road and tall evergreen trees on both sides, as well as a trash can on the other side of the road.

There were no shops, no cars, and even no people!

The more Shu Niange walked, the more secluded the surroundings became. But if she went back, there was still a long way to go. For a moment, she was depressed and aggrieved.

She was so unlucky that even the road was finding trouble with her.

At this moment, a car drove in the opposite direction of Shu Niange.

It was an unusual kind of RV, which was white and a little blurry in the dense rain.

Shu Niange glanced at the RV and stood still.

She didn't expect to hitch a ride, just wondering if she should continue walking or go back.

The RV had already driven past her, but it suddenly retreated back.

"Sir, it is indeed a woman! It's just..."

Before the driver could finish his sentence, the back door suddenly opened. And a pair of slender hands reached out and Shu Niange was dragged directly into the car.

"Bang!" The door was closed.

All the wind and rain were locked out.

The man was so strong that he grabbed Shu Niange's hands with just one hand.

Shu Niange's eyes widened.

"Sir, you... What are you doing?"

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