Chapter 4 A Stranger

"Let me go, you let me go, I tell you, this is... illegal!"

She finally realized the danger and tried to break away from the man, but she could not move him at all...

Shame and hatred flooded Shu Niange like tidal waves, and she screamed in a panic!

She only wanted to leave her good things to the person whom she loved the most.

You can't! Look, I'm wearing a wedding dress. I'm about to..." She wanted to say "get married".

Shu Niange forced her tears to roll down her face, but she could not say the words "get married.

She was abandoned just now...

The man ignored her words...


The man hugged Shu Niange.
His eyes were dark.

There was a layer of water-like glittering light in Shu Niange's eyes, and she could not see anything clearly.

After a long period of silence, she said, "Now, can you let me go?

Shu Niange's voice was very, very light.
If it weren't for the man was still clinging to her tightly, and he was listening very carefully. Maybe he wouldn't hear what she said at all.

But the coldness in her voice made the man frown.

"Gu Yuan, go to the nearest hotel.
" The man tapped on the entire fender between the car and the driver. His voice was steady and a little hoarse.

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