Chapter 5 Be Responsible For You

"I will take responsibility with you!"

"We're still on the highway.
I can't park or let you go."

"Even if I let you go, can you go?
Your clothes... The wedding dress is no longer wearable."

"I hurt you, but I...
didn't do it on purpose."

After these words, the man picked Shu Niange up and brushed her messy hair away from her face.

Then, he looked at her face, his eyes were filled with tenderness that he did not even notice.

"Shu Niange, aren't you getting married today?
Marry to... Fu Shaoxuan, you should be at the Golden Luxury Hotel. Why you..." She walked on a quiet street alone and was dragged into the car by him.

Yes, he did it because he recognized her.

Since he had done it, he never regretted it.

However, he still needed to ask about the situation clearly.

"You know me.
Who are you?" Shu Niange lifted her hand and wiped the tears from her eyes to make her vision clear, and then looked at the man.

At first glance, she was stunned by his appearance.

His face was fair and clean, he had a strong feature, a distinct outline, dark and deep eyes, and his thin lips curled a wicky smile...

Obviously, he was very handsome.

Fu Shaoxuan was also handsome, but Fu Shaoxuan was just with handsome faces.
The man in front of her, however, seemed to have noble and graceful mien.

Ignoring what he just did to her, Shu Niange objectively believed that he was a man who could easily make any woman fall in love with him!

But looking at him one more time, Shu Niange felt a little astonished.

Just because when she carefully observed this face, she found it a little familiar!

And that acquaintance was none other than Fu Shaoxuan!

Could he be...

Thinking of a possibility, Shu Niange suddenly widened her eyes and her body trembled, "You...
Are you..."

"Fu Jinyan!
" The man's voice was calm and steady, "I'm Fu Shaoxuan's half-brother. I just came back, and I was planning to attend the wedding dinner for Fu Shaoxuan at the Fu family later, but it's not necessary now."

Fu Jinyan reached out for a blanket, wrapped up Shu Niange with it and asked, "Tell me, why was the wedding canceled?

"Who told you the wedding was canceled?
I was the only one who was canceled!" After saying this, Shu Niange suddenly laughed with anger.

"You Fu family's men are really bad!
One of you was with my sister and didn't want to have his reputation bad, so he faked the diagnosis and told the public that I couldn't have a child without feeling guilty about it, and made me the laugh stock of the Jing City!"

"The other disregarded my wishes and did...
did such a thing to me! I hate you! I can't wait for men like die!"

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