Chapter 6 Marry Me, and You Will Be His Sister-in-law

Fu Jinyan's expression changed slightly and soon returned to normal. He smiled and said, "Nian, I don't stink!"

Shu Niange blushed and bit out a few words between her teeth, "You...

"Men are all bastards in front of the women they like!
" Fu Jinyan was smiling, but his tone was serious.

"You say, you like me?
" Shu Niange was stunned for a moment, then sneered coldly, "This is too funny! You and I, it's the first time we met. It's so ridiculous for you to admit you like me."

"Haven't you heard of the love at first sight?

"Love at first sight is all a lie to those young girls who are naive about love!
People like me... have known your lie for a long time. It doesn't matter what you say in front of me!"

After Shu Niange finished speaking, she added fiercely, "Men in the Fu family like your brother are all very bad!

But knowing that Fu Jinyan was Fu Shaoxuan's half-brother, she didn't want to sue him at all.
Instead, she wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible!

She, Shu Niange, still wanted her dignity, even after today, she would lose face.

But if people knew that she had just been abandoned by Fu Shaoxuan and was with Fu Shaoxuan's brother Fu Jinyan, wouldn't that make those who were laughing at her even more proud?

Fu Jinyan thought for a moment and said, "Nian, you are wrong.
You can't think that all men with the surname Fu are bad just because you meet a scum with the surname Fu, right? And since you've been with Fu Shaoxuan, you should be aware that my relationship with the Fu family is not good."

Shu Niange recalled her knowledge of Fu family members.

The head of the Fu family was Fu Baiyan.
Fu Baiyan had married two wives. His first wife, Chu Lanzhi, was Fu Jinyan's

biological mother. Chu Lanzhi was a famous jewelry designer who helped Fu Baiyan start from scratch and died of illness.

Fu Baiyan's second wife, Jing Meijun, was originally a nurse who had been in the hospital during Chu Lanzhi's critical illness.

However, she knew Fu Baiyan because of this and was with him. So she was considered the mistress! Even after she gave birth to Fu Shaoxuan and Fu Peiqi for Fu Baiyan, she would never be able to erase this stain from her life.

Just as Chu Lanzhi was dead, Jing Meijun married with Fu Baiyan.
In the same year, Fu Jinyan, who was less than six years old, was taken abroad by Chu Lanzhi's sister Chu Lanqing. After so many years, he never returned home!

So, Shu Niange was not sure whether Fu Jinyan's relationship with the Fu family was good or bad, but Shu Niange could understand the resentment sense.
There was a woman who seduced her father when her mother was so ill that she was about to die.

Just because she had the same experience!

When her mother was still alive, Cao Fumei had already moved into Nian's home with Shu Yuxin, who was only a year younger than her.
After that, she and her mother had lived very hard. After her mother died, she was left alone in the Shu family, bullied, and even lived worse off than the maids who worked as handymen...

"Have you figured it out?
" Fu Jinyan saw that Shu Niange's expression had softened a little and said, "I just said that I would be responsible for you! I want to marry you!"

"Nian, as long as you marry me, you can immediately become Fu Shaoxuan and Shu Yuxin's sister-in-law.
Not only can you still be officially registered in the Fu family, but you can also suppress them in terms of seniority. How about that?"

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