Hybrid Empire

By Zella


182.83k words

43 chapters



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Cassandra, a simple goal oriented college student who moved out of the city and chose to live in a place where her grandmother lives. What she wants is a simple life with her granny but destiny is wicked and nasty.
After moving at her granny’s place, she learned facts that are beyond reality, facts that immortals do exist and she will get involved in the lives of the hybrid Empire, an empire of supreme human wolves.
She will be the Delta’s friend, the Beta’s Enemy, the Alpha’s mate and the rebel’s queen. Meddling with the lives of the immortals and bringing chaos to the Hybrid Empire, she will receive a punishment, a punishment that would cause pain to everyone.
Their purpose and destiny is already written in the book of prophecy and the only way to change it is love but what if love itself betrays them? Witness what a human can sacrifice for love, witness an Alpha’s agony and demise because of love and witness the painful cry of a Rebel made by love.

In the end, love is just an illusion because it only be

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jenandra abim

Love this story! I will check more of your stories later. May I know your email or any social media account that I can follow?

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