Chapter 4


I knocked on Suzanna's front door, hoping for her excuse of a father would open them. After few minutes, I asked two of my bodyguards to crash the door. I didn't expect the foul smell of rotten food and unwashed dishes to hitting my nostril. I used to come to this house when I was little, when Suzanna's mother still alive. After she died, everything went crazy in this household. I remembered how Suzanna would absence from coming to school just to covered up the bruised her father gave her.

This is sickening. "Pack your things. I'll let they guard the door. He won't be harming you any longer." I assured my best friend. She nodded and went inside her room. I followed her while looking around the familiar house. The once clean and tidy house are now tainted with piles of empty beer bottles and garbage bag. Knowing Suzanna, she will clean everything up but, whenever she walked out of her room, he will be there, belt at his hands, whipping his own child because of his own stupidity.

I was raised in a different situation. I have it all, loving parents, siblings, luxurious life, but, I can't stand watching my friend suffer like this. If only I could help them, just a little bit, I know I'll put a smile on her face. I entered Suzanna's room and smiled. The place I used to have my sleepover together with Kay. So much memories. "Look. Remember this?" Suzan a chuckled. "Who can forget, it's our first trip to the theme park. My dad still insist he didn't followed us that day." We both laughed.

"Uncle Jeremy is a very doting father. Do not blame her to be extra careful for his triplets." I chuckled. "Melanie hates it though. She never fond of that but she love us all." I watched Suzanna pack her clothes and things she want to bring with her. I sat on the bed, looking around. "Oh my... you still have those?" I referred to the picture we took when we were still in kindergarten. "Of course. That's when we first met. Kay was evil at that time though." I agreed with her.

Kay was a bully. But somehow we manage to change her. Suzanna smiled when she put her mother's picture in her bag. "I'm done. Let's go." I stood up and let her walked out first. We were just about to step out of the house when we heard screaming coming out of nowhere. Instinctually, the bodyguard reached out for their weapon and protected us. "Stay behind us miss Larove." One of them said.

"YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY DAUGHTER AWAY!" It was Suzanna's father obviously drunk. "Don't kill him. Just make him stop." I instructed. "Yes miss!" They both said before stopping the deranged man from doing something stupid. "You don't have rights to call her as your daughter you piece of shit." I just realised I talked like Kimberly and Melanie. I cleared my throat. "Let me rephrase that." The bodyguard were holding him off.

"You will only get to see her again after you fix yourself up. Tomorrow a man in suit will be coming to get you. Whether you like it or not, you will have to obey. If you run, you'll be hunted down by my grandfather's squadron. That is all." Suzanna and I went to the limousine and waited for the bodyguard to be done before they driving towards my house. "It must be such perks if you could easily use your grandfather's connection in the army huh?" Suzanna chuckled.

"What do you expect? My grandfather is a General." She seems quiet all of the sudden. "Do you think he will do it? I love him Erika, but, what he's become after my mother died is not the man who used to shower me with love and support." I went to her side and wrapped my arms around her. "I know. I was there when he was a great father. I'm sure my dad will be able to help. He is a psychologist." Suzanna let her tears fall.

"I don't know how to thank you Erika." She laid her head on my shoulder as she cry. "Cheer up miss Suzanna. We, the guards always have your back in everything. We're sure your father will be okay after this. The boss is quite a genius." Said one of the bodyguards. I heard Suzanna chuckled. "Oh you boys always know how to cheer a woman up." Suzanna leaned back and wiped her tears.

She looked outside the familiar street and suddenly gasped. "Hey Erika..." she called for me. " she motioned for me to come near the window. "Hey guys, slow down the car please." I was wondering why she need me by the window. "Tell me, is that Kay and Melanie kissing by the red car?" What now?! I turned my focus outside and she's right. It is Kay and Melanie. What?! That bitch actually dating my best friend behind my back?!

"I never would've thought they could be an item. They always fight and all you know." I can't even believe this. But, I saw that wide smile and happiness in Kay's eyes whenever Melanie's around. I never would've thought that's why she always looking at her! "Omg it will be really awkward if they both in the same room with us and all. They must be trying hard to conceal their love in front of us." Suzanna gained my attention.

"All this time I thought they just... you know... friends. Oh God the things I thought was innocent when Kay walked out of Melanie's room." It's disgusting to think about my sister and best friend doing such thing. "You're triplets so don't Kay felt like she's having sex with you?" Suzanna chuckled. "God Suzanna! That's too much." I can't get that image from my head out now. "Well, there's another reason why Melanie always coloured her hair differently from you and kimberly."

"Let's just keep this a secret from kimberly okay. She has such a mouth when it comes to us." Suzanna nodded and smiled. I always knew I could trust her.


I was waiting for Suzanna to be done with her morning routine when I heard somebody quarrel at the other side of my door. "THATS MY SHIRT DUMBASS!" That's Kimberly for sure. "ITS MINE DIMWIT!" And that's Melanie. Honestly, I am the youngest yet, I also the wisest. I opened my door and glared at both of them. "One more squeak out of your mouth I'll lock you both in the dungeon." I warned them. "Kimberly started it!" Melanie playing the blame game. "I don't care. Honestly Melanie, your the oldest, act like one. And Kimberly, stop starting a fight."

Suzanna chuckled behind me. She's finally done. "Let's get downstairs and have some breakfast. You'll be going to school today Melanie." Melanie turned her back to us and went to her room. Kimberly was about to follow us but I stopped her. "You should put on some clothes. You're only in your undergarment." Kimberly laughed and went to her room. "Rough morning huh?" Suzanna asked. I sighed. "Are you okay Erika?" Is that Merlin?

"Merlin?" He came out from the shadows and smiled. "I'm okay. What is it?" Merlin leaned in and touched my bruised face. "You're hurt? I know the wounds when Tyler got in trouble still hurt you. Are you really okay?" He got worried about me? "I'm fine Merlin. See..." I tried to act tough by hitting my stomach. "I'm perfect." I smiled. "Thank goodness. I was about to order the guards to kill that girl who hurt you. She's evil Erika. She's been pranking a lot of people and she did pranked you."

I chuckled. "I know what I'm doing Merlin. I am the student council president after all." Merlin seems convinced. He went to his usual chair and waited for the rest of the family. I went to mine and let Suzanna sat next to me. "Tyler, are you going to school today?" I asked my youngest brother. He slowly shaking his head. The trauma he went through in school still haunting him huh. If only Melanie didn't have to hurt the bullies right in front of him.

"Tyler, I'm back. You're save as long as I'm here." Speak of the devil herself. Melanie went to sit next to Tyler. Kimberly graciously entered the dining hall with her grace. Merlin was about to pushed her chair away from her when our mom walked in with the food. "Merlin, honey, kimberly will kill you if she fell on the floor." Kimberly turned an sharp eye towards Merlin. "You sneaky little brat! The last time I ever help you." Kimberly said before sitting on the chair. Now, we just have to wait for our dad.

"What happen to your face kimberly?" Mom asked her. "Was mistaken for Erika." Mom chuckled. "Why didn't you avoid it?" She asked with slight humour. "I didn't expect to be punched in the middle of walking towards the school." Kimberly defended herself. "Anyway, mom, aunt Felicita wanted me to remind you of the PTA meeting. I hope you can spare some time to organise one?" I said. Mom smiled while serving the food.

"Will do. I'll start right away." I was wondering why dad took his time this morning. "Eat up guys. Your father won't be joining us today. He's still asleep." Mom said. Kimberly was the first to grabbing the food from the plate. "Don't be shy okay. Just eat." I smiled at Suzanna. After I finished my breakfast, I let Suzanna drive my car while I organised my schedule for today. When we arrived at school, I noticed Marcia and her gang surrounding the lot where I used to park my car.

I smell something fishy. I told Suzanna to park elsewhere. That bitch must be planning something sinister. But, that's alright. If she used any prank related things, she lose the bet automatically. "When I got out of my car, Marcia was waiting for me. How in the world would she even get to where I am so soon?! "Here." She said while handing a bouquet of flowers. I was speechless but took the bouquet. "I'lllay low on the trying to make you angry today. It's my birthday." She smiled before leaving me dumbfounded.

What just happened? It's her birthday but she's the one who gave me flowers? I turned to Suzanna who smiling for me. "There's a card." Suzanna pointed out. I feel a little uneasy about this but, what the heck. I took the card and read it.

"PSYCH! It's not my birthday but, nice breast. I just want to see that breast bouncing up and down up close."

That... worthless... piece ... of ... thrash! I screamed inside my mind while keeping a cool posture. She think sexual harassment will make me mad?! SHE DAMN WRONG! I took a deep breath before smiling at the bouquet. "Whoa... little Erika received a bouquet of flowers." Kay walking towards us together with Melanie. Wait, she actually went to school?! Did Kay convinced her? Damn Kay, you rock! "It's from Marcia. She thought sexual harassment will make me go crazy."

I'm sure that gained Melanie's attention. "Sexual harassment? Who? I'll kill her." I can't believe her. "Whoa! Relax sis. It's a bet we made. Don't worry much." Melanie nodded. "I have to report to aunt Felicita. See you guys around." We both noticed Kay watching her go. "Kay, you alright?" Suzanna was the first to asked her. "I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be?" I shrugged. "Maybe because your mother said something about her boyfriend?"

She laughed. "They getting married. That's all." Whoa! Am I seeing this right? She's actually agreeing on it?! "Your not mad at all?"

I asked to make sure. She shake her head. "I'm not. Her life, her choice, her man. I will accept anything if she thought it's okay for herself." She actually smile!

Damn Melanie, what have you done to this uncontrollable teenage girl?


"Wow. She's so hot man! Donovan, get her picture for me!" I know that voice. It's Marcia. I looked around the hallway and noticed she's kneeling down at the entrance to the school theatre. "She's a ball buster but damn she's amazing." I cleared my throats and watched them both froze. Marcia slowly turned to me and smiled sheepishly. I looked at the little crack of the door and shaking my head to see Kimberly recite something from Romeo and Juliet.

She's playing Juliet huh? And i wonder who's the Romeo. I face palm myself when the Romeo is Melanie. What the heck! This is like the gala festival for the Hunchback of Norte Dame theatre in France all over again! "Your sister's, they both talented. I wonder why don't you." She's trying to strike a nerve huh. I noticed Donovan tried to get away. "Stay. Don't move even an inch." I warned him.

"Follow me." I said before pushing the door to the theatre hall and witness the drama club's attempts to gather more audience to their play. "Aren't this is too early for practicing for the play?" I asked the club advisor. "Too early? We have no time at all!" Here we go again. I looked around and noticed some of the cheerleaders also participate. "Is this your way to get more audience? By inviting the school's cheerleader?" He laughed.

"Miss Erika, always the keen one. You can say that. I have nothing to hide." I was surprised to see some of the footballers in the play well. "You invited Melanie's teammates as well? Wow sir, you outdid yourself again this year." He laughed even louder. "It's what we artist call as strategy." He smiled and continued to practice the play. I pinched the bridge of my nose. "Rough day? Or are you getting old?" And then this girl came with her comments.

"Miss Hanson, I admire your determination but I'm not easily trigger by some stupid pun or harassment. I have endure all of those stuff living my life as a Larove." I can't believe I even said this out loud. "Sound to me I strike a nerve." she smirked. I noticed her friend went missing. "Where's Donovan?" She shushed me. "Meeting his girlfriend backstage. It's best we don't make a scene." She leaned in. "Or do you prefer to be at the backstage and make love to each other? I'm down, are you?"

I can't believe this girl. She's so straight forward! "You really think that I'll be mad for those words you just said?" She shrugged. "I hope so." Ugh. She suddenly leaning in to me. "Are you a fan of anime?" What kind of question is that? "I watched some anime. Why?" I answered. "So you're an otaku?" I shake my head. "That title only for hardcore fan." Okay, why does she want me to sit on the chair that overlooking the stage.

"I have a question. What do you think of corruption?" Okay that's new. "Corruption? In what context?" She turned away. "In a company." Oh. I wonder... "For me it's a devastating thing to happen in a company. Corruption made no progress and all it does was more pain and suffering for the workers. Those kind of people who practices corruption should be impale." Her reaction was flawless. "That's what my aunt say. She's the current CEO of Larove Corporation."

"How do we end corrupted mind?" She asked me a really hard question. Hmmmm... let me think. "Report them to the authority I guess. Why?" She sighed. This is the first time she actually opening up. "The company my brother and sister in law working at has been corrupted by the devious CEO. They have been suffering trying to freeing themselves from it but they have a contract. The CEO said that only death can free them from the contract they had sign."

Hmm. She seems worried about his brother and sister in law. But it go as fast as it came. She seems cheerful again. "But nothing an Hanson can't handle right!" She laughed and stood up. "I better get going. Be ready for the future miss Larove. It won't be an easy year for us both." She winked and leave me alone to my thoughts. I can't shake the feelings to help her family. She must've thinking of a way to help her brother. That must be why she asked me about it.

"Hey Erika." I heard somebody calling for me. "Why are you staring at the floor like that?" Kimberly asked me. "Hey, you're a business genius right, how to get a contract void?" Kimberly placed her fingers under her chin. That's her way of thinking. "Well, if the terms of the agreement are illegal or against public policy such as unlawful consideration or object. It's also can be voided if a party was not of sound mind while signing the agreement, the terms are impossible or the contract simply restricts the rights of a party."

What? I have no idea what she's saying. "Simply put, illegal doing, the person who signed it consider as insane, or younger than 18 years old, the terms ridiculous or the person who signed a contract has no right whatsoever." Hmmm... that's easier to understand. "How to report a corrupted company?" Kimberly sat next to me. "Find a proof that it is corrupted and alert the authority about it. Why?" Proof huh? Wait. Why do I even bother to help a person who pranked me?! She even deliberately messed up my diet pattern.

Ugh... I feel guilty if i don't help her. Why do I have to be raised to be a good hearted person? I pinched the bridge of my nose. "Something bothering me and I'm having second thought in helping them." Kimberly turned my head to face her. "Remember what grandma Arabelle said, to never even think about not helping people if we're capable of doing so. Isn't that what grandma Fleur and Arabelle always tells us?" She's right. They always said that.

"But if I do, I need some help from aunt Carmen again. And you know how busy she is." She chuckled. "Aunt Carmen always make time for us. Don't worry. She will never say no to us." She's right again. Never that I ever heard that aunt Carmen said no when we asked for help. "Great. Now you're smiling again. Now, listen to me, I want that Marcia girl to take Melanie's place. Melanie bailed on me. Tell her Kimberly need some help. She will never said no to that."

Marcia as Romeo?! Oh god no. This play will be a disaster.

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