I Don't Date Nobles (Book 6 of Larove series)


57.05k words

23 chapters



Table of Contents


This book is unedited. Read at your own risk.

Also, this is a Futanari/GL genre. Can't say I didn't warn you.

16 years after the birth of the triplets, The Larove was shocked by another event. After a few months, Fluer, one of the triplets, decided to follow her mother's legacy, to be a St. Miriam's Boarding School student.

Once she was in the boarding school, she was greeted by a couple of interesting human beings and become best friends instantly. When Fluer new friends learned that she's from a Larove family, everything's change.

Her first week as a St. Miriamian's was horrendous. The Boarding School was not only known as the prestigious all-girls boarding school, but they also are known to be the home of the most notable and mischievous daughters of the nobles and elites.

But when Fleur met the most popular tenant of the boarding school, she knows, her school year will be in such chaos after a series of mishaps happening between them.

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