His Anger

Vanessa’s pov

I came in his room and here he is again sleeping, I rolled my eyes and again yell his name to which she woken up

"Not Again!
now what you want?" he asked in sleepy tone

"Doctor is here to check you once" I said

He was really looking cute like this mam was right he is a kid a cute little kid

Listen I am not going to check myself to any doctor only mom will check me so You better keep your doctor for yourself" he said with serious tone to which I gotten angry

"Alex you are going to check yourself by this doctor now because mam is not here so you better sit straight" I said with fake anger and his other answer made me more angry

"Go and do a treatment of your mind from your so called doctor it will help you" he said and this time I becomes hell angry

"Doctor come in" I shouted and he enenterd inside "came check his legs" I said and he moved a step forward but stop after listening his shout

"Stop at your place Mr” he shouted in anger he stopped 

He stoop up from bed and held my hands tightly in anger "Haven’t you listened what I said I don't need any other doctor" he was now digging his nails in my arms tightly 

"Alex leave it's hurting"I said while controlling pain

"So what I damn care" he said while digging more and more

"Alex leave, do whatever you want but you are going to checkout by this doctor only" I yell pushing him away 

But he got more angry after my words, he pinned me to the wall while holding my arms my head god bumped with then wall but I somehow controlled my pain

"Don't you dare to talk to me like this when I am angry because I can do anything in my anger, have you listened anything" he yelled

"Miss Vanessa I have to go I have many other works to do so I am sorry I may leave" doctor said and before I could reply him

"Thanks now leave" Alex interrupted and he left

"Have you gone mad why can't you see you need a doctor" I said while pushing him away but my bad luck he again held me off course he is strong

"Yes I am mad I have told you that I have never before checked myself from any other doctor" he yell digging his nails more and more

He was so close to me just an inch away but suddenly I felt his grift on me becomes soft, he held me tightly and pulled me more close.
I was just half inch away from him but he suddenly pushed me away with a jerk due to which I fell on ground and my head hit by a nearby table 

I didn't screamed I control my pain.
I with the help of table stood up and after giving a hard glare to him I ran out from the room tears took place in my eyes but I stopped myself seeing doctor, why he is still here? I after wiping my tears went close to him

"Oh finally you are here I wanted to tell you that he is recovering fast" he said in one go But I was shocked listening this

"But you  haven’t checked him yet how can you say this?
” I asked 

"Haven’t you seen when he was yelling at you he stood without anyone's help and was moving in a speed remember?
" he asked with a smile I nodded "that means he is recovered he is just not accepting this. You better stop giving him the medicines otherwise he will get addicted to them” he said 

"Really this is the awesome news doctor thanks" I said with happiness but in low voice.

“I think I should go now” he said and left


I didn't yet went to his room as I know he is still angry but I have to go as I am tired and I want to sleep.
But can’t before checking him and also he haven’t eat anything yet 

I came near the room and thinking for a while I slowly open the door and saw him sleeping peacefully and here I am sleepless I came inside with baby steps and after covering him with duvet I come in balcony I was watching the view feeling the fresh air 

I crossed my arms to chest because of little coldness but it hurts I looked at the place to see marks.
I remember the scene and closed my eyes while a tear escaped my eyes

By: Shiza Fatima 

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