I was Sold to a Billionaire Mafia

Preview (Cassie)

Note: This scene maybe disturbing to a minor so parental guidance would be needed. For 18+ age could read this but read it professionally and with self discipline. This story of mine was dedicated to all woman out there who suffered any kinds of human trafficking.


Cassie pov

I curled my body into a ball at the corner of my room.

He let go of me after he finished messing up with my body.

I thought he's my babysitter when he knocked on our door but I was wrong.

Letting him stepped his shoes inside the house was the day I felt like my life had been shattered into pieces especially my own dreams. I wanted to have a good memories of my childhood but this man ruined it and I couldn't make it back to it's normal way.




"He's coming to beat me again",I mumbled softly making my voice a whisper while my heartbeat was palpitating abnormally.

" please someone help me! I'm scared!oh my...hmf ",I covered my mouth with my hands in order to lessen my sniffing sounds I got from crying.

I prayed to God Almighty that he would come and saved me from my abductor who was like he's in hell madness.

I kept on holding my crucifix necklace that my mom gave to me when I was only a baby.

She mentioned it to me when I asked her about it when I was seven years of age.

I wrapped my arms around my body to lessen the pain he did awhile ago.

He kept punching, kicking,stroking every part of my body as if I was like a hard cement. I'm only a little girl who loved to be pampered not to be destroyed.

I didn't know why he's doing this to me as if I made a huge mistake on him. He was just a stranger who knocked in front of our door and came inside as if he was the owner of our house.

It was like a fiesty beating of an old man to a powerless and innocent little girl.

Every part of my body ached and my head throbbed after he slammed it on the floor once before he started his cruel action.

I could hardly moved my left leg because of his extreme beating.

I fell on the floor and it hit my leg when he intentionally pushed me from his lap harshly.

I heard his steps kept getting closer and more clearer this time.

The pounding beat in my heart kept dancing up and down with a never ending rhythm.

I could hardly even breath because I had a panic attacked since the first time he landed his hands on me.

I wished mom and dad would come back and saved me from this nightmare. I wished it was but it wasn't it's really happening.




( louder and louder)

" he's coming really!  Oh my God!2x!",I mumbled softly like a scared little kitten.

His footsteps slowly stop in front of the door.

Silence filled the room.

I'm breathing heavily like my heart would going to explode.

I'm still hugging my cold and shivered body.

Minutes passed.

" God! He's here!he's here to beat me again!"I shouted.

I went to the cabinet to hide myself from him. I hoped that he couldn't find me.

" somebody please help me!",I cried.

I stay quiet inside while listening to every stamped of his foot on the floor.

I covered my mouth and closed my eyes.

I hope he would leave me unharmed this time.

" Cassie! You wanna play hide and seek huh!  Okay keep hiding but if I find you...",he shouted outside.

I could hear his evilish laughter.


" mommy!  Daddy!help!I shouted when someone pulled my hair and dragged me near my bed.

I dug my nails on his skin so that he let me go and he did.

Maybe I hurt him so bad but maybe this was also the worst moment of my life. This was the end of my perfect happy life.

" fuck you little brat!  Want to play? Here for you! ",he yelled at me as he forcibly pulled my hair again as if my scalp would skinned off from my head.

" please!  No it hurts!  Please stop I'm begging you!",I screamed like I'm gonna die.

I cried so hard as he kept gripping into my hair tightly.

" I won't hurt you in one condition! ",he said with a smirked on his face holding my chin up to met his brown-like tiger eyes.

It was calm and beautiful as if he was not the kind of person who could do bad things.

He looked like a good person to me. I really wanted to have a big brother like him but not the bad one.

" be a good girl! ",he said and his smirked never left from his face.

Tears begun rushing down my cheeks when he pulled my skirt up and slid his manly hands into my thighs.

" welcome my slave! ",he whispered those words into my ears as he started inserting his hands into my part.

I looked like a living statue as he was exploring my body parts. He's just checking it and he seemed not interested in me. Maybe there's a reason why he did all this stuffs to me but I wanted to have an answer to all of this. " Please tell me what do you want? My parents has more money if you want it I'll call them",I told him to negotiate with my parents.

He just listened to me but it seemed like he's not interested in our family money. He smirked and let go of me from his lap. " I'll tell you everything when the right time comes",he told me. He was a nice guy again .

He left me inside my room after he finished what he did to me. I was wondering if my nanny really came before he came to me first.

Is my nanny knew that I was here inside with this man? Why did my parents left me in the first place.

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