Home Alone

Third person pov


A loud sound like something hard fell on the floor woke up Cassie from her deep sleep.

" mommy! ",she screamed while her heart was beating so fast because of the noise.

She quickly got up from her bed and looked around.

She checked the time in her wall clock and it was already nine in the morning.

She got off from her bed and without any second thoughts she opened the door and got out from her room.

She walked straight to her parents room and it was widely opened as if someone came there.

She entered and everything was still on it's proper place and no traced of trespassing happened.

" mom! Dad! Are you there? ",she called for them but she heard no answer.

Cassie went downstairs and she heard another banging sound again.

" Jesus! Mom! Is that you? ",she walked to the kitchen and she thought her mom was there with his dad but she only saw a cat.

She felt relieved when she realized that the cat was the one making a banging sounds.

But her heart pounded crazily as if she's gonna had a heart attacked.

She went upstairs again to get her phone.

She tried to call her parents but their phone were off. It said that the person couldn't be reached right now.

Cassie snapped her head with her palm when she remembered what her parents told her yesterday.


" Cassie baby me and your dad will visit your auntie Stella tommorow and we got you a babysitter to stay with you here while we're away",her mom told her.

End of flashback

Cassie pov

" oh I'm so stupid! Why I forgot that they're leaving today but why they left without waking me up? ",I mumbled as my tears slowly dropped down into my cheeks.

Minutes later I heard a knocked from the door.

Our door has no peep hole so I decided to checked the person who was outside to know if it was okay to opened.

I dragged myself into the window and I saw a girl.

She's young,blonde and skinny yet she looked lovely and nice.

I thought maybe she was my babysitter.

I smiled because I'm had someone now to stay with me.

I quickly ran off to the door and twisted the doorknob but I stop when I heard my phone beep. Someone is calling.

I took out my phone from my skirt pocket and when I swiped it on she was Max my best friend.

She called me three times but I didn't heard or felt that my phone vibrated into my pocket maybe I was too busy checking everyone at the house.

" hello yes Bessy what's up? ",I asked her quickly.

" ahhm I need a favor please! ",she said with a giggled at the end.

I sighed and asked her what was it.

" can you go shopping with me?",she said soflty like she prayed that I would accepted her offer.

I pouted my lips and met with my eyebrows together still my phone was near my ear.

" ahm okay just wait I'll tell my babysitter bye! ",I replied quickly without her answer and I turned off my phone.

Max pov

"Bessy wait! ",I said quickly but she already turned off her phone.

" that brat she ignored our friendship because she's busy? ",I mumbled as I tried to call her phone again but this time she turned it off as in OFF.

I pissed off when I knew she did it to me.

She seemed weird today and how the hell she had a babysitter.

Was her parents away?

Or was she turned into a big spoiled brat that's why her parents hired a babysitter to break her long growing horns?

Just kidding guys!

Anyway I'm Max Sebastian and I'm the only best friend of Cassandra Foster Jones.

We were closed since we're on our second grade.

She was always a wild numb girl in school and no one couldn't handle her weird like hell attitude but because I found her nice and pretty I approached her first and she smiled back at me.

We talked, laughed,ate and did funny stuffed and by the end of the day we became close friends.

I don't really understand her parents sometimes because they were very stricked for her.

They always kept her inside their house and made her wear wild dressed and bling stuffed.

Maybe Cassie loved it too but she told me she didn't liked it but she wore it so that her mom would be happy.

I just nodded my head and smiled.

I wanted her to be happy always and as her friend I would be there for her now and forever.

Cassie pov

Shocked hit through me when I found out that the girl outside our house wasn't there anymore.

When I opened the door a tall and young guy surprised me.

He had a centered messy syled chesnut hair with a silver earings at the left side of his earlobes.

He was wearing a color gray T-shirt. It was fitted on him with his healthy physical shaped.

He looked nice when I looked at his eyes.

It was color light brown.

" are you Cassie? ",he asked my name and I quickly nodded my head.

" I thought I saw a girl out---si---",I couldn't finished my phrase when he quickly pulled out his gun and pointed it right to my face.

He put his point finger into his pinkish lips to tell me that I put my mouth shut as he slowly pushed me back inside.

I thought my vision turned blurry and I was catching my breath.

I felt my head spinned and I wanted to stay awake but I already got panicked attacked.

I hold and pressed my heart and after that all I saw went dark and I couldn't breath anymore.

I quickly fell on the floor and instantly I passed out.

Third person pov

" hello she's with me now! She's very pretty and I'm excited!",the guy told someone on the phone.

He released a half grinned while he took Cassie's body off from the floor.

18 hours later

He threw her flimsy body off the trunk and took a tiny piece of bomb from his car compartment.

He set it on and quickly threw it straight into Cassie's house.

He left the house burned and exploded with a little girl with him.

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