Taken by a Stranger

Moshimo pov

I took the girl with me to my apartment.I got this place after I left New York for this important mission that had been offered to me.

The superior gave me this task.

Even I declined to do it he would still pushed me for this mission.

All my life my role as his sidekick was the only thing he could recognised me as his son.

He's affection and cared for me was passed to my cousin David.

But I still loved my father and I would be loyal for him for the rest of my life.

But this girl was an another story for me.

I never thought that she's only a little girl.

I thought she's a grown up lady but she's only eleven and it's hard for me to make a moved because I was taking a little girl.

But I'm a man with a word and I promised I would do anything to make him proud of me so whatever my father told me is my command.

" hmmm...where am I? Help! Help! ",she shouted after she woke up but I quickly covered her mouth with a white cloth and there's a drug on it. It's only a sleeping drug.

She quickly shut her mouth after she slowly closed her eyes and went back to a deep sleep again.

I carried her to my room upstairs.

This was the only place I got because it was too far away from the neighborhood and good enough to keep your captive.

I checked her whole body and a lust came into my wild mind.

I licked my lips and slowly crounched down and put myself beside her.

I looked at her face and it seemed like I saw an angel.

With those big rounded brown eyes with a thick curvy long eyelashes,a pinkish heart-shaped lips and a small nose that made her face cute.

It seemed like she's inviting me to kiss her lips.

I smiled and bit my lower lip while I kept brushing her wavy brunette hair.

" cute little girl",I mumbled and slowly lowered my face to stole a kissed from her lips when I heard my phone was beeping.

" arrghhh ",I said and took the phone from my side pocket.

It was my dad who called all of the sudden.

The superior is calling me. That name was his pet name in our family "Superior".

" yes sir ",I said.

" how was the little girl ?",he said on the phone.He sounded scared and scattered.

" don't worry dad she's fine! And I set their house with fire so no more evidences right?",I told him with my smooth voice.

" good! Don't worry about the police I already fixed it so better get back here tomorrow. Tommy and Jimmy will picked you.

I'll be sending a private plane for you okay! ",he told me with no buts and ifs.

Dad was like that.I had to say yes what he told me to do and not to do.

I am his loyal puppet since I was born in this crazy world and be part of the Mafia family.

The Yokohama clan that grew even stronger from early generations to the future generations.

But it was okay because he gave me the girl I loved and she was my Emmy.

I missed her so much and I felt incomplete without her.

She's my life.

My heart.

And my dreams.

" ah wait Mos ,this girl will be yours if you want. She is now your slave son for the meantime so good luck ",the Superior said before he hang up the phone call.

" hmmm slave?thanks dad ",I mumbled as I came closer to my bed where she was sleeping.

" nice curves kiddo ",I mumbled as I slowly put my hands into her legs.

She's pretty cute and with a nice soft legs.

I could felt the hardened of my lower part.

" shit you! ",I said and slowly slide up my playful fingers up to her thighs.

" hmmmmm ",she moaned.

It was exciting maybe if she was awake to do it.

" go baby wake up for me",I said still brushing her thighs with my hands.

I stop when she slowly opened her eyes.

" what are you doing? Help please let me go!",she screamed as she struggled and about to run but I caught her quickly and slammed her body back to my bed.

" where you going cutie! ",I yelled at her while my hands started to rip off her upper dress.

She kept struggling but she couldn't made me to stop because she's too weak and young to fought with me.

" please sir let me go.I beg you ",she started to cried.

I almost saw her naked body when I decided to let her go.

I just found a good idea at the back of my mind.

Something interesting and thrilling.

I smirked.

" okay I wouldn't touched you in one condition! ",I told her.

My hands slowly loosen the grip from her arms.

She looked at me with her fear look eyes.

" what is it sir? ',she asked me with her trembling voice.

" dance for me and make me smile tonight!",I said to the girl.

I pushed her out from my bed and she fell on the floor.

I walked over to my cabinet and I found a mini iPod inside.

I started to looked a very nice music and turn it on to play.

The music started with Tove lo song entitled " habits ".

" go! ",I shouted at her.

She slowly stood up and started to dance.

She was a bit shy and scared so I came closer to her and quickly slapped her on the face.

" pak!"

She was shocked to what I did to her.

She let out a soft sobs while cupping her red swollen cheeks.

" make it graceful okay! ",I yelled at her.I went back to my chair and lit out another cigarettes again.

" high all the time"

To forget I'm missing you



I turned off the music.

I forgot to asked her name.

" tell me your name cutie? ",I asked her.

She loooked up and she met my eyes.

We looked at each other for about three minutes until I realized she looked like my girlfriend Emmy.

" Cassie... my name is Cassandra Foster Jones! ",she replied as she dropped down again her head facing on the floor.

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