Don't try too hard

Cassie pov

After that night I still coudn't moved my body.

He touched me and beated me.

He torned me into pieces and I hated him so much for that.

I missed my daddy and my mommy.

I just couldn't believed that they just left me and didn't looked for me.

I thought they loved me but why this bad guy still on the go outside without being caught.

They had no idea that he was my kidnapper.

He ruined my childhood life and my dreams because of everything he did to me.

He toyed ,used me and treated me like crap.

That night he kept saying Emmy while he was touching my body.

I just cried and closed my eyes to every beating he made.

He said he loved me but he hurt me because it was what his boss ordered for him to do.

I didn't know what I did wrong to his boss.

I was only a child and powerless.

He told me that I had a future ahead of me when I turned eighteen.

For now he told me that I must follow everything he told me so that when the right time comes

I was fully prepared and skilled to face my future.

But he said also that the duty I must performed for them was very dangerous and it needed courage.

I couldn't understand what does it mean but listening to those words made me weep in nervous.

He kept repeating that he had to brought me alive to New York and when the right time comes I would know

the answer why it had to be me.

When I woke up I saw a letter on his bed.

He said that he's at the supermarket to buy some food for us.

I just crumpled the paper and went back to sleep again.

My body was still aching and he hurt me so bad.

I couldn't moved my legs and my face was all covered with bruised.

I tried to stand up but my face winced in pain.

I felt as if hundreds of needles pricked in every part of my bruised skin.

He's a bad guy and I had to get away from him.

I had to escape.

I got a plan.

I had to do this no matter what will happened.

I jumped out from his bed and looked around.

I saw a window near the kitchen. I moved quickly trying to avoid making noise.

When I reached it I looked down on the floor and let out a tiny droplets of tears from my eyes.

I never thought his place was from the eight floor of the building.

How could I jumped?

I never lose hope for myself.

There must be something else I could do.

I need to find another way to escaped.

I drag my feet near the door and tried to twist the doorknob but my nerves quickly shaked when I opened the door .

He was standing and holding a couple of paper bags of food and beverages for us.

" where the hell you're going you brat!",he yelled at me as he slammed down the food he bought on the floor.

" I just...---",I said stuttering and didn't finished it when he picked me up and threw me on his bed.

" no!",I cried when I saw that he took off his belt from his pants.

He would gonna hit me with his belt.

One blow.

" ahhhhhh!"

Next blow.

To my legs near my thighs.

" ahhhhh!",I cried painfully.

Last blow.

To my knees.

" ahhhhh! ",I screamed to death.

" I just gave you a lesson.You think you can escape from me?",he said while he was walking in front of me back and forth.

He was still holding his belt.

"Now you couldn't walk well. Stay and be a good girl.Tommorow well going to a place where you belong.",he said and left me behind.

He shut the door forcibly.

I just hugged myself and cried in pain.

Derek pov

I got up from bed at exactly 5 in the morning.

I received a call from the superior that we'll be living Philadelphia this evening.

We'll be heading to new York where I lived.

After we touched our foot in that city, that would also be the time for her to face her new life and identity.

I took off the crumpled bed sheets from my half naked body and put it over her bruised body.

I did it to her last night as her lesson but she had to thank me for doing it to her because her life in New York

was not just an ordinary life for a little girl like her.

It was like a game where she could used her mind to know why she had to experienced it at the age of 11.

The Superior told me that the time has come.

He always kept reminding me that we could used the girl he cared for almost 8 years.

Uncle Jack didn't know that he paid the couples who raised her in order for us to get her.

It was a risky negotiation. He offered them a big amount of money to start a new life away from their hometown.

Sometimes I could not understand what he was trying to tell me but because I'm his only son I had to cooperate and

obey him for the family.

He loved making orders especially to a son like me.

I took a quick shower and left a letter for Cassie.

" gone to supermarket for food",I wrote in a white sheets of paper.

I carried my wallet and keys with me.

I locked the door and took my car from the parking lot and head directly to the supermarket.

When I'm about to park my car I heard that they're talking about the girl named Cassie Foster

that she was missing and their house turned to ashes.

Still the police had no idea where her parents whereabouts.

I put on my shades and got out from my car.

I saw a little girl that same age like Cassie and I thought she was like her classmates because I heard the

girl said that they talked on the phone before she was kidnapped.

" she's my best friend ",said the girl while she wiped her tears with her back palm.

I passed them and went to the store for the food.

I paid the cashier and went back to my car.

No one suspected me I knew because only her babysitter saw my whole face.

But unfortunately I kept her mouth shut already.

Anyway she was not my concern right now I had to get back to my apartment to checked on her.

Kate pov

" hello honey she's coming home tonight! The girl named Cassie and I know youre excited to meet her",a bald guy

said over the phone.

She smiled softly.

She was holding a wine glass and took a little sip from it.

" okay honey can't wait to see her!",she said.

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