The long trip

Kate pov

My name was Kate Tokoyama and I am the Superior's second wife.

The first lady of a gangster big boss Mr. Tokoyama.

He was one of a very dangerous mafia leader of all time.

My life was dark and miserable as the black hole on the ground but when I met

my husband it turned into heaven.

I'm not actually Derek's mother because he was the bastard son of her slut mother.

Actually we both had the same age because I was too  young and fresh when his dad took and married me.

I loved Derek and it was not a motherly loved.

I loved him as a man but he kept avoiding and ignoring me.

I was still waiting for his confession about what he really felt about me.

Every time our eyes met I could feel the pressure inside my body.

Sometimes I couldn't stand it and I just went to the bathroom and pleasured my own body.

My life wasn't that happy as you think.

Before I turned into Kate Tokoyama, I was Tanya Miller back then after his dad changed my name.

Believed it or not I was once a club stripper.

Next time I'll tell you my story.

Cassie pov

" hey get up now we're leaving ",he told me after he forcibly took off the sheets that covered from my body.

Until now I felt hell because of my unrecovered bruised on my legs.

He did it to make sure that I couldn't escape from him.

He always told me that he need to brought me alive and healthy in New York.

But how could he when he made me felt weak everyday because of his sudden beating?

" common go to the bathroom now and get a quick bath!",he yelled and left me alone.

Even I couldn't walked well I made my way to the bathroom.

When I got inside I saw a dress at the top of the washer and it looked cute and fully ironed.

It was a summer type dress and it's my favorite color,pitch black.

I smiled a little  and went inside the shower curtain.

I enjoyed the cold water from the shower. It flowed gently in my entire skin.

I hug myself and started to think of something that could help me to relax.

I closed my eyes and wanted to remember my life as a school kid Cassie with a happy family.

Until I didn't noticed that my tears started to rolled down my cheeks.

I cried and let go.

Now my life would changed.

Its been four days since he kidnapped me and brought me here.

I didn't know what was the news on the television because he doesn't wanted to let me watched.

Sometimes I thought that I was lost?


Did someone ever tried to find me?

What about to my parents?

Were they came back to looked for me?

Would they felt crashed and hurt knowing I was missing?

But I couldn't back off now.

Today he would ship me to New York.

I felt scared and worried.

I didn't know what awaits for me there.

But all I knew that my story had just started and you had to witness it.

I put on my dress after taking a bath.

Just in time my kidnapper came but I still didn't know his name.

I think he's on mid 20's because he looked younger from my father.

Sometimes he aged when he frowned or when he started to crossed his eyebrows.

" are you done?",he asked me after he entered the room.

He came with his backpack and an attache case.

I think that was his personal belongings.

Sort of documents because I saw him last night that he was busy arranging the papers.

I played asleep but I wasn't.

Until I saw my passport but it was not how it looked like.

I had my picture on it but not my name.

My name in my passport was Cassandra Lee.

Answered came to me.

Yes he would changed my name because I was missing for five days

and authorities maybe still looking for me now.

I was shocked when he quickly put something in my mouth.

My head spinned and I couldn't breath.

My vision  became foggy and my body turned numb.

I collapsed and passed out.

Derek pov

" sorry I have to do this ",I told her after I carried and put her inside the trunk of my car.

The Superior called me and he said that Tommy and Jimmy we're on their way to picked us near the Montana field.

It was the beat place to land a private plane.

I drove the highway for only forty minutes.

It was already six in the evening.

I parked my Mercedes Benz car under the sycamore tree.

From a far I saw a plane and the two guys coming to me.

Yes Tommy and Jimmy were my cousins.

We grew together and became best buddies when they decided to joined in the company.

" hey brother I miss you ",Tommy told me after he gave me a huge hug.

I was very close with Tommy because we had the same hobbies and interest unlike Jimmy he was

more comfortable with dad's nephew David ,my uncle Jack son.

" miss you too bro... both of you ",I said and messed Tommy's hair.

He was shorter than Jimmy but with great physique.

He didn't wanted to cut off his hair that's why it turned out to be long but he tied it in a pony tail looked.

" bro where is the girl ?",Jimmy asked me while his eyes was busy looking at my car.

" she's with me wait ",I told him and made my way to the back of my car.

I opened the trunk and took the unconscious girl.

After they saw her they looked at each other with wide eyes and shooked their head as if they're dreaming.

" what the fuck! ",the last word they said and put back their eyes on me.

I just shrugged my shoulders and gave them a little smirked.

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