Jacob gave me his address and we drove to his house with his humming a Ed Sheeran song.Me on the other hand was thinking about the dare and what I have hitting my self into.

I parked in front of the fourth house in the neighborhood and he got out the car.I walked him to his door and he faced he with a smile on his face.Before he could speak his front door open and his mother appeared.I remembered her from when she use to bring him to school but she did look really sick.she was slimmer and paler,under her eyes were dark Her face was thin and she had a head wrap on but her blue  eyes bright as day just like her son's.

"Honey who is this?"She asked looking at me with a smile.

"It's umm a friend?"Jacob responded and scratched the back of his head

"My name is Zaiden,its nice to meet you Mrs.Richards."

"Hello Zaiden,it's nice to finally meet someone apart from J'adore and please call me Lucy, come on in."

"I don't think he want to."

"Honey shush."

Lucy opened the door wider for us to enter and we did.

Jacob went into another room while Lucy left me to the living room.She motioned me to sit down and I did.Jacob came back with a glass of water and a small container.

"Mom it's time for your 4:15 medication."

"I know honey."Lucy sighed and took the two items from Jacob.She took two pills from the container and put them in her mouth and drank the water afterwards.

"Zaiden would you like something to eat or drink,Jacob would you get him something."

"No thank you Mrs.-hmm Lucy,I ate not too long ago ".


"Together?"Lucy ask

"Yes Zaiden bought me to tutti frutti ."Jacob blush and looked away from us.

"Thank you Zaiden this boys does nothing but bury his face in his books now a days."Lucy smiled at me and I returned it

"Its fine."

Suddenly her phone started ringing,she  picked it up and laugh

"Its my sister,you can take Zaire now this is going to be a long phone call."

Jacob once again took my hand and brought me down the hall to his room.His bedroom door was painted yellow unlike the rest of the doors were white and the walls were blue. We entered and he placed his school bag on the floor and sighed.

"Sorry about my mom its just that I never bring no one over like she said."

"Its fine,she's really nice."

Jacob smile and nod

"She is,some people say I'm just like her,personality wise."

"Can I ask where I your dad?"

Jacob frown and leaned against his closet door.

"My dad left when i was about three.He was having an affair with my nanny and my mom caught them in bed.He told her that he love the other woman and that he was leaving her. He later married my nanny and they left together.We don't know where he went,my mom tried contacting him on facebook to tell him that she is sick but he had blocked her a long time and she didn't know until then. My family comes to visit sometimes but they are mostly busy with their one lives. I work at the front desk at the central library and my mother have insurance so we are steady for now."

"I'm sorry you probably dont wanna hear such a story."He chuckled and bit his bottom lip

I shook my head and went up to him "I don't mind at all."

He smiled and step closer to me

"May i have a hug like you promise?"

"Of course."I smiled.I bought him into my arms and held him tightly.

We literally stood there for like five minutes.Jacob holding me like his life depended on it, his face buried in my hoodie and his small arms wrap around my waist.Even when i stop hugging he still held onto me so i just continued to hug him.

I looked down at him when i felt wetness on my skin.Jacob was silently crying. I hugged him tighter and caress his soft brown hair to comfort him.

That's when I knew he needed this. Someone to hold him and someone he can say will be here with him at the end of the day. The way he walks around school with a smile on his face and top his classes with zero effort you could never guess he would be like this behind close doors.I'm gonna be here for him even if  this is all just a game.


I have Jacob my number and told him to call me if he ever needed something or just someone to talk to.He looked at me weirdly but nod.I would be confuse too because all of a sudden i come into his life and wanted to be so close to him I've even been at his house already and even met him mother.

But anyways i was surprise to see Jacob text me at 8:45 pm with a simply 'hi,its Jacob'

I found my self smiling at the three worded text before replying

Z: Hey Jacob,what's up?

J: Nothing much i was bored and decided to text you before i go to bed

Z: It's just 8:48 though you going to bed this early

J: I always go to bed by 9:30

Z: Thats cute.

J: You should be sleeping by then too what you do all night

Z: Watch movies,play games or play with my dog

J: Oh my gosh you have a dog?!

Z: I do,he's a Siberian Husky,his name is Diego

J: Gosh i wish i could meet him,i love dogs.

Z: You can meet him,if you come over tomorrow😏

J: Can i?

Z: Of course I basically just invited you

J: Ohhh thank you.

Z: Did he just thank me? Bruh  he's too cute

We text for a little more mostly me telling Jacob about how i got Diego for my 17th birthday and him asking a lot of question about what my dogs likes and dislike or is he a people person

J: I'm sleepy now,It's time for bed

Z: Good night Jacob

J: Good night Zai❤️

Seeing the little red heart beside a nick name he gave me made my heart skip a beat.

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