Jacob and I have been on a steady path. We weren't a couple but we did act like a couple. I've never been with someone that makes me so happy without even doing anything. His smile is one of the many things I love about him, it's contagious. I even forgot about the bet and my parents haven't been home so that was a relief for me. Either we're at his or my house after school or out on dates. I've also grown closer to Lucy, we both like watching Untold Stories of the ER and whenever we watch it together Jacob would sit and pout. Its cute whenever he gets like that.

Now it was lunch time and I was walking towards where he was sitting alone outside. Usually J'adore would be with him but he was alone playing on his phone with his tray of food pushed to the side.

I sat down beside him and he look up and smile.

"Hey where's your friend?"

"She had some extra work to do so its just me." Jacob shrug and place his phone down on the table.

"Do you mind if I join you?" I smirk

"Not at all ,where are you friends?"

"In the cafeteria."

"Then..." He tilt his head to the side in a questioning manner.

"I wanted to be with you." I look his small hand in mine and laced our fingers together.

"Are you playing with me?!" Jacob ask

"What?" I ask a little taken back by his slight outburst.

"I heard some of your teammates questioning why are we friends all of a sudden."

"They're just being nosey." I shook my head.

"One said maybe you thought it would be funny to actually play around, make me think we're friends." Now he was sad and I just wanted to beat the crap out of my teammates.

"You didnt answer my question."He spoke again this time looking into my eyes.

"I'm not, Jacob I dont think friends kiss and cuddle every chance they get. You know how I feel about you."

Jacob went quiet and I thought he was lost in his own thoughts. He was so fragile that even his own thoughts made him sad, he's so fragile that even if you frown at him he'll be ready to cry.

"Let me take you out tonight."I whispered.

He blush and nod. A small smile made its way on his face and I was glad he was in a better mood than before.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw my friends coming towards us. I was about to let go of Jacob's hand but then I remembered that they wouldn't see our hands under the table. They all had different expressions but Tristan gave me an apologetic look because he knew I wanted to be alone with Jacob.

"Z what are you doing out here, who's this?"

Britney asked as she sat down with the others. Tristan sat beside us so no one else would because they would see us holding hands if they looked down.

"It's that Jacob kid. The nerd that called Benji an idiot in math class." Mason laughed.

"What are you guys doing out here?"

"We were looking for you since you didnt come back." Britney spoke, she was looking at Jacob in a weird way.

"I'm talking to Jacob." I said.

They all turn to Jacob who just smiled at them.

"You look like a female with your hair so long." Britney laugh and the others join in .It was suppose to make Jacob feel bad but the little smile on his face didnt go away.

"That's okay Zaiden likes it."

The table went quiet instantly. I dont think he realized what he said and all eyes were on me.

"What?"I asked annoyed that they interrupted us.

"N-nothing but ummm there's going to be a party Friday night at my house." Mason grin and gave Ricky a high five.

"Can't ."

"Bruh you haven't hang out with us outside of school in like a month and a half now what's going on with you?"

I turn to look at Jacob. I was suppose to sleep over at his house on Friday so that was a problem. He gave me a small nod telling me it was okay. I look back at my friends and shook my head.

"I have things to do on Friday maybe next time."

"How about we all go bowling on Saturday." Tristan suggested.








My dad and I was now at a baseball game along with a couple of his friends. I was actually enjoying it completely forgetting I was here with my dad and his friends. Baseball was one of my favorite sports. My favorite side was the New York Yankees, they have some fast and strong players. I sip on my sprite and watch the game, cheering for my selective team along with the rest of their supporters.

The game was over and the crowd was going wild along with the winning team. I was happy they won. I was thinking of probably joining a baseball team soon but I know my father would want to have a say in that decision.

My phone went off and I fished it out of my pocket to see who it was.


Hey Zai, I'm home safe and sound😌

I smiled at the text. I did tell him to text me when he was home and he did exactly that everyday when he have to leave school by himself.

I started to type a reply when I heard my father.

"Damn faggot."

"What?" I looked at my dad confused and frightened. I thought he was looking into my phone but he was glaring at the captain of the winning team who was walking into the locker room. My dad's friend all joined him and glared at the guy who had no idea he was being hated on right now.

"I'm talking about him, why is he still on the team if he's gay?"

"Because being gay has nothing to do with baseball dad." I roll my eyes and continue to type my text message.

"To me it does, ain't no way a gay person could be on my team."

I shook my head and press the send button.

I'm glad to hear that can't wait to see you tonight❤

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